Can after-school program provide the basic focus and attention on studies which some students always lacked? The answer is undoubtedly yes, as according to a new study of the after-school program, students who got involved in Afterschool program did better in academics and science, as compared to those who didn’t do slightly well. Also, students learned to live with proper routine and developed good habits too after proceeding with STEM Afterschool Program. The good thing about STEM Afterschool Program is that it engages the student to perform science via STEM based activities so that the afterschool hours become more productive and fun.

Here are five good reasons why a student should join STEM Afterschool Program and do wonders with science!

#1 Time Management

 Extra-curricular STEM Project helps students to manage time and prioritize tasks. Students get to acknowledge the importance of time and how managing it can make them a good multitasking professional. The problem why students don’t perform well in academics is that they are not available to organize and maintain what they learnt in classroom. Due to improper schedule students indulge in the bad habit of procrastinating things and end up deteriorating their academic score.

#2 Exploring Interests

Have you ever thought how we get interested in something? The obvious reason is we keep on exploring things, the one which seems discoverable and easy falls in our interest. STEM Afterschool Program helps students in pertaining and exploring new activities, which they may never get to know in their school hours. By allowing students to work in their interest, they develop good expertise in it and end up building confidence and self-esteem.

#3 Thinking Out of the Box

There’s an old saying “In Jungle, the survival of fittest is only possible”. Honestly, this thing holds well in today’s competitive world too. STEM Afterschool programs help a student in learning new skills like STEM Robotics, Engineering Design, and Basics of Programming. The early exposure to these STEM fields helps students in thinking out of the box and doing something creative with it. This further leads to a contribution to school and competition communities.

#4 Building Confidence

Working on STEM Projects and discussing on proposed improvements is the best part of STEM Afterschool Program. Students feel a sense of achievement and develop good confidence when they successfully complete STEM Projects and work on new ones. STEM Activities are designed such that students learn to deal well with science concepts and apply them wherever required.

#5 Teamwork

Talking about Teamwork, it is the first most aspired skills in future employees. As to rule in the corporate world, one needs to be a team player rather than being a game one. Leading a team and assisting it in doing great things is what a leader does to do perform and grow in an extraordinary way. STEM Afterschool program assigns STEM Activities to a group of student, followed by guidance from STEM instructors. Also, students get to social with new students who share common interests with them.

We at STEMCHAMP, work on creating a STEM Education base for students by organizing STEM Afterschool Programs. The idea behind us has always been in creating a platform where students can work on their interests, create several designs and make most of their time creating and inventing new things. This helps students in finding their passion and figure out what is the field or work in which they are exceptionally good at.

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