Gone are the days when gender used to decide the future of students. In the era of advancing technologies and fields, both men and women are equally creditable for their contributions in science and technology. With the shattering of past beliefs and old customs, society and community should understand how studying and applying science is important to foster growth and development. According to recent reports, the participation of girls in STEM fields turn out to be a decent number. We need to get more girls involve and evolve in male dominated fields to help middle and low sections of the community to rise and excel in Science. Adding further if industries and related fields will not go with new talent and skills, there are chances that their product will go stale and there might be an economic depression too. So if you’re girl child finds interests in discovering new stuff, relating daily life with science or to suggest better ways for the global problems, then trust us STEM blessing can be a good way for her to rise and shine in future.

Here are four reasons why girls should go in STEM fields as per their interests:

#1 Big Career Opportunities

A STEM career can give you limitless options and opportunities like if you’re interested in computers you can opt for graphic design, software development, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and much more. People generally get into the belief that STEM fields limit people to sit all day long indoors in front of computer devices, but that’s not true. STEM is quite versatile and exploring the field. The more one creates and breaks things, the more he/ she get to know the thrill and idea of STEM. Other interesting options in STEM field include online bug fixer, robot engineer and the list goes on and on.

#2 Connect Creativity and Technology

There’s a general misconception that studying and pursuing STEM fields is boring and lacks creativity. Well if this was so, we wouldn’t have too many lucrative technologies and gadgets to have fun with. When a STEM candidate works on a project or activity, he deals with a lot of things which need creativity to make a successful product. Connecting creativity with technology is the best way to learn, foster and explore STEM.

#3 Technology needs more females

Sadly still there is a number of a male in STEM fields than females. If the participation of women in STEM fields is increased, then we can expect more advance changes in technology and science. Every person is unique and has special skills to contribute in the world of science. Women with good technical background and astounding creativity can prove to be a boon for the society.

#4 Learning STEM is accessible and easy

With the introduction of the internet, learning is now easily accessible to everyone in the community. Earlier people have to look for books and courses to learn programming and new skills, but today people can learn it anytime and anywhere. Thanks to technology!

We at STEMCHAMP organize Afterschool and summer camp programs in Ghana to help students in realizing their interests in STEM fields and careers. Understanding the current situation of the education system in South Africa, we look forward to making STEM learning easy and accessible.  The aim is to eradicate the fear of science and mathematics from students and tell them how interesting the subjects can be. STEM is a great opportunity for the youth of South Africa to rise up and shorten the gender inequality gap.

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