What is the academic impact of STEM Afterschool Program? How being a part of Afterschool program can make a student proficient in academics? Concerning the questions, there have been a lot of researches conducted on Afterschool programs and its impact on academic as well as overall development of the student. Recent studies suggest that students who have undergone Afterschool Program performed better in academics, improved social manners and found good attendance too. Many students who were facing memory and concentration issues sought to be more attentive in class. Students who used to shy and less progressive learnt the importance of communication and did well in classroom later on.

STEM Afterschool Program is a well-researched and integrated STEM Program. STEM an acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is activity based education curriculum which makes learning practical and science performable. The main focus of STEM Afterschool program is to invest time in the overall development of the student so that he/she can act as an asset for the future STEM Workforce. Students prototype STEM Projects and learn the basics of engineering in Afterschool program. This helps in gaining maturity in learning and understanding how applicable science can be. Students invest their time in doing something productive and refreshing than school hours. This also assists students in developing interests in the pure application of concepts, rather than enforcing mind in rote-learning them. STEM Afterschool Program also helped students in:

  • Academic Achievement– Students improved their test scores and performed well in math and science typical exams. The general belief of students regarding math and science fear found changed and they find them easy and enjoyable to execute. In STEM Afterschool program students work on several activities and designs, which gives them a practical taste of science and math.
  • Social and Emotional Development – Afterschool programs with a strong intentional focus assisted students in developing social skills and managing emotional stress. Students interact, discuss and work in teams to meet the demands of their planned model and execute it accordingly. After completion of activities, students celebrate a sense of small achievement and become curious to do more STEM Activities and face upcoming challenges. At the presentation time, students develop confidence while telling the audience about their project, it’s working and how the team executed the plan accordingly.
  • Health and Wellness – Apart from studies, students realize the importance of health and social well-being as well. Students get to know how major common problems like obesity, lack of concentration and wrong food habits can affect their daily routine and life. Several discussions are made on global problems like global warming, overpopulation and increasing violence in the world and how STEM education can help in eradicating the same.

We at STEMCHAMP organize STEM Afterschool Program every year and found that students benefitted a lot from the past programs. They remarked quite well in academics and performed better in practical skills too. Parents also realize the importance of STEM Education and how it can be used to uplift and improve the Indian education system. Be it academic, personal or social Afterschool program is an overall development program, built with a great intention to change a student’s life and turn illusions into a living reality.

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