Creativity is a very basic aspect of almost every innovation ever discovered in the physical world. Have you ever thought what fostered creativity in the old times? As given in history, people used to play with stones, marbles, and pebbles, to create new sculptures, designs, and architecture. Then people started doing the same to create new weapons so that they can be useful for the war purpose. That’s creativity works, the more you do on raw materials, the better results you prevail out. To foster creativity skills in today’s world, we need to provide a space. By space, it means a place where kids can freely work with raw materials and several scientific types of equipment to innovate on new ideas and concepts. This free space is called maker space and is one of the fundamental aspects of STEM Learning. STEM Education is a practical and innovates education curriculum which helps students in developing certain important skills like critical thinking, problem- solving and communication skills. As these skills are a basic prerequisite of any industry, it becomes important to inherit them for a secure future and for a better cause.

Here are 5 surprising benefits which students gets to avail while working on a scientific model or design, in a STEM Makerspace:

#1 Improves Concentration

Concentration is simply being in a state of presence, where the mind is not interfered by other thoughts, worries or fears. It is the ability to be in the present moment and do the best at the time. When students work on a STEM project or activity, they’re so driven by a curiosity that they focus only on how they can make their design better and improve their skills so that they can meet the working standards of the maker space.

#2 Fosters Independence

The good thing about maker space is that one enjoys the freedom of thoughts and experiments while doing working on a model. It’s completely different from a school lab, where kids do what they’re instructed to do. Independence is a compulsory thing as it helps kids in thinking beyond limits and doing something out of the box. Makerspaces are ideal for fostering independent learning and influencing new ideas.

#3 Improves brainpower

Scientific research tells that making, breaking and remaking things is actually a form of art and impact observation skills and thinking pattern of the brain. This is the reason artists produce something new and creative, which other mankind is not capable of doing. Makerspace help in developing habits like practicing, preserving and hit-trial problem-solving. Making and breaking things help in increasing personal intellect which further helps in thinking in a different manner and taking applications of concepts to an entirely new level.

#4 Provides a sense of community

Students work together on a project which helps in developing a sense of community. The good thing about collective working is that students got to get bored and work continuously until they reach their goal. Also, students feel a sense of achievement when they complete their STEM model or design after a lot of effort. Teamwork is must skill if one aspires to acquire managerial positions in the corporate world, as teamwork is the basic reason behind any successful community.

#5 Makes students proactive

Unlike what happens in a school, when a student doesn’t get a concept or idea, he doesn’t lose hope in a makerspace. Makerspace teaches that science is all about patience and persistence, so if a student is not able to cope up with a scientific design idea, he would end up thinking a number of ways in which the science experiment can be done.

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