Science and technology are integral part of our lives and affect us in our day to day lives. It is technology that creates things and makes our life more comfortable and easy-going. No matter how difficult life gets, science and technology keep on making it simple and easy to survive. One of the greatest aspects of science and technology is in education today. Earlier there were several problems in the mode of education. Kids missed proper platforms and opportunities to nurture their talent and sound fundamentally clear. In South Africa, the condition is even worse, as there is no implementation of tests and ideologies. Later on, things started getting smooth with advancements in technology, around 1990’s. Children have introduced a platform to share, represent and debate on their thoughts and an infrastructure was provided to make studies a bit easier. This helped in transforming the education system to some extent.

But to meet the pace at which technology is heading forward, we need an education system which can keep students updated with knowledge and teach them new skills altogether. In a world where the internet has replaced the media and telecommunications, students should not be limited to basic knowledge. Many top leading nations of the world adopted STEM Education, as their education curriculum to teach students the basics of engineering and design. In South Africa, most people don’t have the necessary STEM skills to do the jobs and the nation has to outsource talent from China and India. If we don’t pay attention and improve the South African education system, many students will face joblessness in future and survive under poverty. Recent research suggests that South Africa will new generation of creators, engineers, designers, and teachers in the upcoming years as these jobs will demand STEM skills. If we don’t train students to sound STEM clear, we may continue losing professions to outsourcers from other countries.

The word STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is an education curriculum which teaches students the basics of problem-solving and situation handling. STEM education works on practical aspects of Mathematics and Science, which helps students in understanding the daily applications and approaches of science. Another aspect is to make the student realize how interesting science is when we perform it with all the equipment instead of rote-learning the concepts and mugging up the formula. As the future workforce needs to be STEM-proficient to strengthen the nation, students need a strong STEM foundation and programs to learn and grow in life. The program includes STEM workshops, lessons, and activities, which are designed and integrated well in order to make education simple and easier to follow. Adding further to make future candidates STEM-skilled, we need to train them early and prepare them for the better future.

We at STEMCHAMP Ghana organize STEM Workshops and STEM programs to train students and make them STEM-skilled. Concerning about the education system of South Africa we intend to make STEM learning easier for students and prepare them for a better future. As STEM education and jobs represent the future of education and corporate, it becomes mandatory to make teachers, parents, and students aware of the power of STEM and its necessity.

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