The world is around is suffering from so many crisis, issues, and global problems. Being so developed and exhilarated we still don’t have cures for many predominant existing diseases which are killing people at a great pace. What could be the reason behind so many miseries? How can we overcome and make people understand things in a clear manner? The solution to every problem is hidden in secrets of nature, in another way round it’s hidden in basic principles of science, technology, and mathematics. Take a look at the environment or working area around you! You will find everything is a manifestation of a science idea in the best way possible. For instance take a lift, which works on the principle of gravity or the lights around, the laptop on which you work, they are simply the development of current ideas and upgrading them to the top notch level. The same thing holds for technology as well. The main credit goes to accessible technical education which helps individual in learning new languages and using them in creating better software and operating systems.

STEM Education is a globally trending topic and is believed to have the potential to change the face of education, as stated by professionals and researchers across the world. STEM Education has deepened its root beneath the education system of India and will eradicate all the drawbacks to create a new generation of programmers, engineers, developers and entrepreneurs for the nation. We at STEMCHAMP have always been giving our best to STEM Education in India at new levels and have succeeded so far in improving education conditions of India. Some of our best implications are as follows:



Makerspaces or STEM Labs is the place which provides a space for students to experiment with science. This includes breaking, making and remaking things in order to foster critical thinking and become innovative too. Makerspaces are the primary reason why STEM Education is on revolution as it helps instructors and students to maintain a pace with current technologies and updating the information material on the introduction of any material, algorithm, and technique. The challenge in teaching STEM skills along with current education system is that instructors have to merge or teach new technology with existing one. As an example take the programming sector, if they need professions with expertise in Java language and we teach them only basic programming languages, there are chances they will not excel much as they can. So the bottom line is we focus on current running technology, which can help them in pursuing a strong STEM career.


Any time is  best  to try on new things and explore one’s area of interests. As trying is the only way to know what we are good at and discover the better us. We organize exclusive after school programs every year and teach kids new things in a fun and interactive manner so that they feel relaxed from academic pressure and organize themselves accordingly. The program is divided into several themes and kids can really get to know a lot so that they can discover or know their field of interest and excel further. Kids also learn social and life skills like communication, teamwork and developing patience in order to get to the results in science activities.

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