The past few years have been an appraisal for making and the maker’s movement. With the increase in a number of makerspaces in the country, we can expect more innovations coming in near future with it. Innovation has always been a driving source for the economy of the country. STEM Education is highly influenced by Makerspaces, as both terms are connected and serve a general purpose. If STEM is a library, then makerspaces depicts books inside it. If STEM calls for innovation, then the space in which innovation is tested out and practiced is makerspace. Makerspace pave the way for students to have a great excess and expertise in STEM topics. As we all know, how powerful impact STEM education can create over the education system, as it enhances collaboration skills, improves critical and analytical problem-solving skills, and fosters creative with the help of maker spaces, thereby leading to economic growth.

In STEM Makerspace, students are asked to make and design models, from food to robotics, wooden furniture to amazing artworks. The idea behind STEM Makerspace is to drive the pre-owned creativity in kids, to a whole new level. This in general fosters creativity and kids get to know how important innovation and technology is for students today. Students discuss debate and think on how they can improve their design and propose major changes for a better cause. This thing prepares the student to face sudden changes and surprising challenges in the corporate world. This is unlikely from the current education system, which focuses only on the old current syllabus, where most of the part is inapplicable today. A few months back, there has been a crisis in IT industry, as people were not skilled enough to continue with the industry. Also, what these industries found was programmers are quite outdated and need to update their skills, in order to secure their professional life.

Be it a global issue, social issue or a technical issue, STEM Education has it all for the students to nurture and maintain their standard as per the demand of their aspiring industry. It’s really hard to dream to STEM Education without makerspaces, as makerspaces is the place where STEM principles and concepts have to be applied in order to excel them up and become in habit to use them wherever required. Kids make, break and remake things in Makerspace, this thing keeps on driving their creativity and it has some scientific benefits too. According to science, when someone breaks and a remakes thing, the flow of blood in the body is improved which fosters proactivity.

Makerspaces is a great place to maintain a balance between exploration and execution of STEM concepts. It all starts with small projects which are quite challenging and brainstorming, then gradually grade wise, the level of projects increases. This prepares students to work on big complex projects and simplify them as per their skills. Makerspaces provide a high learning environment for kids to innovate so that they can easily meet the objectives of an experiment or project. This all facts, makes makerspace an essential aspect of STEM Education.

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