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An Educational Robotics-STEM-Coding Lab to Investigate Cognitive Strategies and to Foster Learning

Our Lab is dedicated both to research and education. As result we are responsible for the academic development of STEAM expertise for students who work closely together with our researchers and academics.

Our research requires cross-disciplinary investigations in several areas such as biologically inspired algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, swarm intelligence, psychology, machine learning, data mining, computational neuroscience and cognitive science, among others.

Cognitive abilities put into action by learners in using a Robotics Serious Game have been investigated and data has been collected by administering a pre and a post-test on motivation and using Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology. Significant results have been acquired on:

  • Students’ motivation in relation to their performance
  • Team work strategy, analyzing the PBL
  • Learning results.

Findings showed that “intrinsic motivation” of the participating students, gathered with a specific questionnaire, was high since the beginning of the Lab experience, corroborating the hypothesis that these cognitive activities are able to stimulate curiosity, interest, enjoyment and to foster the learning also in STEM careers.

Our Makerspace Lab is for Schools, Colleges, Educators and Edupreneurs. To setup lab and more details :



Hands on experience in the field of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – STEM Champ

Meet the STEM Champs, Arun Kumar and Fhani Mantriraju who are trying to augment the importance of STEM education in India through their start-up, STEM Champ, which aims at improving the knowledge base of children in India by providing more opportunities for experimentation and an interesting environment to stimulate a child’s curiosity. One of their students, Arjun Parthsarthy has proved to be a child prodigy who successfully completed the ‘NASA Academy of Future Space Explorers’ programme. He was part of the course organised by STEM Champ. Media Mirror covered the story in their article. STEM Champ has also earned recognition in the HOT100 awards organised by CORE (Centre of Recognition & Excellence) and with KPMG as their knowledge partner. It felicitates innovative technology start-ups and winners for the 2015 edition of the Hot100 awards are selected from a pool of hundreds from across India. STEM Champ has also associated itself with Brand Accelerator (a Brand Capital / Times Group entity) in its venture to expand the knowledge base of youth.

STEM Champ provides a comprehensive approach towards learning, with renowned international program partners such as, NASA, NASCAR, Mad Science & Ten80 Education etc. Their relentless work in improving the way children perceive science and technology has helped them establish an elite and robust clientele, which include Intel, Texas Instruments, Luxor World School, GENESIS Global School, and Orchids International School etc.

The company offers to create awareness about STEM education and help the kids in developing skills in the fields of STEM. They have introduced the fun factor in learning by running various camps in multiple locations in Bangalore. One of the events was featured in News 9. Their Bangalore chapter procured a great and encouraging response from the children and their parents.

In the next step they will introduce their vacation camps in Bangalore and would cover multiple locations like Indiranagar, Koramangala, J P Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar, and Banashankari with more than 10 summer camps across Bangalore in the month of April & May. They plan to offer several comprehensive programs to do the same. These programs will be of tremendous value for young students, teachers, and the nation. Details of these programs are scheduled to be out by the 2nd week of February, 2016.

The team at STEM Champ believes that, “STEM culture starts at a very young age when kids are curious and creative, and continues through one’s career.”

For details contact us at (+91) 8880 700 900 or mail at


STEM Champ Pedagogy Framework

  1. Curriculum: Research based curriculum materials aligned with National & International standards.
  2. Material Support: Cost-effective systems for supplying STEM
    equipment and materials to classrooms.
  3. Professional Development: Programs & courses that prepare educators to teach inquiry-centred STEM subjects & professional growth to be an ongoing process.
  4. Community Involvement: Strategies for building and sustaining district and community support for STEM education.
  5. Teacher Driven Research & Development: Design & development for continuous improvement of teaching & learning.
  6. Assessments: Strategies aligning the evaluation of student performance with the goals of inquiry-centred STEM programs.




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