You must have asked your kids about what they want to be in future. The answers must be an engineer, doctor or an artist. Why did kids say only these three professions? This is because somewhere somehow they have seen people practicing engineering, or medical or conducting painting lessons in their family, neighborhood or surroundings. That’s how a kid thinks, he sincerely observes the options provided to him and dream of achieving the same. What if the exposure of career options is increased to the kid? There are most probable chances that he will end up pursuing a great career ahead. We as parents are mostly concerned about our kid’s future in the field he or she will graduate. There are many mind daunting fears and thoughts like nature of jobs in which a kid will graduate and work in.

Careers in STEM Education are rising gradually and the growth rate is much higher than non-STEM jobs. What exactly is categorized into STEM jobs? These occupations fall under 4 categories, they are:

  • Computer and Math
  • Engineering and Research
  • Life and Physical Science
  • STEM Managerial Positions where one can manage and assign various kinds of information systems projects

Not only these careers will impact future jobs, but will also help in eradicating unemployment in the country. The unemployment rate of STEM jobs is only 5% whereas in non-STEM jobs it’s 13%. People pursuing STEM education have more chance to excel in a career as the future belongs to STEM jobs. The growth rate of STEM jobs is quite high and people can expect early promotions if they are good with their skills. In any job or industry, the boards of directors focus on hiring workforce who is proficient in communication skills, problem-solving and meeting the deadlines. Pressure handling is again a skill which is a must thing to survive in the corporate world. Interestingly all the skills are included in STEM Education curriculum. The assignments and text are based on practical learning to evolve kids rather than lifting their grades. This helps kids in improving their communication and problem-solving skills.

There is a wrong belief that STEM is for science and mathematics students only and they can only get desired STEM jobs. To be clear and precise STEM is not an education system, it’s a curriculum based on skill sets. The set of skills which STEM offers are in demand in almost every industry, which makes STEM Education an emergency call for the coming generation. Be it an entrepreneur or artist everyone needs time-management, critical thinking and rational problem solving to be the best in the field. STEM has the potential to remove all the global issues and is being adopted as the universal educational tool to repair the loopholes in the education system and make future of the coming generation bright so that they can rise and shine in their respective fields. This makes STEM Education a fundamental part of the development of a kid and prepares him to be a part of the future STEM workforce.