We all are well-acquainted with the term makerspace and how it bestows creativity in a new form. As Makerspace is like the backbone of STEM Education, it aids students in learning STEM concepts, which they can apply wherever they need. The main focus of Makerspace is to provide students, a free place, space which fulfills their basic needs and where they can practice and play with science. Everything around us comes from innovation, be it a laptop or a small pin. What from where does innovation come from? The answer is innovation comes through engaging and evolving after so many failures. Be it, Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, they failed a number of times, in order to provide something amazing to the world, and eventually, they did. Performing science is entirely different, from learning about science. Both are poles apart things, it’s like watching cricket and playing one.

If students start performing and practicing science, instead of learning it, then all problems like unemployment, low literacy rate and lack of communication skills will vanish away. When we hear the word unemployment, the thought which struck our mind is- industries don’t need people. But the reality is industries keep on seeking skilled people so that they can get the job done. By skilled people, it means people who are well-acquainted with basic STEM concepts and are good with critical thinking along with good problem-solving skills. The good acknowledging thing about makerspace is that students learn STEM lessons and apply them accordingly as per the needs of the experiment. Makerspace is the best place to practice STEM lessons because

  • Students can explore, create and work on new ideas altogether
  • Makerspace is well-equipped with all the necessary tools and materials one needs to prototype models and designs
  • Makerspace is a very stimulating environment to try out new ideas and modify STEM projects
  • Everything is guided with proper handling and safety measures so that students are not hurt while performing the experiment
  • Technical support from iPads and good internet, so students can explore and play more with technology
  • STEM Lessons become more curious when they’re taught in STEM Makerspace

Recent researchers suggest that taking makerspace to another level and introducing it at an early age can be highly beneficial for students. STEM- a globally recognized curriculum and Makerspace, have an immense potential to fill loopholes in the current education system. Several trendy divisions of science, like Robotics, Machine Designing, and Material Analysis, can be thought in the best possible manner with the help of makerspace. Many people are confused with the makerspaces and laboratory; some people assume that both are the same thing. The actual difference between STEM Makerspace and laboratory is that students work on models, designs and STEM projects in Makerspace, whereas in laboratory students simply verify existing experiments with the help of observations. STEM Makerspace, also maintains flowability of ideas and vision, so students don’t get stuck, when they don’t perform up to the mark or smoothly. The main vision is to make parents and students realize how powerful STEM Education can be in uplifting the current situation of students. Makerspace and STEM Lessons are connected terms, and work on enhancing students’ skills sets and talent, with proper guidance from STEM trainers.

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