Summer camps provide an opportunity for children with similar interests to come together for a week, or longer, to gain a unique experience based upon those interests. These camps have been utilized as a means of increase student interest and awareness in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

This STEM Champ’s camp utilised a combination of visual, build activities, and competitions to keep students engaged, teach them about various science and engineering disciplines, and have a fun experience.

Robots provided an ideal platform for introducing a large number of STEM topics in a fun and engaging way. Through a single learning activity, campers are introduced to topics related to mathematics, physics, electrical engineer, computer engineering, computer science, mechanical engineering.

Day 1: Monday’s goal is to provide a foundation for computing and electronics.

Day 2: The second day’s focus was on introducing the students to robots and their sensors.

Day 3: With a foundation on what robots are and how they perceive the environment, the third day focuses on robot motion and then the basics of robot control where perception and action are tied together.

Day 4: The fourth morning focuses on students learning to write their own programs.

Day 5: The Bot competition will be held.

Lessons Learned : Using competitions provide a great tool to encourage students to apply what they learned and reinforce their earlier build experiences. The bots competition encourage students to focus both on hardware and software. Many of the campers built upon their previous robots rather than starting from scratch. The talent show will allow students to showcase both their creativity and the diversity of their experience. Many of the build activities will be focused upon robots that wander and explore. For the talent show, robots will be developed that are more creative, aesthetic, etc.

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