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How STEM CSR plays a major role in reforming the education system?

The STEM is a common word waving nowadays. In a brief way, it’s a combination of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which has an ultimate potential to reinvent the education system. STEM education is a way of teaching and developing technical skills in students and providing them a practical insight of science. It is helpful for every stream of study and career, be it engineering, medical, banking, economics, arts, music etc. Our education system solely relies on rote learning, the methodology is very old and do not prepare our children for the modern world. They need a curious mind and well brushed up skills to meet the demands of this ever innovating era. For, the example we can’t use the letter system to communicate when we have instant messaging services.

The concern of development of a skillful society is being done with the help of CSR. STEM CSR is an acronym for Collective Social Responsibility. It is simply a program where the corporate fund the STEM projects and aids the STEM mentors to help children develop the required skills and knowledge required in this modern era, where the main focus is on proficiency and capability. The role comes into play majority in today’s world as we need more and more STEM mentors, STEM makerspace and institutions to make the young generation STEM-skilled and proficient.

Despite being the innovations and development in every field, countries in the modern world lacks in the reformation of the education system. Students must be equipped with attributes like critical analysis, practical approach and scientific ideas. The loopholes are accurately filled with the help of STEM CSR, it targets the right problem and eradicates the gap between the knowledge given through education and the demand as per the technological world.

STEM CSR provides an innovative platform to offer more opportunities to the young ignited minds. STEM Makerspace is one such example of a platform provided by CSR, where students can actually learn by performing experiments. There are many hidden talented minds in our country but comes from an unstable financial condition. CSR provides them fund and giving them their right to quality education. Companies like TATA group and Microsoft have funded CSR to promote and cultivate quality education among underprivileged sections of society. More CSR will result in the collective growth of all the sections of the country. This will thereby aid modern education system to reform and innovate.

Ever since the introduction of the STEM, it has become a very important factor in the development of the country as the development and education of students of a country affect the country directly. The innovative platform provided by STEM uplifts the way of learning. The learning is not limited to just bookish learning, we can now perform them in the real world to get a deep insight. If corporate and the society are willing to promote STEM curriculum along with existing curriculum then rate at which our education is going to reform will be at a higher pace. We will have a world full of scientists, engineer, doctors, entrepreneurs and many more excellent minds proficient in their field. These professionals can then be a very helping hand to the other corporates. The current education system is lacking the practical knowledge given to students. STEM fills this loophole and provide all the demanding skills to their students in a very easy, practical, and efficient way.


5 Benefits of STEM CSR: All you need to know!


Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics piles up altogether to become the acronym STEM! STEM Education is one of the biggest productive concerns laid out by society, government institutions and corporates to help and nurture young minds in developing STEM skills. Many powerful countries like the USA and Europe are striving hard to foster STEM education to every kid in the country. This concern is many being done with the help of CSR!

So what exactly is STEM CSR? STEM CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. It is basically a program where the corporates fund the STEM projects and aid the STEM mentors to help students learn STEM easily and become proficient enough to deal with the competitive world. Here are five benefits of STEM CSR, which depicts how beneficial STEM CSR in India can be:

#1 Develop relations between corporates and society

The STEM is everywhere and is creditworthy for everything that is happening around the planet. By providing students a platform like STEM makerspace, can really turn their life around and help them in performing science, rather than rote-learning it. If the corporates and society join hands to promote STEM curriculum along with the regular curriculum, then definitely we can produce more scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs! In the long run, the same professionals can serve to be a boon for the corporates.

#2 Change the way students learn

In many countries, despite being developed in everything right from the economy to the cultural growth, we are still habituating the old way of teaching. We need to make students realize how important and enjoyable is applying scientific principles and learning by doing. The major role of STEM CSR is to fill the loopholes in the current education system and make students develop the much demanded skills by the corporates.

#3 Help the underdeveloped and local community

There are many communities which have talented young minds but are not from the stable financial background. The role played by CSR is funding the communities and aiding them their right to quality education. Many eminent companies like Microsoft and Tata Group of Institutions have done this to promote quality education for the welfare of local communities. More CSR will definitely help India to become a powerful economy in the near future.

#4 Welcome more opportunities

Integrating STEM curriculum with the current one can really do wonders for the students. As the STEM job rate is growing by 17%, it is becoming mandatory for students to develop STEM skills and lead the future. This is done by STEM CSR through providing an innovating platform like STEM Makerspace where students can actually learn the basic principles of science by performing them.

#5 Develops the national economy

By providing STEM skills to the young minds of to be uplifted community, we will not only provide them a great future but also help in building a good national economy. As the world is pacing at such a great rate, it needs a team of proficient scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

We at STEMCHAMP, work with corporates to carry out the STEM to several communities. Along with this, we help students to develop STEM skills and make themselves future ready. To know more about STEM CSR, please visit our website: and if you have any queries related to STEM education, please let us know at

STEM For Girls and STEM CSR

We all are well-acquainted with the fact that how women empowerment is playing a significant role in today’s competitive domain. Be it being a teacher and shaping the future of millions of young minds or flying high in the sky and ensuring the safety of the country, women have never let us down in any field. So in order to maintain this trend, we need to ensure girls receive a quality education and are able to unlock and discover the secrets of nature. To achieve this STEM (Science Technology Education and Engineering) is playing a major role in refining and reinventing the education system.

The current education system is leading the future shortage of skilled workers by providing inadequate education of children high-tech areas. Stem education, these days is being preferred by corporate, society and government institution inform STEM CSR to develop stem skill in the youth of the nation. Stem CSR, an acronym of Corporate Social Responsibility is a great initiative taken by corporates and government to foster STEM in the youth of the country. The learning is fun and relevant in the stem, in addition, it also enhances the critical thinking of students. So that they can rise and shine in this modern technological world.

One of the drawbacks in the current education system is the imbalance in the ratio of boys and girls. To balance this gender gap, we need to foster STEM CSR programs for girls and help to grow this STEM movement. Below are five points, depicting why STEM CSR is beneficial for girls of the country:

#1 Educating in a right direction

Recent research shows that science achievement gap emerges after a kid starts to go to school i.e. by kindergarten. This gap will continue until the class eighth. If kids didn’t get exposure to science concepts or any related opportunities, then they will get less knowledge and idea about the natural sciences, thereby creating a gap. This gap will haunt them for coming years too. With STEM CSR they will get enough chances to learn and apply STEM concepts in the modern world and reach a level of proficiency in their field.

#2 Eradicates the stereotype barriers in the society

There is a common belief that girls can’t be technical workers. They lack the ability to understand and apply the technical terms. This belief deteriorates the confidence inside a girl and then she chooses to sit back in the home, thinking she doesn’t belong to scientific fields. Although this society is well aware of the fact how girl power is ruling this country, still they can’t rid of these stereotypes. The role of STEM CSR is to help students to develop critical thinking and encourage them to become an engineer, scientist or an entrepreneur someday. With STEM education girls can outnumber boys in any field, as STEM jobs are growing at the rate of 17% each year.

#3 Increases Employment Opportunities

Many women in spite of having many degrees and knowledge are not employed. They just take care of the family, despite being too talented and productive. STEM CSR will create jobs for the girls and woman in the society. Giving employment has two benefits. First: it will increase the opportunities for women to grow. Second is. young girls will have the females as their role model. This will develop a thought that women can be anything she aims to become which will encourage them to be like them in near future.

#4 Preparing girl power for this competitive world

The modern world is all about emerging competition and fighting challenges. Educating girls will ensure they’re familiar with the challenges and utilize their skills to do well in their fields. STEM CSR will prove to be a boon for the females of the society.

#5 Boosts Self-Confidence

Education is one of the precious gifts a parent can give their children; it is an asset that happens to grow as you grow. The worth of a good education can never be estimated. It boosts up your self-confidence and makes it possible for you to do your own thing without any fear. Especially for being confident is necessary, and that is why Stem CSR provides an environment for girls to make sure they do not lack behind just because of being afraid.

Role of STEM CSR in Indian Education System

The quality of education in a country determines its future to a great extent. For example, if we talk about Japan their kids are taught to run codes and program applications at a mere age of 10 years, also after fifth grade, they are free to choose their core subjects. Undoubtedly, as a result, Japan produces talented engineers, software developers, and entrepreneurs every year! In the recent years, India has also taken several steps to foster and provide the basic right to education to everyone irrespective of their social and economic background.

Education is the backbone of every society in this world, but what matters more is quality education. Good quality education is a foundation for dynamic and equitable societies. The challenge Indian education system facing today is not being proficient enough to provide quality education to every single kid in this country. To accomplish this challenge we need to link STEM with Indian education system. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is a modern approach and is being attended throughout the world, especially in developing countries like India. Developed countries are already enjoying STEM education’s impact. Stem education in India has a great significance as it enables students to learn in a scientific, systematic and logical manner. Stem education has the potential to convert illusions into the reality of young minds.

For modern innovative era STEM schools, labs are perfect. They put special focus on problem-based learning. The role of Stem CSR (corporate social responsibility) here is to provide funds and support to this education system. Thereby gaining a quality education as well as practical knowledge about science would be easy and accessible to everyone. Here are some points indicating the role of STEM CSR, in the current education system:

#1 Deliver Quality Education

Several marginalized groups are left without access to quality education. Teachers are mostly under-trained and over-worked. Language barriers and rote learning led schools to an unattractive place for children to continue. The emerging data about the quality of education in India point towards a crucial space where companies can negotiate to create great impact through Stem CSR.

#2 Socio-Economic Problems

Stem education has a better understanding of India’s Socio-economic challenges. STEM comprises of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, which are unquestionably the academic principles of the modern education system. These principles will help in making future visionaries, thinkers, and dreamers. Integrating STEM with current education system will create a better world with wisdom, care, and knowledge. Thereby helping millions of young minds to realize and achieve their dreams.

#3 Introducing children to a new way of Learning

Stem education will definitely increase and maximize the involvement of a student during the learning process. Learning through games will automatically attract students towards studies and this will be helpful in boosting their confidence, developing the power of reasoning, enriching mental ability, and improving computational skills. The way of learning like in STEM will nourish the child’s perception towards basic science, engineering physics, and mathematical concepts.

#4 Creates Awareness

STEM education plays a prominent role in creating awareness about environmental issues and will motivate students to learn more about the surroundings. Thereby, inspiring them to devise innovative ideas and create a perfect environment for growth and harmony of the nation.


STEM Education and Future of South Africa

Science and technology are integral part of our lives and affect us in our day to day lives. It is technology that creates things and makes our life more comfortable and easy-going. No matter how difficult life gets, science and technology keep on making it simple and easy to survive. One of the greatest aspects of science and technology is in education today. Earlier there were several problems in the mode of education. Kids missed proper platforms and opportunities to nurture their talent and sound fundamentally clear. In South Africa, the condition is even worse, as there is no implementation of tests and ideologies. Later on, things started getting smooth with advancements in technology, around 1990’s. Children have introduced a platform to share, represent and debate on their thoughts and an infrastructure was provided to make studies a bit easier. This helped in transforming the education system to some extent.

But to meet the pace at which technology is heading forward, we need an education system which can keep students updated with knowledge and teach them new skills altogether. In a world where the internet has replaced the media and telecommunications, students should not be limited to basic knowledge. Many top leading nations of the world adopted STEM Education, as their education curriculum to teach students the basics of engineering and design. In South Africa, most people don’t have the necessary STEM skills to do the jobs and the nation has to outsource talent from China and India. If we don’t pay attention and improve the South African education system, many students will face joblessness in future and survive under poverty. Recent research suggests that South Africa will new generation of creators, engineers, designers, and teachers in the upcoming years as these jobs will demand STEM skills. If we don’t train students to sound STEM clear, we may continue losing professions to outsourcers from other countries.

The word STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is an education curriculum which teaches students the basics of problem-solving and situation handling. STEM education works on practical aspects of Mathematics and Science, which helps students in understanding the daily applications and approaches of science. Another aspect is to make the student realize how interesting science is when we perform it with all the equipment instead of rote-learning the concepts and mugging up the formula. As the future workforce needs to be STEM-proficient to strengthen the nation, students need a strong STEM foundation and programs to learn and grow in life. The program includes STEM workshops, lessons, and activities, which are designed and integrated well in order to make education simple and easier to follow. Adding further to make future candidates STEM-skilled, we need to train them early and prepare them for the better future.

We at STEMCHAMP Ghana organize STEM Workshops and STEM programs to train students and make them STEM-skilled. Concerning about the education system of South Africa we intend to make STEM learning easier for students and prepare them for a better future. As STEM education and jobs represent the future of education and corporate, it becomes mandatory to make teachers, parents, and students aware of the power of STEM and its necessity.

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Need of STEM Afterschool Program: Future Aspects

Day by day, we are all heading towards a more technical and advanced style of living. Several ‘never thought concepts’ like Virtual Reality and underground tunnel channels are on its way to make life simpler and advanced. But have you ever thought what could be the reason behind such great improvements in technology? The most probable answer which is transforming the world is providing a space for professionals to think, act and improve on turning their illusions into reality. When individuals become independent and well-acquainted with skills and equipment, they tend to produce something new and innovative, thereby incarnating creativity in its best form.

Meanwhile, in our country, there is a wide gap between creativity and academics. The main concern is only on cracking competitive exams and holding up for a secure job. This old idea is the main reason, why there is a recession in the industries and corporates. If we really run on replacing the old ideas and letting students follow their interests, we need to experiment or do something different with the daily same schedule of the student. As education system is a big thing and change won’t occur in one day, but we can provide a space, a platform where students can work on ideas, perform science and become proficient enough to solve complex problems. This idea is called STEM Afterschool Program, also known by Out of School STEM Program.

STEM Afterschool Program is an after school hours program, which provides students space, where they can experiment and play with science to learn new concepts and discover ways to implement them. The idea behind Afterschool program is to make the afterschool time more productive and help students in being updated with latest trends in education and technology. As the demand for STEM jobs is rising gradually, we need to prepare students on STEM background so that they won’t feel joblessness in future. There is a vast difference between learning and applying, and being academically proficient is not enough to grow in this competitive world. STEM Afterschool program think on making learning more relatable and fun, rather than pressurizing students to score more marks. Afterschool Program is where students feel free from academic pressure and daily devote their important time in creating and innovating on several STEM projects and designs.

Performing in STEM Afterschool program helped students in assertively transforming socially too apart from the intellectual part. Students, who were facing focus and concentration issues, have improved a lot and performed better. Apart from these students learn how one can express and represent one’s ideas in form of a presentation while discussing the STEM Project. When students meet other students from different schools all together they feel a whole sense of community and maintain emotional stability. This thereby reduces academic stress in students and motivates them to work on their interests.

We at STEMCHAMP, machinate STEM Afterschool Programs to help students to take a break from the academic pressure and work on their creativity. The vision is to provide and update students with the knowledge and practice, which is yet not organized by education curriculum. India needs more quality afterschool programs to raise young talents and nurture them to become a good professional in future. This would certainly help students from all communities to come up and avail good education.

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Importance of STEM Afterschool Programs

As the time is passing by, we can see everything around us updating. Be it technology, it is far more descriptive and accessible as ever, or inventions pertaining around everything has changed with time. We notice something to be new or updated when it comes under our observation. But, the sad thing about our education system is, it is still the same. Talking about 100 years back, students used to be locked inside four walls and were made to learn what the teacher told them to. Unfortunately, the same thing acquaints us again, as there is no change in the way things are being taught to children. Kids are still being taught the same concepts, formulas, and techniques inside the four-walls, which were used 40-60 years ago. And undoubtedly the world has transformed itself in the 40-60 years. Researchers and professionals after a lot of studies took the matter into concern and introduced the concept of STEM Afterschool Programs.

STEM Afterschool Program is a STEM Activity based program where students work on several STEM Projects under the supervision of STEM trainers. The thought behind STEM Afterschool program is to provide a creative and explorative platform where a student can thrive on his skills and improve them. Students perform STEM activities which are quite inspiring and enriching. Afterschool program is an entirely different from a school as it is a resourceful and integrated environment that invests in child’s overall development. Students undergo social and personal development so that they become proficient enough to work on their goals and make the most of the time. Afterschool program tends to encourage and help students in figuring out their passion and come up with bright colors. Along with learning students acquire leadership, team working and social skills to become a good professional. Several studies tell that students who have undergone Afterschool program are more productive and reduce parent anxiety regarding their studies.

Students attending Afterschool Programs avail dual benefits as they become good with problem-solving skills and on the other side performing well in academics too. The Afterschool program environment is quite user-friendly and interactive. Most of the time it is fear and strictness of teachers which limits a student’s potential whereas in Afterschool program a good interaction between STEM Trainer and students makes STEM project more productive and helpful. Below are some reasons, depicting the importance of STEM Afterschool Program:

  • Creative Environment: Students get a free and creative environment to perform science and unlock the secrets of nature with basic engineering concepts
  • Team Work: Teamwork is a skill, which can only be learned when performed. Students proceed with basic knowledge about the project and think of how it can be executed in a better way, thereby learning how to work effectively as a team
  • Social Skills: There are some skills which aren’t a part of academics; social skills are one of them. The way one is able to share his thoughts and expressions to another individual is an example of social skills. Both technical and social skills go hand in hand and are perfect combination to rise and shine in one’s field

We at STEMCHAMP organize STEM Afterschool Program every year to make STEM education in India more simple and accessible. Understanding the IT and production industry today, we need to make the future workforce more skilled and technically sufficient. STEM Afterschool program is an integrated STEM activity program where students are taught basics of engineering, programming, and design to help them excel in life and career.

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Academic Impact of STEM Afterschool Program

What is the academic impact of STEM Afterschool Program? How being a part of Afterschool program can make a student proficient in academics? Concerning the questions, there have been a lot of researches conducted on Afterschool programs and its impact on academic as well as overall development of the student. Recent studies suggest that students who have undergone Afterschool Program performed better in academics, improved social manners and found good attendance too. Many students who were facing memory and concentration issues sought to be more attentive in class. Students who used to shy and less progressive learnt the importance of communication and did well in classroom later on.

STEM Afterschool Program is a well-researched and integrated STEM Program. STEM an acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is activity based education curriculum which makes learning practical and science performable. The main focus of STEM Afterschool program is to invest time in the overall development of the student so that he/she can act as an asset for the future STEM Workforce. Students prototype STEM Projects and learn the basics of engineering in Afterschool program. This helps in gaining maturity in learning and understanding how applicable science can be. Students invest their time in doing something productive and refreshing than school hours. This also assists students in developing interests in the pure application of concepts, rather than enforcing mind in rote-learning them. STEM Afterschool Program also helped students in:

  • Academic Achievement– Students improved their test scores and performed well in math and science typical exams. The general belief of students regarding math and science fear found changed and they find them easy and enjoyable to execute. In STEM Afterschool program students work on several activities and designs, which gives them a practical taste of science and math.
  • Social and Emotional Development – Afterschool programs with a strong intentional focus assisted students in developing social skills and managing emotional stress. Students interact, discuss and work in teams to meet the demands of their planned model and execute it accordingly. After completion of activities, students celebrate a sense of small achievement and become curious to do more STEM Activities and face upcoming challenges. At the presentation time, students develop confidence while telling the audience about their project, it’s working and how the team executed the plan accordingly.
  • Health and Wellness – Apart from studies, students realize the importance of health and social well-being as well. Students get to know how major common problems like obesity, lack of concentration and wrong food habits can affect their daily routine and life. Several discussions are made on global problems like global warming, overpopulation and increasing violence in the world and how STEM education can help in eradicating the same.

We at STEMCHAMP organize STEM Afterschool Program every year and found that students benefitted a lot from the past programs. They remarked quite well in academics and performed better in practical skills too. Parents also realize the importance of STEM Education and how it can be used to uplift and improve the Indian education system. Be it academic, personal or social Afterschool program is an overall development program, built with a great intention to change a student’s life and turn illusions into a living reality.

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5 Reasons Why Early STEM Education is important

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education aims to combine rigorous academic studies with technical skills. The main idea is to make education more accessible and help students in reaching the practical aspects of science. Early exposure to STEM aids students in attaining and developing skills like critical thinking, creativity, good problem-solving skills and engineering design process. Here are five reasons why early STEM Education can add wings to your child’s career:

#1 STEM is ‘Focus on Fun’ approach based

The Focus on Fun approach is the best way to teach students the basics of creating new things. The ideas help students in gaining a new experience of science and realize how fun it is to perform, discuss and improve with science. As young students are most curious to know how things work and play, teaching them through STEM activities, experiments and presentations can unlock infinite possibilities for them. STEM lessons require experimentation, exploring, building and collecting things to design and discover new things.

#2 STEM is tailored level wise

Teaching STEM doesn’t mean teaching higher grade material to primary level kids. In fact, teaching STEM Education involves preparing students to learn the basics and experiment with science and mathematics gradually. The STEM content is very engaging and interesting to students; to maintain focus and keep them calm while learning new skills. Adding further, a balance is maintained between current student understanding level and challenging aspect of STEM Activity.

#3 STEM is relevant

STEM Activities are designed to help students to deal with real-world problems. By making the STEM content and curriculum relevant to kid’s interests makes their learning experience more amazing. This also assists kids in engaging in STEM activities and being motivated throughout the course. Scientifically, we learn and engage more in the things which we observe daily around us and quite relevant.

#4 STEM is Hands on Experience

Instead of limiting students to learn concepts and study for grades in the exam, STEM learning puts hands on experience of learning. The main idea behind hands on learning is the fishing concept i.e. instead of daily feeding a fish to a person; one should teach him how to fish. When students work on STEM designs and models, they look forward to being more confident and curious for the upcoming challenges. Hands-on experiences make STEM more fun and engaging. This also felicitates the overall development of a student.

#5 STEM is skill-based

As the future belongs to STEM-skilled professionals, we need our students to be well-acquainted with STEM concepts. Kids measure, collaborate, measure, discuss and create all together while working on a STEM project. This algorithm teaches students to use their skills as a toolkit and direct a creative solution to the problem.

We at STEMCHAMP, Ghana focus on providing an integrated STEM curriculum to help school going students in becoming technically proficient and develop a good edge over others. STEMCHAMP delivers interesting and relevant content for students to practice, learn and grow with STEM Projects. The motive is to connect the inner curiosity and mindset, in an engaging environment to help students in achieving their goals and realize their dreams. We organize Summer Camps, Afterschool Programs, and Workshops every year to assist students to learn new things in an engaging environment.

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