A good afterschool program is all a student needs to make the most of time after hectic school hours. STEM Afterschool program proves to be a boon for all the students, as it helps them in doing something productive. Apart from improving STEM skills, Afterschool program helps students who face concentration and learning issues. So, if you are planning to enroll your kid in STEM Afterschool program, here are six cool benefits you need know about STEM Afterschool program.

#1 Create awareness

When students indulge in Afterschool, they feel a sense of belonging there. Afterschool program provides students a platform to connect with other students and work on STEM Projects. As Science is something to be performed than being learned, students interact with each other to learn how their design can be better and unique.

#2 Academic Support

Many people are confused with the fact that STEM education and Academic studies are different terms. Well, to some extent this is not so as STEM Afterschool program intends to make STEM concepts easier to learn, manipulate and apply them wherever needed. However, in Academics, the main focus is to learn about concepts and write them in exams. STEM Curriculum aids in better understanding of concepts so that student becomes proficient to enough to solve complex problems easily. These learned concepts do help in performing better in Academics.

#3 Making Learning Fun

In STEM Afterschool program, students are made to learn and perform science, rather than pressurizing them to take tests and exams. This makes learning to be of more fun and stress-free. Students are divided into groups and are assigned several STEM projects. For students with memory and attention issues, Afterschool program turns out to be a blessing by eradicating their science fear and assisting them in taking new science problems.

#4 Provide Safety and Guidance

All the STEM based activities are done under proper guidance and safety measures so that students don’t end up hurting themselves. Research shows that Afterschool program helps students in adopting good behavior and social skills too. The main aim is to make each second of student’s life productive and worthy. The activities also help in keeping student’s busy in their work and learn new things as well. An afterschool program also provides exposure to kids to new interests and hobbies.

#5 Build Confidence

When students succeed in one STEM activity, they become excited and proceed to take on new risks and challenges. Afterschool program is highly forging for students who have memory and attention issues, as STEM has nothing to do with rote learning. Achieving small goals drive students in working harder and accomplish higher goals in future. Also, when students present their model in front of an audience, they experience what it is like to be in explaining your opinions to a group of people and answer their questions accordingly. These enchant students with some great confidence over their skills!

We at STEMCHAMP, organize STEM Afterschool Programs every year for students to help them in nurturing and channelizing their true potential. Be it robotics, programming or about the latest trending technology, we intend to update students with all the necessary knowledge and application of STEM concepts. We meditate on keeping science simple and fun to learn subject so that students can recognize their true potential and get to the depth of their interest.

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