The class is a very fundamental aspect of a student’s life as it shapes, redirects and fosters the interest of a student. We all have been reading and knowing about STEM Education and its subtle benefits. STEM an acronym for Science Technology Education and Mathematics is the new way of teaching students the way of life with the conceptual application of several concepts. Now the question that arises is what makes STEM classroom different from a regular classroom? If we’re switching to a technical mode of education, then it is going to affect the future generation?  Here are 5 ways in which how STEM class is different from a regular classroom!

#1 Reflection

STEM educators reflect on the surroundings of the classroom. They teach new concepts and conduct various lessons by asking questions to students consecutively. This makes a student more aware and attentive in his/her class. STEM teachers reflect on what is present in the classroom and ask questions relatively so that students improve their observation skills. The idea behind STEM class is to make people realize how small things and ideas can create a major big difference.

#2 Modification

STEM learning is all about exploring and investigating things. In regular classrooms, knowledge is simply bypassed from the books to the students without any advancements or changes in curriculum. This is the reason why students lack some proficiency in their skill. In STEM classroom modification is asked or proposed in every design, model or lessons students are working on. This thereby makes them creative, aware and interested.

#3 Engagement

STEM Lessons are designed in such way that they engage students in doing something innovative. The whole lesson is inquiry driven and helps kids in designing new working models and innovating with their ideas. Engaging students is the only option to bring out their aspirations and curiosity related to science. We don’t get interested in any activity, until and unless we’re engaged in it, the same thing holds for STEM lesson as well.

#4 Teamwork

The motive of STEM classroom is to teach kids teamwork in the best way possible. Teamwork is a very necessary skill as it helps in handling things perfectly and coordinating ideas as well. Be it a start-up geek or a corporate world aspire, everyone needs to be a team player in order to maintain one’s charm and diligence. STEM lessons are designed in such way that it indulges kids to work in teams, discuss, debate and learn all together. This also helps in co-relating practices and mistakes which students made in the lessons and learn from them.

#5 Networking

The good thing about STEM classroom is that everything is connected socially and technically. After every lesson students are asked about the application of concepts they learned and how they can use it to solve global issues and technical crisis. The network between students and teachers is quite important as it helps students in nourishing their knowledge and brushing up their newly learned concepts. Adding further kids get to know the importance of communication skills and how it affects us in our daily lives.

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