As the time is passing by, we can see everything around us updating. Be it technology, it is far more descriptive and accessible as ever, or inventions pertaining around everything has changed with time. We notice something to be new or updated when it comes under our observation. But, the sad thing about our education system is, it is still the same. Talking about 100 years back, students used to be locked inside four walls and were made to learn what the teacher told them to. Unfortunately, the same thing acquaints us again, as there is no change in the way things are being taught to children. Kids are still being taught the same concepts, formulas, and techniques inside the four-walls, which were used 40-60 years ago. And undoubtedly the world has transformed itself in the 40-60 years. Researchers and professionals after a lot of studies took the matter into concern and introduced the concept of STEM Afterschool Programs.

STEM Afterschool Program is a STEM Activity based program where students work on several STEM Projects under the supervision of STEM trainers. The thought behind STEM Afterschool program is to provide a creative and explorative platform where a student can thrive on his skills and improve them. Students perform STEM activities which are quite inspiring and enriching. Afterschool program is an entirely different from a school as it is a resourceful and integrated environment that invests in child’s overall development. Students undergo social and personal development so that they become proficient enough to work on their goals and make the most of the time. Afterschool program tends to encourage and help students in figuring out their passion and come up with bright colors. Along with learning students acquire leadership, team working and social skills to become a good professional. Several studies tell that students who have undergone Afterschool program are more productive and reduce parent anxiety regarding their studies.

Students attending Afterschool Programs avail dual benefits as they become good with problem-solving skills and on the other side performing well in academics too. The Afterschool program environment is quite user-friendly and interactive. Most of the time it is fear and strictness of teachers which limits a student’s potential whereas in Afterschool program a good interaction between STEM Trainer and students makes STEM project more productive and helpful. Below are some reasons, depicting the importance of STEM Afterschool Program:

  • Creative Environment: Students get a free and creative environment to perform science and unlock the secrets of nature with basic engineering concepts
  • Team Work: Teamwork is a skill, which can only be learned when performed. Students proceed with basic knowledge about the project and think of how it can be executed in a better way, thereby learning how to work effectively as a team
  • Social Skills: There are some skills which aren’t a part of academics; social skills are one of them. The way one is able to share his thoughts and expressions to another individual is an example of social skills. Both technical and social skills go hand in hand and are perfect combination to rise and shine in one’s field

We at STEMCHAMP organize STEM Afterschool Program every year to make STEM education in India more simple and accessible. Understanding the IT and production industry today, we need to make the future workforce more skilled and technically sufficient. STEM Afterschool program is an integrated STEM activity program where students are taught basics of engineering, programming, and design to help them excel in life and career.

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