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STEM Education in India

Necessity of STEM CSR in today’s education system

When it comes to the development it’s always achieved by traveling on a way called education. We need the education to get ourselves unlock our true potential and get exposed to worldly knowledge and information. A good quality of knowledge helps every student grow to their full. Quality education provides more skillful and proficient engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, artist etc. The country will then have a limitless group of the intellectual and wise citizen. Many countries have acknowledged the fact that there is a serious and urgent reform needed in the current education system and that’s why they are working on it. Some countries have already solved this issue; they had designed their education system in a more useful and practical way to think in real life.

#1 Right Way for Education Purpose

Education in a country starts right away from the schools. It is, therefore, very important to have a more practical and efficient education system. Unfortunately, in India, the major focus is laid on the book and rote learning only. STEM is a modern and advanced way to teach students the law and fundamentals of problem-based learning. Students get to perform all the process with their hands. This helps them in attaining a practical approach towards solving problems.

#2 Boosting Confidence of Students

The STEM which is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics consists of all the basic elements of good quality education. It creates a new way of learning. The process to learn becomes fun-filled activity as it is done through interactive games. Naturally more and more students get attracted to this system. There is a build of solid confidence, thinking process, enriching mental capacity. STEM CSR will help STEM to collaborate with the current education system and provide quality education based on practical.

#3 Understanding the elements of the environment

An open mind is always in search of new idea and innovation. STEM helps students cultivate awareness and attentive mind. It helps them to understand and observe more about current scenarios of the environment, thus developing and applying ideas to enhance the living. They will get a deep and clear insight of the laws of nature, mathematical concepts, general theories etc. STEM helps them understand most elements of nature and surroundings.

#4 Educating the underprivileged

There are a number of sections of society without the access to quality education. Students belonging there lack the right direction of career and less aware of environmental change. Teachers are mostly unskilled and stressed due to the system. They don’t want to work with full effort.

#5 No Barriers to learning

Language barriers and no access to proper to education lead to rote learning in the young mind of the country which directly affects country’s growth and development. The emerging need for the right quality of education calls for the need of CSR by various companies. They come joining hand to hand and raise funds to help to collaborate and grow STEM education with the current education system.

The role of STEM CSR (corporate social responsibility) is to provide funds and support this education system. It is a joint effort and a collective responsibility to help our country grow by targeting all the major areas of improvements, one of which is education system. Now is the era where just some facts and written knowledge will not do wonders, you need to create, imagine and innovate to solve any basic or complex problem of our society and thereby of our country.



Reasons How STEM CSR Can Nurture Girl Education

The world is developing at a great pace, the things which were used commonly in the 1990’s is no longer utilized today. Right by means of transportation by means of communication, we created a world where nothing is impossible to achieve. To continue with this revolution, we need to increase the implementation of STEM principles in every possible phase. This can be done by diminishing the gender gap in STEM education and creating more and more opportunities for the girl child to come up and become a better version of her in future. Interestingly, there is more involvement of parents in educating a girl child than ever. But due to some loopholes in the Indian education system, it is getting tougher day by day to help girl child develop critical skills and improve technical skills. The only solution possible to improve the current education system is by integrating it with STEM curriculum. And to foster and increase the reach of the STEM concept, CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility can play a major role. Below are five reasons depicting how STEM CSR can prove to be a boon for the education of a girl child.

#1 Orienting the sincerity in the right direction

No one can deny the fact that girls are more sincere towards their duty. We have always been a part of that situation where teacher punished us for not doing homework on time but girls were never on that line. They were the punctual ones. This punctuality and sincerity can take them to heights. Stem education system is designed to improve their mental ability and technical knowledge which through Stem CSR environment is easily available to gain.

#2 Improving Critical Thinking

STEM curriculum provides brainstorming problems, which engages a student in a practical learning environment. Generally, girls are believed as they’re not proficient enough to develop technical skills, but by solving brainstorming problems they will surely break the stereotype down.

#3 Attracting Girls Towards Learning

Generally, girls start to develop a hoax during studies that understanding mathematics and science is very difficult. But when we teach them in a different way by making them learn and apply the STEM concepts in STEM labs, they start to enjoy STEM. With the help of STEM CSR, we can have more labs where students can develop a practical approach and perspective towards learning.

#4 Boosting confidence and fostering

When girls take part in group STEM projects, they get a chance to express them and perform science. During the activities, they get an opportunity to tell what they feel about the project and how they can improve it. This thereby boosts their confidence and helps them to do well in STEM subjects.

#5 Learn about Teamwork

We have heard in the news or through friends and families that a group of boys started a business or group of friends took a step to eradicate illiteracy or poverty from the country etc. but never heard of a group of girls doing such. Research shows that girls lack this trait of working as a team. Curriculum in this education system gives you situations to work and fight together as a group to achieve the targeted goal. This will make them believe that every problem will not be a problem if a team works together on it.

A STEM environment is all we need today to help a girl child a secure and successful future. To know more about STEMCHAMP or if you have any queries, please let us know at

How STEM CSR plays a major role in reforming the education system?

The STEM is a common word waving nowadays. In a brief way, it’s a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which has an ultimate potential to reinvent the education system. STEM education is a way of teaching and developing technical skills in students and providing them a practical insight of science. It is helpful for every stream of study and career, be it engineering, medical, banking, economics, arts, music etc. Our education system solely relies on rote learning, the methodology is very old and do not prepare our children for the modern world. They need a curious mind and well brushed up skills to meet the demands of this ever innovating era. For, the example we can’t use the letter system to communicate when we have instant messaging services.

The concern of development of a skillful society is being done with the help of CSR. STEM CSR is an acronym for Collective Social Responsibility. It is simply a program where the corporate fund the STEM projects and aids the STEM mentors to help children develop the required skills and knowledge required in this modern era, where the main focus is on proficiency and capability. The role comes into play majority in today’s world as we need more and more STEM mentors, STEM makerspace and institutions to make the young generation STEM-skilled and proficient.

Despite being the innovations and development in every field, countries in the modern world lacks in the reformation of the education system. Students must be equipped with attributes like critical analysis, practical approach and scientific ideas. The loopholes are accurately filled with the help of STEM CSR, it targets the right problem and eradicates the gap between the knowledge given through education and the demand as per the technological world.

STEM CSR provides an innovative platform to offer more opportunities to the young ignited minds. STEM Makerspace is one such example of a platform provided by CSR, where students can actually learn by performing experiments. There are many hidden talented minds in our country but comes from an unstable financial condition. CSR provides them fund and giving them their right to quality education. Companies like TATA group and Microsoft have funded CSR to promote and cultivate quality education among underprivileged sections of society. More CSR will result in the collective growth of all the sections of the country. This will thereby aid modern education system to reform and innovate.

Ever since the introduction of the STEM, it has become a very important factor in the development of the country as the development and education of students of a country affect the country directly. The innovative platform provided by STEM uplifts the way of learning. The learning is not limited to just bookish learning, we can now perform them in the real world to get a deep insight. If corporate and the society are willing to promote STEM curriculum along with existing curriculum then rate at which our education is going to reform will be at a higher pace. We will have a world full of scientists, engineer, doctors, entrepreneurs and many more excellent minds proficient in their field. These professionals can then be a very helping hand to the other corporates. The current education system is lacking the practical knowledge given to students. STEM fills this loophole and provide all the demanding skills to their students in a very easy, practical, and efficient way.


How can STEM CSR improve the current education system?

Before improving our current education system, let’s take a brief flashback to how education system actually commenced. We can divide Indian Education system into two eras. The first era was the era of Gurukuls (old schools) where royal families used to send their child to somewhere in the jungle in order to learn about life and powers. That education was purely practical and based on studies by implementing. After few centuries, because families didn’t want their child to live in a place having no facilities and to bear difficulties, they started to call the teacher to their home and pay them to teach in their castles only. Book system got a start here; they partly used to learn and memorize shlokas and partly learned through practice. After that Britishers came and they totally changed the method. The system entirely shifted on books and thereafter practical knowledge and teaching just faded away. This is how the rote learning process started and the number of inventions and discoveries decreased with time.

But nowadays people have realized and they have started taking interest in making their child more smart and independent. They want them to be an inventor, not a follower. Today’s education system is not supporting “understanding the concept”, it’s all about how well a student can “memorize the concept” and express what they learned on their answer sheets. STEM Champ is an organization which can help such parents. It supports and provides STEM environment, thereby delivering a better learning experience. Teaching in a way which can make him/her willing to study and learn more is what stem is for. These organizations are aided by corporate social responsibility (CSR). They provide funds and environment to these organizations so that current education system can revamp.

Below are some points depicting how STEM CSR can be beneficial for the education system?

#1  Can Reduce “Parrot-Fashion”

In recent years, schooling has increased the practice of rote learning that is “memorizing the concept” which is not beneficial for the future of the children. But the question is why this rote-learning came into the picture in the first place. That is because there are some things in the world which when you see then you get to know a little fast, and when you do then it creates a space in your mind forever. But somehow in order to make every child a literate person, this could not be possible and bookish learning has become a system even if the organization is full of money and resources. To reduce this Stem CSR has brought the resources in action. They have created labs and made the curriculum in such a way that a student will enjoy learning here.

#2  Increase the number of skilled workers, thereby creating employment opportunities

There is no doubt in the fact that if you learn science technology engineering and mathematics by not only reading but also by doing it, then you learn and acquire fast and clear. Stem learning includes discerning things well, applying concepts etc. This is really helpful in developing their skills. Skilled workers can help with a great share in India’s economy and can convert this country to be called as developed instead of developing.

#3 No Need For Vocational Training

We are aware of the steps of education here in our country. We go to school then college then does a vocational training or internships then complete graduation and then after finishing college, we get a job. Every step is a great adventure of life but we can save time by first completing graduation without doing any training because this is possible with the STEM CSR’s way of training students. Along with learning basics, they provide you the full opportunity to experience and learn up to high level. No company takes you if you don’t have any certificate of any internship. This is just because they know colleges are not teaching students how to work. STEM CSR is providing that. With this system, maybe companies will never ask for the certificate of the internship.

#4 No Fear Of Exams

We often read in the newspaper that students are committing suicide and the reason behind that is they are not performing well in the exams. Exams in today’s education methodology need you to remember well and questions asked are never out of the books. That is the reason every student has just stopped playing and roaming the streets, they spend their whole day reading books. The fear of exams made them a bookworm. This affects their physical and mental health. Stem CSR’s order of education is unique. It encourages children to play and learn not just read and learn. A person can do well when he has enough self-confidence and then also he/she does not have to be afraid of tests. Stem CSR helps you in developing that confidence.

#5 Subjects of Interests

Stem education system first identifies in which field a particular child is interested in and encourage him to study only those subjects. They don’t need to prepare those subjects in which they are least interested.  If a child is not interested in a particular subject then he will give minimum time studying that, this will affect his result and then fear of exams and mental stress. To eradicate this situation CSR brought this method where a student can learn what he/she wants to learn

Wake up! It’s Time to embrace STEM Education and STEM Skills

The whole world is witnessing a great Technological revolution. Wireless technologies to Internet of things (IOT), mobility and healthcare to virtual and augmented reality, we are going through rapid advancements in every field. Added to this, automation has been making our lives easier and less dependent on people.  In days to come, it is unarguable fact that Science, Technology, Mathematics and Engineering (STEM) is going to make a livelihood for millions of people.

Indian Economy, driven by IT over the past two decades, is also going to witness a major shift owing to advancements in STEM. An US-based research firm is predicting that India’s IT services industry will lose close to 6.4 lakh (640,000) “low-skilled” jobs to automation in the next five years. The report also stated that 30% of routine, low-value positions are being phased out through automation over the next five years, far outweighing the expected new jobs being created in the medium-high skills area. Clearly, it is time to take a call and develop skills that have future prominence.

It’s the time to embrace STEM and focus on developing right skillset to face next industrial revolution. Developing Skill should be our focus and not the scale. We need to encourage our children to develop a passion towards science, technology and design from an early age since Innovation and creativity are going to be key drivers of Economy. Being a nation that has immense human resources, we have to take right advantage of the situation and embolden our future generations to receive right kind of education in a right way.

The idea of STEM education is to involve kids in creating something worthwhile with their basic knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Their creation could be a solution for millions of people in India. As a developing nation, India needs ideas. If we educate our kids to reach for the moon, they will find a way. The idea is to teach them about using their ‘textbook knowledge’ in a practical approach. Complete education requires a good blend of theory and practical. While theory is required to create a base, it is the practice that will allow the person to grow, think creative and develop an analytical mindset.

The goals of students should shift from getting the highest marks to finding the best solution for an existing problem. They will become more oriented towards doing something for the society, which will work indefinitely in favor of our nation. It is the time we take a call to encourage inquiry-based learning, encourage children to explore and pursue their passions. Every kid is capable of being a STEMCHAMP if the right amount of push is given at right time. Let’s strength our education and our Nation by embracing STEM.

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Mom, I engineered a Videogame this summer!

How many of you as a parent would want to hear that? I’m sure some would stop at Videogame and say ‘No’ and others would give more focus to the word Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (#STEM) and say ‘Yes’. So why really there needs to be a conflict between what kids love and what their parents want for them. Ever thought what if we merge them?

If you can’t beat them, join them. From a very long time, research tells us that the video games we play influence our behaviour. While such claims had no effect on a child’s addiction, we came up with something even better. Why can’t we use this fascinating topic of video games, which would help the kids rather than disrupt their development? STEM Champ is bringing a #summer camp #Bangalore that will allow the kids to work with video games technology and learn first-hand about what goes into the game!

Students would learn to think critically about video games, considering some of the important social, psychological, and ethical issues and controversies surrounding them. Then, students will look at how games are designed, engineered and will help students explore careers in programming, graphic arts and illustration, production, and writing. Throughout the project based learning, students will develop and explore their own skills and aptitudes by practicing programming, comparing hardware, and learning about the application of physics in game design. Students will consider the educational applications of games, by practicing and analysing games that require fiscal management, smart urban planning, diplomacy (whether among neighbours, or nations), military management, engineering, storytelling, and long-term and big-picture strategizing. Finally, students will design and present their own games, then exchange feedback with other students.

If playing a game makes your kid a pro, then understanding how to make one makes your child a prodigy! Won’t it be just great to design your own video games characters? Well you get a chance to remove all flaws from your Player 1 and be the Alpha of your own game. Just make sure to tell us all your cheat codes! See you at STEM summer camp!

Age Group: 9 – 12 Yrs.

Program details: 10 days | 20 Hours of Summer Camp | Hands-on Activities

Where: In Bangalore, India

More on Location: Log onto to select your location and time preference

For Queries: write us at or call 8880 700 900.

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