Day by day, we are all heading towards a more technical and advanced style of living. Several ‘never thought concepts’ like Virtual Reality and underground tunnel channels are on its way to make life simpler and advanced. But have you ever thought what could be the reason behind such great improvements in technology? The most probable answer which is transforming the world is providing a space for professionals to think, act and improve on turning their illusions into reality. When individuals become independent and well-acquainted with skills and equipment, they tend to produce something new and innovative, thereby incarnating creativity in its best form.

Meanwhile, in our country, there is a wide gap between creativity and academics. The main concern is only on cracking competitive exams and holding up for a secure job. This old idea is the main reason, why there is a recession in the industries and corporates. If we really run on replacing the old ideas and letting students follow their interests, we need to experiment or do something different with the daily same schedule of the student. As education system is a big thing and change won’t occur in one day, but we can provide a space, a platform where students can work on ideas, perform science and become proficient enough to solve complex problems. This idea is called STEM Afterschool Program, also known by Out of School STEM Program.

STEM Afterschool Program is an after school hours program, which provides students space, where they can experiment and play with science to learn new concepts and discover ways to implement them. The idea behind Afterschool program is to make the afterschool time more productive and help students in being updated with latest trends in education and technology. As the demand for STEM jobs is rising gradually, we need to prepare students on STEM background so that they won’t feel joblessness in future. There is a vast difference between learning and applying, and being academically proficient is not enough to grow in this competitive world. STEM Afterschool program think on making learning more relatable and fun, rather than pressurizing students to score more marks. Afterschool Program is where students feel free from academic pressure and daily devote their important time in creating and innovating on several STEM projects and designs.

Performing in STEM Afterschool program helped students in assertively transforming socially too apart from the intellectual part. Students, who were facing focus and concentration issues, have improved a lot and performed better. Apart from these students learn how one can express and represent one’s ideas in form of a presentation while discussing the STEM Project. When students meet other students from different schools all together they feel a whole sense of community and maintain emotional stability. This thereby reduces academic stress in students and motivates them to work on their interests.

We at STEMCHAMP, machinate STEM Afterschool Programs to help students to take a break from the academic pressure and work on their creativity. The vision is to provide and update students with the knowledge and practice, which is yet not organized by education curriculum. India needs more quality afterschool programs to raise young talents and nurture them to become a good professional in future. This would certainly help students from all communities to come up and avail good education.

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