The world has improved a lot from the past centuries and the development level is so high that it will cross all limits of the future and will end up providing the best for the human kind. Let’s take a look at digital technology, today’s computers are so specialized and amazing that one can’t even imagine. Earlier RAM of laptops was 520 MB only, but now there are 32 GB RAM available in the market. The same thing holds for UI and operating systems which has revolutionized the technical market. The bottom line of technology is its uncertainty; one can’t expect what it will be come up in near future. And as expected, the results will be terrible. STEM Jobs are in great demands and will replace current high profile jobs in future. Another interesting part about STEM Jobs is that it won’t be replicated which means only STEM-skilled people will only be available to do the profile job. Here are 5 interesting jobs one can expect in future.


#1 Robotics Engineer

The scope of robots in the real world industry is quite high. You might have seen robots replacing people in grocery stores, cafeterias, and laundries. By 2020 it is expected that robots will replace Indian labor and mini-workers. The reason being robots are flawless, punctual and are not abide by human psychological problems, as humans are extremely good at making excuses. This is going to be just like what happened to the old-aged workforce in banks when they were replaced by people who are good with computers. Now answer a simple question. Who will be responsible for maintenance of these robots? Robot Engineers!

#2 Drone Development and Exploration

Drones are super useful in creating flabbergasting videos and pictures. The scope of drone development and exploration is very vast. People with creative and photographic skills can look out for this job. Imagination and creativity are pre-requisite STEM skills if one wants to explore and rise in this field.

#3 Space pilots

There was a time when conversing with someone demanded his or her nearby presence, but today we can talk to whoever we want and discuss to in an easy way with the help of certain cool applications and programs. Just like conversing, flying in the sky was something thought as impossible, but today we have hundreds of airplanes crossing our heads daily. One can expect space pilots in future too and such a luxurious job profile will demand people to be STEM proficient.

#4 Resource Harvester

With the increasing population of the world, there’s a fear in all of us about the depletion of resources in near future. The worst part is resources take the time to reinvent and replicate it. Despite all the arrangements and statistics made, we are still unaware to manage resources. The need of sustainable development is at its max, now and we may need people who can harvest, manage and maintain resources of the country to ensure proper functioning of the world. According to scientists, STEM has the potential to eradicate global issues like global warming and train people to deal with natural disasters and unnatural calamities.