The world of today’s student is stimulating day by day. With the passage of time, everything around them is changing and improving on the line. Let’s consider a simple example of video games; video games of 2017 are thousand times more appealing and improved. What could be the reason behind it? The answer is in the upgrading of technology, better graphics cards, and proper emulation support. Moreover students today have continuous access to developed technologies, entertainment and knowledge as well. Being a parent, teacher, and guide we need to advance our education system too and make some necessary changes to fill the loopholes in the current South African education system.

Being educators and innovators we need to implement STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Education program in the regular curriculum of school as it incarnates a student’s imagination into a living reality. The benefits of STEM learning are more than one can of think of, thereby researchers conceive it to potentially solve the current global issues. Here we present four essential elements of an integrated and well-planned STEM lesson:

#1 Problem-based Learning

In a STEM class, Science is not about rote-learning but a manual to proceed with problem-solving skills. The lessons are activity based which help students in thinking rationally and out of the box. Students act as engineers and scientists to come up with different solutions and investigate on problems. Adding further, students collect data, analyze the problem, develop scientific explanations and test their models. This introduces students to real-world problem-solving.

#2 Rigorous Learning

Students undergo rigorous training to become well-acquainted with STEM. The beginning of a STEM lesson begins with introductory questions related to the theme of the lesson. This engages students with the lesson and makes them interested. A STEM lesson proceeds with a scientific explanation covering three main parts, namely:

  • A reason which answers the question being studied
  • Providing a proof to support the reason
  • Giving a scientific explanation which explains how proof and reason are related

Apart from problem-solving students also develop good logical and reasoning skills which aid them in dealing with problems.

#3 Technology, Career and Life Skills

To maintain a pace with technology, we need to update the education curriculum accordingly. We can’t teach them the technology and unnecessary knowledge which is of no use today. The content of a STEM lesson is always updated and remains linked with a practical and applicable approach. The main theme of STEM is to understand and outlet how engineers innovate on natural raw materials and create something of great use to all of us. By considering technology as a part of life, we can easily percolate on teaching students the essence of science and technology.

#4 Personalized Training

Being in a STEM classroom is a way more different than being in a normal classroom. Unlikely from regular classroom students work in teams, discuss ideas and make good models on the way. The level of evaluation is completely personalized which help students to deal with and relate what is going wrong and how they can improve. Understanding where one is standing is the first step to analyze and go ahead in life.

We at STEMCHAMP , look forward in implementing STEM learning in the current education system of South Africa. Understanding the social and global problems, we interpret on making the future workforce more skilled and maintain a pace with future prospects of the corporate world. Preparing student early for STEM Education can surely help them in realizing their interests and rise and shine in the coming fields.