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July 2017

STEM Education and Future of South Africa

Science and technology are integral part of our lives and affect us in our day to day lives. It is technology that creates things and makes our life more comfortable and easy-going. No matter how difficult life gets, science and technology keep on making it simple and easy to survive. One of the greatest aspects of science and technology is in education today. Earlier there were several problems in the mode of education. Kids missed proper platforms and opportunities to nurture their talent and sound fundamentally clear. In South Africa, the condition is even worse, as there is no implementation of tests and ideologies. Later on, things started getting smooth with advancements in technology, around 1990’s. Children have introduced a platform to share, represent and debate on their thoughts and an infrastructure was provided to make studies a bit easier. This helped in transforming the education system to some extent.

But to meet the pace at which technology is heading forward, we need an education system which can keep students updated with knowledge and teach them new skills altogether. In a world where the internet has replaced the media and telecommunications, students should not be limited to basic knowledge. Many top leading nations of the world adopted STEM Education, as their education curriculum to teach students the basics of engineering and design. In South Africa, most people don’t have the necessary STEM skills to do the jobs and the nation has to outsource talent from China and India. If we don’t pay attention and improve the South African education system, many students will face joblessness in future and survive under poverty. Recent research suggests that South Africa will new generation of creators, engineers, designers, and teachers in the upcoming years as these jobs will demand STEM skills. If we don’t train students to sound STEM clear, we may continue losing professions to outsourcers from other countries.

The word STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics is an education curriculum which teaches students the basics of problem-solving and situation handling. STEM education works on practical aspects of Mathematics and Science, which helps students in understanding the daily applications and approaches of science. Another aspect is to make the student realize how interesting science is when we perform it with all the equipment instead of rote-learning the concepts and mugging up the formula. As the future workforce needs to be STEM-proficient to strengthen the nation, students need a strong STEM foundation and programs to learn and grow in life. The program includes STEM workshops, lessons, and activities, which are designed and integrated well in order to make education simple and easier to follow. Adding further to make future candidates STEM-skilled, we need to train them early and prepare them for the better future.

We at STEMCHAMP Ghana organize STEM Workshops and STEM programs to train students and make them STEM-skilled. Concerning about the education system of South Africa we intend to make STEM learning easier for students and prepare them for a better future. As STEM education and jobs represent the future of education and corporate, it becomes mandatory to make teachers, parents, and students aware of the power of STEM and its necessity.

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Need of STEM Afterschool Program: Future Aspects

Day by day, we are all heading towards a more technical and advanced style of living. Several ‘never thought concepts’ like Virtual Reality and underground tunnel channels are on its way to make life simpler and advanced. But have you ever thought what could be the reason behind such great improvements in technology? The most probable answer which is transforming the world is providing a space for professionals to think, act and improve on turning their illusions into reality. When individuals become independent and well-acquainted with skills and equipment, they tend to produce something new and innovative, thereby incarnating creativity in its best form.

Meanwhile, in our country, there is a wide gap between creativity and academics. The main concern is only on cracking competitive exams and holding up for a secure job. This old idea is the main reason, why there is a recession in the industries and corporates. If we really run on replacing the old ideas and letting students follow their interests, we need to experiment or do something different with the daily same schedule of the student. As education system is a big thing and change won’t occur in one day, but we can provide a space, a platform where students can work on ideas, perform science and become proficient enough to solve complex problems. This idea is called STEM Afterschool Program, also known by Out of School STEM Program.

STEM Afterschool Program is an after school hours program, which provides students space, where they can experiment and play with science to learn new concepts and discover ways to implement them. The idea behind Afterschool program is to make the afterschool time more productive and help students in being updated with latest trends in education and technology. As the demand for STEM jobs is rising gradually, we need to prepare students on STEM background so that they won’t feel joblessness in future. There is a vast difference between learning and applying, and being academically proficient is not enough to grow in this competitive world. STEM Afterschool program think on making learning more relatable and fun, rather than pressurizing students to score more marks. Afterschool Program is where students feel free from academic pressure and daily devote their important time in creating and innovating on several STEM projects and designs.

Performing in STEM Afterschool program helped students in assertively transforming socially too apart from the intellectual part. Students, who were facing focus and concentration issues, have improved a lot and performed better. Apart from these students learn how one can express and represent one’s ideas in form of a presentation while discussing the STEM Project. When students meet other students from different schools all together they feel a whole sense of community and maintain emotional stability. This thereby reduces academic stress in students and motivates them to work on their interests.

We at STEMCHAMP, machinate STEM Afterschool Programs to help students to take a break from the academic pressure and work on their creativity. The vision is to provide and update students with the knowledge and practice, which is yet not organized by education curriculum. India needs more quality afterschool programs to raise young talents and nurture them to become a good professional in future. This would certainly help students from all communities to come up and avail good education.

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Importance of STEM Afterschool Programs

As the time is passing by, we can see everything around us updating. Be it technology, it is far more descriptive and accessible as ever, or inventions pertaining around everything has changed with time. We notice something to be new or updated when it comes under our observation. But, the sad thing about our education system is, it is still the same. Talking about 100 years back, students used to be locked inside four walls and were made to learn what the teacher told them to. Unfortunately, the same thing acquaints us again, as there is no change in the way things are being taught to children. Kids are still being taught the same concepts, formulas, and techniques inside the four-walls, which were used 40-60 years ago. And undoubtedly the world has transformed itself in the 40-60 years. Researchers and professionals after a lot of studies took the matter into concern and introduced the concept of STEM Afterschool Programs.

STEM Afterschool Program is a STEM Activity based program where students work on several STEM Projects under the supervision of STEM trainers. The thought behind STEM Afterschool program is to provide a creative and explorative platform where a student can thrive on his skills and improve them. Students perform STEM activities which are quite inspiring and enriching. Afterschool program is an entirely different from a school as it is a resourceful and integrated environment that invests in child’s overall development. Students undergo social and personal development so that they become proficient enough to work on their goals and make the most of the time. Afterschool program tends to encourage and help students in figuring out their passion and come up with bright colors. Along with learning students acquire leadership, team working and social skills to become a good professional. Several studies tell that students who have undergone Afterschool program are more productive and reduce parent anxiety regarding their studies.

Students attending Afterschool Programs avail dual benefits as they become good with problem-solving skills and on the other side performing well in academics too. The Afterschool program environment is quite user-friendly and interactive. Most of the time it is fear and strictness of teachers which limits a student’s potential whereas in Afterschool program a good interaction between STEM Trainer and students makes STEM project more productive and helpful. Below are some reasons, depicting the importance of STEM Afterschool Program:

  • Creative Environment: Students get a free and creative environment to perform science and unlock the secrets of nature with basic engineering concepts
  • Team Work: Teamwork is a skill, which can only be learned when performed. Students proceed with basic knowledge about the project and think of how it can be executed in a better way, thereby learning how to work effectively as a team
  • Social Skills: There are some skills which aren’t a part of academics; social skills are one of them. The way one is able to share his thoughts and expressions to another individual is an example of social skills. Both technical and social skills go hand in hand and are perfect combination to rise and shine in one’s field

We at STEMCHAMP organize STEM Afterschool Program every year to make STEM education in India more simple and accessible. Understanding the IT and production industry today, we need to make the future workforce more skilled and technically sufficient. STEM Afterschool program is an integrated STEM activity program where students are taught basics of engineering, programming, and design to help them excel in life and career.

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Academic Impact of STEM Afterschool Program

What is the academic impact of STEM Afterschool Program? How being a part of Afterschool program can make a student proficient in academics? Concerning the questions, there have been a lot of researches conducted on Afterschool programs and its impact on academic as well as overall development of the student. Recent studies suggest that students who have undergone Afterschool Program performed better in academics, improved social manners and found good attendance too. Many students who were facing memory and concentration issues sought to be more attentive in class. Students who used to shy and less progressive learnt the importance of communication and did well in classroom later on.

STEM Afterschool Program is a well-researched and integrated STEM Program. STEM an acronym of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, is activity based education curriculum which makes learning practical and science performable. The main focus of STEM Afterschool program is to invest time in the overall development of the student so that he/she can act as an asset for the future STEM Workforce. Students prototype STEM Projects and learn the basics of engineering in Afterschool program. This helps in gaining maturity in learning and understanding how applicable science can be. Students invest their time in doing something productive and refreshing than school hours. This also assists students in developing interests in the pure application of concepts, rather than enforcing mind in rote-learning them. STEM Afterschool Program also helped students in:

  • Academic Achievement– Students improved their test scores and performed well in math and science typical exams. The general belief of students regarding math and science fear found changed and they find them easy and enjoyable to execute. In STEM Afterschool program students work on several activities and designs, which gives them a practical taste of science and math.
  • Social and Emotional Development – Afterschool programs with a strong intentional focus assisted students in developing social skills and managing emotional stress. Students interact, discuss and work in teams to meet the demands of their planned model and execute it accordingly. After completion of activities, students celebrate a sense of small achievement and become curious to do more STEM Activities and face upcoming challenges. At the presentation time, students develop confidence while telling the audience about their project, it’s working and how the team executed the plan accordingly.
  • Health and Wellness – Apart from studies, students realize the importance of health and social well-being as well. Students get to know how major common problems like obesity, lack of concentration and wrong food habits can affect their daily routine and life. Several discussions are made on global problems like global warming, overpopulation and increasing violence in the world and how STEM education can help in eradicating the same.

We at STEMCHAMP organize STEM Afterschool Program every year and found that students benefitted a lot from the past programs. They remarked quite well in academics and performed better in practical skills too. Parents also realize the importance of STEM Education and how it can be used to uplift and improve the Indian education system. Be it academic, personal or social Afterschool program is an overall development program, built with a great intention to change a student’s life and turn illusions into a living reality.

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5 Reasons Why Early STEM Education is important

Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education aims to combine rigorous academic studies with technical skills. The main idea is to make education more accessible and help students in reaching the practical aspects of science. Early exposure to STEM aids students in attaining and developing skills like critical thinking, creativity, good problem-solving skills and engineering design process. Here are five reasons why early STEM Education can add wings to your child’s career:

#1 STEM is ‘Focus on Fun’ approach based

The Focus on Fun approach is the best way to teach students the basics of creating new things. The ideas help students in gaining a new experience of science and realize how fun it is to perform, discuss and improve with science. As young students are most curious to know how things work and play, teaching them through STEM activities, experiments and presentations can unlock infinite possibilities for them. STEM lessons require experimentation, exploring, building and collecting things to design and discover new things.

#2 STEM is tailored level wise

Teaching STEM doesn’t mean teaching higher grade material to primary level kids. In fact, teaching STEM Education involves preparing students to learn the basics and experiment with science and mathematics gradually. The STEM content is very engaging and interesting to students; to maintain focus and keep them calm while learning new skills. Adding further, a balance is maintained between current student understanding level and challenging aspect of STEM Activity.

#3 STEM is relevant

STEM Activities are designed to help students to deal with real-world problems. By making the STEM content and curriculum relevant to kid’s interests makes their learning experience more amazing. This also assists kids in engaging in STEM activities and being motivated throughout the course. Scientifically, we learn and engage more in the things which we observe daily around us and quite relevant.

#4 STEM is Hands on Experience

Instead of limiting students to learn concepts and study for grades in the exam, STEM learning puts hands on experience of learning. The main idea behind hands on learning is the fishing concept i.e. instead of daily feeding a fish to a person; one should teach him how to fish. When students work on STEM designs and models, they look forward to being more confident and curious for the upcoming challenges. Hands-on experiences make STEM more fun and engaging. This also felicitates the overall development of a student.

#5 STEM is skill-based

As the future belongs to STEM-skilled professionals, we need our students to be well-acquainted with STEM concepts. Kids measure, collaborate, measure, discuss and create all together while working on a STEM project. This algorithm teaches students to use their skills as a toolkit and direct a creative solution to the problem.

We at STEMCHAMP, Ghana focus on providing an integrated STEM curriculum to help school going students in becoming technically proficient and develop a good edge over others. STEMCHAMP delivers interesting and relevant content for students to practice, learn and grow with STEM Projects. The motive is to connect the inner curiosity and mindset, in an engaging environment to help students in achieving their goals and realize their dreams. We organize Summer Camps, Afterschool Programs, and Workshops every year to assist students to learn new things in an engaging environment.

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5 Reasons to engage your kid in STEM Afterschool Program

Can after-school program provide the basic focus and attention on studies which some students always lacked? The answer is undoubtedly yes, as according to a new study of the after-school program, students who got involved in Afterschool program did better in academics and science, as compared to those who didn’t do slightly well. Also, students learned to live with proper routine and developed good habits too after proceeding with STEM Afterschool Program. The good thing about STEM Afterschool Program is that it engages the student to perform science via STEM based activities so that the afterschool hours become more productive and fun.

Here are five good reasons why a student should join STEM Afterschool Program and do wonders with science!

#1 Time Management

 Extra-curricular STEM Project helps students to manage time and prioritize tasks. Students get to acknowledge the importance of time and how managing it can make them a good multitasking professional. The problem why students don’t perform well in academics is that they are not available to organize and maintain what they learnt in classroom. Due to improper schedule students indulge in the bad habit of procrastinating things and end up deteriorating their academic score.

#2 Exploring Interests

Have you ever thought how we get interested in something? The obvious reason is we keep on exploring things, the one which seems discoverable and easy falls in our interest. STEM Afterschool Program helps students in pertaining and exploring new activities, which they may never get to know in their school hours. By allowing students to work in their interest, they develop good expertise in it and end up building confidence and self-esteem.

#3 Thinking Out of the Box

There’s an old saying “In Jungle, the survival of fittest is only possible”. Honestly, this thing holds well in today’s competitive world too. STEM Afterschool programs help a student in learning new skills like STEM Robotics, Engineering Design, and Basics of Programming. The early exposure to these STEM fields helps students in thinking out of the box and doing something creative with it. This further leads to a contribution to school and competition communities.

#4 Building Confidence

Working on STEM Projects and discussing on proposed improvements is the best part of STEM Afterschool Program. Students feel a sense of achievement and develop good confidence when they successfully complete STEM Projects and work on new ones. STEM Activities are designed such that students learn to deal well with science concepts and apply them wherever required.

#5 Teamwork

Talking about Teamwork, it is the first most aspired skills in future employees. As to rule in the corporate world, one needs to be a team player rather than being a game one. Leading a team and assisting it in doing great things is what a leader does to do perform and grow in an extraordinary way. STEM Afterschool program assigns STEM Activities to a group of student, followed by guidance from STEM instructors. Also, students get to social with new students who share common interests with them.

We at STEMCHAMP, work on creating a STEM Education base for students by organizing STEM Afterschool Programs. The idea behind us has always been in creating a platform where students can work on their interests, create several designs and make most of their time creating and inventing new things. This helps students in finding their passion and figure out what is the field or work in which they are exceptionally good at.

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4 Reasons Why Girls Should Join STEM

Gone are the days when gender used to decide the future of students. In the era of advancing technologies and fields, both men and women are equally creditable for their contributions in science and technology. With the shattering of past beliefs and old customs, society and community should understand how studying and applying science is important to foster growth and development. According to recent reports, the participation of girls in STEM fields turn out to be a decent number. We need to get more girls involve and evolve in male dominated fields to help middle and low sections of the community to rise and excel in Science. Adding further if industries and related fields will not go with new talent and skills, there are chances that their product will go stale and there might be an economic depression too. So if you’re girl child finds interests in discovering new stuff, relating daily life with science or to suggest better ways for the global problems, then trust us STEM blessing can be a good way for her to rise and shine in future.

Here are four reasons why girls should go in STEM fields as per their interests:

#1 Big Career Opportunities

A STEM career can give you limitless options and opportunities like if you’re interested in computers you can opt for graphic design, software development, robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and much more. People generally get into the belief that STEM fields limit people to sit all day long indoors in front of computer devices, but that’s not true. STEM is quite versatile and exploring the field. The more one creates and breaks things, the more he/ she get to know the thrill and idea of STEM. Other interesting options in STEM field include online bug fixer, robot engineer and the list goes on and on.

#2 Connect Creativity and Technology

There’s a general misconception that studying and pursuing STEM fields is boring and lacks creativity. Well if this was so, we wouldn’t have too many lucrative technologies and gadgets to have fun with. When a STEM candidate works on a project or activity, he deals with a lot of things which need creativity to make a successful product. Connecting creativity with technology is the best way to learn, foster and explore STEM.

#3 Technology needs more females

Sadly still there is a number of a male in STEM fields than females. If the participation of women in STEM fields is increased, then we can expect more advance changes in technology and science. Every person is unique and has special skills to contribute in the world of science. Women with good technical background and astounding creativity can prove to be a boon for the society.

#4 Learning STEM is accessible and easy

With the introduction of the internet, learning is now easily accessible to everyone in the community. Earlier people have to look for books and courses to learn programming and new skills, but today people can learn it anytime and anywhere. Thanks to technology!

We at STEMCHAMP organize Afterschool and summer camp programs in Ghana to help students in realizing their interests in STEM fields and careers. Understanding the current situation of the education system in South Africa, we look forward to making STEM learning easy and accessible.  The aim is to eradicate the fear of science and mathematics from students and tell them how interesting the subjects can be. STEM is a great opportunity for the youth of South Africa to rise up and shorten the gender inequality gap.

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4 Essential Elements of a Good STEM Lesson

The world of today’s student is stimulating day by day. With the passage of time, everything around them is changing and improving on the line. Let’s consider a simple example of video games; video games of 2017 are thousand times more appealing and improved. What could be the reason behind it? The answer is in the upgrading of technology, better graphics cards, and proper emulation support. Moreover students today have continuous access to developed technologies, entertainment and knowledge as well. Being a parent, teacher, and guide we need to advance our education system too and make some necessary changes to fill the loopholes in the current South African education system.

Being educators and innovators we need to implement STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) Education program in the regular curriculum of school as it incarnates a student’s imagination into a living reality. The benefits of STEM learning are more than one can of think of, thereby researchers conceive it to potentially solve the current global issues. Here we present four essential elements of an integrated and well-planned STEM lesson:

#1 Problem-based Learning

In a STEM class, Science is not about rote-learning but a manual to proceed with problem-solving skills. The lessons are activity based which help students in thinking rationally and out of the box. Students act as engineers and scientists to come up with different solutions and investigate on problems. Adding further, students collect data, analyze the problem, develop scientific explanations and test their models. This introduces students to real-world problem-solving.

#2 Rigorous Learning

Students undergo rigorous training to become well-acquainted with STEM. The beginning of a STEM lesson begins with introductory questions related to the theme of the lesson. This engages students with the lesson and makes them interested. A STEM lesson proceeds with a scientific explanation covering three main parts, namely:

  • A reason which answers the question being studied
  • Providing a proof to support the reason
  • Giving a scientific explanation which explains how proof and reason are related

Apart from problem-solving students also develop good logical and reasoning skills which aid them in dealing with problems.

#3 Technology, Career and Life Skills

To maintain a pace with technology, we need to update the education curriculum accordingly. We can’t teach them the technology and unnecessary knowledge which is of no use today. The content of a STEM lesson is always updated and remains linked with a practical and applicable approach. The main theme of STEM is to understand and outlet how engineers innovate on natural raw materials and create something of great use to all of us. By considering technology as a part of life, we can easily percolate on teaching students the essence of science and technology.

#4 Personalized Training

Being in a STEM classroom is a way more different than being in a normal classroom. Unlikely from regular classroom students work in teams, discuss ideas and make good models on the way. The level of evaluation is completely personalized which help students to deal with and relate what is going wrong and how they can improve. Understanding where one is standing is the first step to analyze and go ahead in life.

We at STEMCHAMP , look forward in implementing STEM learning in the current education system of South Africa. Understanding the social and global problems, we interpret on making the future workforce more skilled and maintain a pace with future prospects of the corporate world. Preparing student early for STEM Education can surely help them in realizing their interests and rise and shine in the coming fields.


5 Benefits of STEM Afterschool Program: All you need to know

A good afterschool program is all a student needs to make the most of time after hectic school hours. STEM Afterschool program proves to be a boon for all the students, as it helps them in doing something productive. Apart from improving STEM skills, Afterschool program helps students who face concentration and learning issues. So, if you are planning to enroll your kid in STEM Afterschool program, here are six cool benefits you need know about STEM Afterschool program.

#1 Create awareness

When students indulge in Afterschool, they feel a sense of belonging there. Afterschool program provides students a platform to connect with other students and work on STEM Projects. As Science is something to be performed than being learned, students interact with each other to learn how their design can be better and unique.

#2 Academic Support

Many people are confused with the fact that STEM education and Academic studies are different terms. Well, to some extent this is not so as STEM Afterschool program intends to make STEM concepts easier to learn, manipulate and apply them wherever needed. However, in Academics, the main focus is to learn about concepts and write them in exams. STEM Curriculum aids in better understanding of concepts so that student becomes proficient to enough to solve complex problems easily. These learned concepts do help in performing better in Academics.

#3 Making Learning Fun

In STEM Afterschool program, students are made to learn and perform science, rather than pressurizing them to take tests and exams. This makes learning to be of more fun and stress-free. Students are divided into groups and are assigned several STEM projects. For students with memory and attention issues, Afterschool program turns out to be a blessing by eradicating their science fear and assisting them in taking new science problems.

#4 Provide Safety and Guidance

All the STEM based activities are done under proper guidance and safety measures so that students don’t end up hurting themselves. Research shows that Afterschool program helps students in adopting good behavior and social skills too. The main aim is to make each second of student’s life productive and worthy. The activities also help in keeping student’s busy in their work and learn new things as well. An afterschool program also provides exposure to kids to new interests and hobbies.

#5 Build Confidence

When students succeed in one STEM activity, they become excited and proceed to take on new risks and challenges. Afterschool program is highly forging for students who have memory and attention issues, as STEM has nothing to do with rote learning. Achieving small goals drive students in working harder and accomplish higher goals in future. Also, when students present their model in front of an audience, they experience what it is like to be in explaining your opinions to a group of people and answer their questions accordingly. These enchant students with some great confidence over their skills!

We at STEMCHAMP, organize STEM Afterschool Programs every year for students to help them in nurturing and channelizing their true potential. Be it robotics, programming or about the latest trending technology, we intend to update students with all the necessary knowledge and application of STEM concepts. We meditate on keeping science simple and fun to learn subject so that students can recognize their true potential and get to the depth of their interest.

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