STEM learning makes science fun and allows students to nurture their creativity while growing up. Being STEM educators we strongly believe that real STEM learning and innovation proceed in out of the classroom. Just like STEM summer camps makes summer a fun time to innovate and learn new things, STEM After school programs do help in providing a platform to students, where they can resolve their concepts and perform science. The idea behind STEM After school program is to foster new skills and keep kids updated with technology. That is to make kids passionate about STEM and taking their skills to next level.

In STEM Afterschool program, students engage themselves completely in STEM activities by asking questions, working on new ideas and discussing the after effects. STEM is the best way to teach science to students in a fun manner so that they can actually feel and enjoy science concepts. When we are too comfortable with ideas, we become proficient enough to go in their depths and discover something new. The same thing happened with Newton when he focused on the idea “why everything falls down? Not right or left or even up!” This thing felicitated Newton to discover new theories in physics and frame quite helpful laws. STEM Afterschool program, help students in attaining a good grasp over concepts and using them in the best possible and applicable way. STEM Afterschool programs aids in:

  • Engaging students from different communities and ideas to work together and innovate on new projects
  • Teaching kids that there are multiple ways to solve a single problem
  • Students learn to investigate and involve themselves in productive STEM learning
  • Students improve their academic scores too as they become well-acquainted with the concept
  • Helping students to find out scope in number of unexplored careers, thereby making life more employable
  • Creates a general awareness in society about power of STEM and how STEM is related to everyday lives
  • Student learn how STEM Education can solve global and local problems very easily

According to findings and research, students who have gone through STEM Afterschool program have a good edge over STEM concepts and become too comfortable with practical learning. This thing also aids in making STEM Education more prominent by fostering several important skills and ideas. The STEM activities are not only limited to building designs and models but helps students in developing communication skills too. Students represent their models, explain its functioning and tell how it can be taken to serve at a new level. This assists student in building self-confidence and building a good personality.

We at STEMCHAMP, every year organize STEM Afterschool programs and help in channelizing talents of students, thereby helping them to realize their dreams. We understand how powerful STEM Education is and how it is revolutionizing education across the world and our focus is to felicitate the same in India, by providing our students good access to STEM Education. Our STEM Afterschool programs helped a number of students in innovating their ideas and creating the best designs and models. The idea is to provide every student an opportunity to prototype on their dreams by providing them space and platform, rather than limiting them academically.

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