Every industry has its time and needs. When the need diminishes or is asked in an advanced form, it creates problems for the people working in the industry. The same thing happened with Indian IT sector as well. IT professionals are asked to sign off and being laid off amidst low revenue growth, thus leading to mass deployment of engineers in India. What are the reasons behind this change? Why is a mass number of people getting fired from Wipro, IBM, and other leading IT industries? The idea is to reshape the business model of IT industry, so that company can meet its fund needs and generate some big profits. With the advancements in cloud computing and auto-programming, the industry is thinking to replace workforce with robots, as this will save a lot!

The second problem rising is that the industry doesn’t have people are good in new technologies like data analytics, Internet of Things and cloud computing. So if you think by learning simple programming languages, you can get a high profile job in IT sector, then it’s more of a myth now as the industry is craving for people with new skills and ideas. The entry-level coding jobs will see a cut and there will be good opportunities for people who are proficient in Artificial Intelligence (AI), digital space, biotechnologies and digital analytics. The IT industry is now planning to re-skill their productive employees. But this won’t be sufficiently enough; there should be some changes in education system too.

Because if kids and students are the same things, they will end up being in the same position as the IT professionals are in today. Changes in education can only fill the bridge the skill gap in a brisk manner and train students for a better future. The changes which are in demand will be:

  • Organizing new lessons on coding and programming languages
  • Introducing new courses on IOT ( Internet of Things), Cloud computing and Data analytics
  • Making students realize what’s wrong with the IT industry and what skills they need to develop in order to become an asset for them

If we depend on the education system and wait for some sudden change, it will take a lot of time. As a change in education system involves lots of discussions, conferences, and sessions. So a quick solution for the rising IT problem can be STEM Education. STEM an acronym of Science, Technology, Education, and Mathematics is the most concerned and responsive education curriculum in the world. It is already being implemented in the USA and other countries as it solves all the existing problems which the corporate world is facing today.

STEM is the only education system which keeps on updating its content and syllabus based on changes imposed in technology and science. It’s a very flexible system and is the change which current education system needs so that students can improve their skills so that they can be a good fit for the IT industry and occupy high-profile jobs. As the time is passing by, we can expect more scope for STEM-skilled people in the Information Technology.