Science and Mathematics have always been a scary nightmare for most of the students in India. There are many reasons as students were never explained or taught science the way it should be taught. The difficult part is that one has to go through a lot of competitive exams in order to achieve a successful career in a country like India. One thing to observe about competitive exams in India is that you don’t need many practical skills in order to crack exams in India, as the problems are simply formula and equation based where one needs only rote learning. This sad phase of our education system had a severe impact in the IT sector of the country. This is because the age where students were supposed to learn computer programming languages and software solutions, they were toiling hard in order to crack competitive exams.

Although competitive exams give a student a better and secure life, but somewhere somehow there may come a saturation point in his life where he doesn’t have skills which fit into the exact corporate world. And that’s what came with a recent report where 90% of programmers were classified as insufficient in programming skills as per the demands of the software era. This is also the primary reason why we are not on the top of the world despite having a good potential and assets. Why U.S.A, Japan, and other countries so proficient in technology and marketing? What is the difference between them and us? The reason is quite simple and annoying as well i.e. our Indian education system which needs revolution and change in syllabus of school curriculum.

It’s not possible to go back and turn out mistakes as miracles, but still, there are many improvements seen in the education system which will help us in attaining a stable future and job opportunities. With the era of technical developments in India, we can also see improvement in the education system as well. Science mini-labs and the introduction of STEM curriculum in India can reshape future of kids and will help them in attaining a better life and high profile job or business. The good thing about STEM curriculum is that it fills the loopholes in the current education system and is the globally accepted best solution to be proposed in an education system to change ideas and vision of tomorrow’s youth.


We at STEMCHAMP have been putting our best to provide kids a concept based education and channelizing their talents in the proper direction. Also, we organize STEM Summer camps in order to make kids use most time of their summer and have fun to learn science and mathematics. STEM Education in India is our vision and there has been the huge response of Indian parents and kids in STEM Education from us which means a lot. Robotics, K-12 Labs, Activity-based curriculum and teaching programming at an early age are some of our existing ever-learning facilities so that kids understand the necessity of education in their early and end up achieving the impossible in life and become unstoppable in their fields.

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