Makerspace is the best place for students to nurture and reshape their way of thinking. Remember the time when were kids, how curious we used to be! Be it about knowing the stars, discovering the miracle of food preparation by plants (photosynthesis) or the twinkling of the stars, we wished to discover it all! But later on, when we passed through theory and rote learning, somewhere the curiosity left behind and more pressure was reinforced in the academic direction. With the changes proposed and rising skill set demands of the industry, we need to work on these 5 ideas.

#1 Learn by Practicing

Learning becomes fun when the content is relevant to real life and authentic in approach. STEM Education is not based on theories and exercises; instead, it is grounded to real application of concepts with STEM Lessons and activities. The whole idea is to create an environment where students can perform what they learned in their class and how they can implement their ideas in the best way possible.

#2 Using Technology as a Building Material

When everything is linked with technology, how can education be left behind? If we provide regular access to new technology to students, they will become keen day by day to prove themselves and learn skills effectively. For example, many schools adopted the idea of installing projectors in class, which helped students in knowing science in a wonderful pictorial form. Introducing technology to students can help them in developing new skills and reshaping their thinking pattern along with making them learn a new strategy.

#3 Hard Fun

Some STEM Activities are not that easy as they may seem. But to become proficient concept wise, one needs to be patient while learning Science at a prodigy level. When kids solve simple activities, they are presented a new challenge and this thing proceeds with keeping in mind the level of STEM lessons should increase gradually. Successfully achieving small goals always help in discovering the possibilities of tomorrow and improving one’s overall character.

#4 You don’t know what is right until you do it wrong

Science is all about practicing and unlocking the secrets of nature. When a student works on a model in Makerspace, he may not get things done, the way he wants them to in short term. This teaches the student the quality of persistence and makes him/her a proactive person. Makerspace teach students to analyze problems in a practical manner and organize a solution effectively. Problem-solving is what is required the most in the corporate world, and is a must learn the skill.

#5 Take Time

In a regular classroom, everything second of the timetable is organized which bores student and makes them passive. Also telling kids what to do, makes student inefficient in management skills. Students should be asked to manage their own time and learn to submit their models on time. Makerspace always helps students in organizing their time effectively. Along with making of models, extra time is given for discussions, arguments and listening to other presentations. Somewhere somehow students learn how important time is.

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