Before improving our current education system, let’s take a brief flashback to how education system actually commenced. We can divide Indian Education system into two eras. The first era was the era of Gurukuls (old schools) where royal families used to send their child to somewhere in the jungle in order to learn about life and powers. That education was purely practical and based on studies by implementing. After few centuries, because families didn’t want their child to live in a place having no facilities and to bear difficulties, they started to call the teacher to their home and pay them to teach in their castles only. Book system got a start here; they partly used to learn and memorize shlokas and partly learned through practice. After that Britishers came and they totally changed the method. The system entirely shifted on books and thereafter practical knowledge and teaching just faded away. This is how the rote learning process started and the number of inventions and discoveries decreased with time.

But nowadays people have realized and they have started taking interest in making their child more smart and independent. They want them to be an inventor, not a follower. Today’s education system is not supporting “understanding the concept”, it’s all about how well a student can “memorize the concept” and express what they learned on their answer sheets. STEM Champ is an organization which can help such parents. It supports and provides STEM environment, thereby delivering a better learning experience. Teaching in a way which can make him/her willing to study and learn more is what stem is for. These organizations are aided by corporate social responsibility (CSR). They provide funds and environment to these organizations so that current education system can revamp.

Below are some points depicting how STEM CSR can be beneficial for the education system?

#1  Can Reduce “Parrot-Fashion”

In recent years, schooling has increased the practice of rote learning that is “memorizing the concept” which is not beneficial for the future of the children. But the question is why this rote-learning came into the picture in the first place. That is because there are some things in the world which when you see then you get to know a little fast, and when you do then it creates a space in your mind forever. But somehow in order to make every child a literate person, this could not be possible and bookish learning has become a system even if the organization is full of money and resources. To reduce this Stem CSR has brought the resources in action. They have created labs and made the curriculum in such a way that a student will enjoy learning here.

#2  Increase the number of skilled workers, thereby creating employment opportunities

There is no doubt in the fact that if you learn science technology engineering and mathematics by not only reading but also by doing it, then you learn and acquire fast and clear. Stem learning includes discerning things well, applying concepts etc. This is really helpful in developing their skills. Skilled workers can help with a great share in India’s economy and can convert this country to be called as developed instead of developing.

#3 No Need For Vocational Training

We are aware of the steps of education here in our country. We go to school then college then does a vocational training or internships then complete graduation and then after finishing college, we get a job. Every step is a great adventure of life but we can save time by first completing graduation without doing any training because this is possible with the STEM CSR’s way of training students. Along with learning basics, they provide you the full opportunity to experience and learn up to high level. No company takes you if you don’t have any certificate of any internship. This is just because they know colleges are not teaching students how to work. STEM CSR is providing that. With this system, maybe companies will never ask for the certificate of the internship.

#4 No Fear Of Exams

We often read in the newspaper that students are committing suicide and the reason behind that is they are not performing well in the exams. Exams in today’s education methodology need you to remember well and questions asked are never out of the books. That is the reason every student has just stopped playing and roaming the streets, they spend their whole day reading books. The fear of exams made them a bookworm. This affects their physical and mental health. Stem CSR’s order of education is unique. It encourages children to play and learn not just read and learn. A person can do well when he has enough self-confidence and then also he/she does not have to be afraid of tests. Stem CSR helps you in developing that confidence.

#5 Subjects of Interests

Stem education system first identifies in which field a particular child is interested in and encourage him to study only those subjects. They don’t need to prepare those subjects in which they are least interested.  If a child is not interested in a particular subject then he will give minimum time studying that, this will affect his result and then fear of exams and mental stress. To eradicate this situation CSR brought this method where a student can learn what he/she wants to learn