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May 2017

Engaging class in STEM lessons with Makerspace!

We all are well-acquainted with the term makerspace and how it bestows creativity in a new form. As Makerspace is like the backbone of STEM Education, it aids students in learning STEM concepts, which they can apply wherever they need. The main focus of Makerspace is to provide students, a free place, space which fulfills their basic needs and where they can practice and play with science. Everything around us comes from innovation, be it a laptop or a small pin. What from where does innovation come from? The answer is innovation comes through engaging and evolving after so many failures. Be it, Albert Einstein or Thomas Edison, they failed a number of times, in order to provide something amazing to the world, and eventually, they did. Performing science is entirely different, from learning about science. Both are poles apart things, it’s like watching cricket and playing one.

If students start performing and practicing science, instead of learning it, then all problems like unemployment, low literacy rate and lack of communication skills will vanish away. When we hear the word unemployment, the thought which struck our mind is- industries don’t need people. But the reality is industries keep on seeking skilled people so that they can get the job done. By skilled people, it means people who are well-acquainted with basic STEM concepts and are good with critical thinking along with good problem-solving skills. The good acknowledging thing about makerspace is that students learn STEM lessons and apply them accordingly as per the needs of the experiment. Makerspace is the best place to practice STEM lessons because

  • Students can explore, create and work on new ideas altogether
  • Makerspace is well-equipped with all the necessary tools and materials one needs to prototype models and designs
  • Makerspace is a very stimulating environment to try out new ideas and modify STEM projects
  • Everything is guided with proper handling and safety measures so that students are not hurt while performing the experiment
  • Technical support from iPads and good internet, so students can explore and play more with technology
  • STEM Lessons become more curious when they’re taught in STEM Makerspace

Recent researchers suggest that taking makerspace to another level and introducing it at an early age can be highly beneficial for students. STEM- a globally recognized curriculum and Makerspace, have an immense potential to fill loopholes in the current education system. Several trendy divisions of science, like Robotics, Machine Designing, and Material Analysis, can be thought in the best possible manner with the help of makerspace. Many people are confused with the makerspaces and laboratory; some people assume that both are the same thing. The actual difference between STEM Makerspace and laboratory is that students work on models, designs and STEM projects in Makerspace, whereas in laboratory students simply verify existing experiments with the help of observations. STEM Makerspace, also maintains flowability of ideas and vision, so students don’t get stuck, when they don’t perform up to the mark or smoothly. The main vision is to make parents and students realize how powerful STEM Education can be in uplifting the current situation of students. Makerspace and STEM Lessons are connected terms, and work on enhancing students’ skills sets and talent, with proper guidance from STEM trainers.

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Why are Makerspaces necessary for STEM Education?

The past few years have been an appraisal for making and the maker’s movement. With the increase in a number of makerspaces in the country, we can expect more innovations coming in near future with it. Innovation has always been a driving source for the economy of the country. STEM Education is highly influenced by Makerspaces, as both terms are connected and serve a general purpose. If STEM is a library, then makerspaces depicts books inside it. If STEM calls for innovation, then the space in which innovation is tested out and practiced is makerspace. Makerspace pave the way for students to have a great excess and expertise in STEM topics. As we all know, how powerful impact STEM education can create over the education system, as it enhances collaboration skills, improves critical and analytical problem-solving skills, and fosters creative with the help of maker spaces, thereby leading to economic growth.

In STEM Makerspace, students are asked to make and design models, from food to robotics, wooden furniture to amazing artworks. The idea behind STEM Makerspace is to drive the pre-owned creativity in kids, to a whole new level. This in general fosters creativity and kids get to know how important innovation and technology is for students today. Students discuss debate and think on how they can improve their design and propose major changes for a better cause. This thing prepares the student to face sudden changes and surprising challenges in the corporate world. This is unlikely from the current education system, which focuses only on the old current syllabus, where most of the part is inapplicable today. A few months back, there has been a crisis in IT industry, as people were not skilled enough to continue with the industry. Also, what these industries found was programmers are quite outdated and need to update their skills, in order to secure their professional life.

Be it a global issue, social issue or a technical issue, STEM Education has it all for the students to nurture and maintain their standard as per the demand of their aspiring industry. It’s really hard to dream to STEM Education without makerspaces, as makerspaces is the place where STEM principles and concepts have to be applied in order to excel them up and become in habit to use them wherever required. Kids make, break and remake things in Makerspace, this thing keeps on driving their creativity and it has some scientific benefits too. According to science, when someone breaks and a remakes thing, the flow of blood in the body is improved which fosters proactivity.

Makerspaces is a great place to maintain a balance between exploration and execution of STEM concepts. It all starts with small projects which are quite challenging and brainstorming, then gradually grade wise, the level of projects increases. This prepares students to work on big complex projects and simplify them as per their skills. Makerspaces provide a high learning environment for kids to innovate so that they can easily meet the objectives of an experiment or project. This all facts, makes makerspace an essential aspect of STEM Education.

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5 benefits of STEM Makerspaces

Creativity is a very basic aspect of almost every innovation ever discovered in the physical world. Have you ever thought what fostered creativity in the old times? As given in history, people used to play with stones, marbles, and pebbles, to create new sculptures, designs, and architecture. Then people started doing the same to create new weapons so that they can be useful for the war purpose. That’s creativity works, the more you do on raw materials, the better results you prevail out. To foster creativity skills in today’s world, we need to provide a space. By space, it means a place where kids can freely work with raw materials and several scientific types of equipment to innovate on new ideas and concepts. This free space is called maker space and is one of the fundamental aspects of STEM Learning. STEM Education is a practical and innovates education curriculum which helps students in developing certain important skills like critical thinking, problem- solving and communication skills. As these skills are a basic prerequisite of any industry, it becomes important to inherit them for a secure future and for a better cause.

Here are 5 surprising benefits which students gets to avail while working on a scientific model or design, in a STEM Makerspace:

#1 Improves Concentration

Concentration is simply being in a state of presence, where the mind is not interfered by other thoughts, worries or fears. It is the ability to be in the present moment and do the best at the time. When students work on a STEM project or activity, they’re so driven by a curiosity that they focus only on how they can make their design better and improve their skills so that they can meet the working standards of the maker space.

#2 Fosters Independence

The good thing about maker space is that one enjoys the freedom of thoughts and experiments while doing working on a model. It’s completely different from a school lab, where kids do what they’re instructed to do. Independence is a compulsory thing as it helps kids in thinking beyond limits and doing something out of the box. Makerspaces are ideal for fostering independent learning and influencing new ideas.

#3 Improves brainpower

Scientific research tells that making, breaking and remaking things is actually a form of art and impact observation skills and thinking pattern of the brain. This is the reason artists produce something new and creative, which other mankind is not capable of doing. Makerspace help in developing habits like practicing, preserving and hit-trial problem-solving. Making and breaking things help in increasing personal intellect which further helps in thinking in a different manner and taking applications of concepts to an entirely new level.

#4 Provides a sense of community

Students work together on a project which helps in developing a sense of community. The good thing about collective working is that students got to get bored and work continuously until they reach their goal. Also, students feel a sense of achievement when they complete their STEM model or design after a lot of effort. Teamwork is must skill if one aspires to acquire managerial positions in the corporate world, as teamwork is the basic reason behind any successful community.

#5 Makes students proactive

Unlike what happens in a school, when a student doesn’t get a concept or idea, he doesn’t lose hope in a makerspace. Makerspace teaches that science is all about patience and persistence, so if a student is not able to cope up with a scientific design idea, he would end up thinking a number of ways in which the science experiment can be done.

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Transforming STEM Education in India with STEM CHAMP

The world is around is suffering from so many crisis, issues, and global problems. Being so developed and exhilarated we still don’t have cures for many predominant existing diseases which are killing people at a great pace. What could be the reason behind so many miseries? How can we overcome and make people understand things in a clear manner? The solution to every problem is hidden in secrets of nature, in another way round it’s hidden in basic principles of science, technology, and mathematics. Take a look at the environment or working area around you! You will find everything is a manifestation of a science idea in the best way possible. For instance take a lift, which works on the principle of gravity or the lights around, the laptop on which you work, they are simply the development of current ideas and upgrading them to the top notch level. The same thing holds for technology as well. The main credit goes to accessible technical education which helps individual in learning new languages and using them in creating better software and operating systems.

STEM Education is a globally trending topic and is believed to have the potential to change the face of education, as stated by professionals and researchers across the world. STEM Education has deepened its root beneath the education system of India and will eradicate all the drawbacks to create a new generation of programmers, engineers, developers and entrepreneurs for the nation. We at STEMCHAMP have always been giving our best to STEM Education in India at new levels and have succeeded so far in improving education conditions of India. Some of our best implications are as follows:



Makerspaces or STEM Labs is the place which provides a space for students to experiment with science. This includes breaking, making and remaking things in order to foster critical thinking and become innovative too. Makerspaces are the primary reason why STEM Education is on revolution as it helps instructors and students to maintain a pace with current technologies and updating the information material on the introduction of any material, algorithm, and technique. The challenge in teaching STEM skills along with current education system is that instructors have to merge or teach new technology with existing one. As an example take the programming sector, if they need professions with expertise in Java language and we teach them only basic programming languages, there are chances they will not excel much as they can. So the bottom line is we focus on current running technology, which can help them in pursuing a strong STEM career.


Any time is  best  to try on new things and explore one’s area of interests. As trying is the only way to know what we are good at and discover the better us. We organize exclusive after school programs every year and teach kids new things in a fun and interactive manner so that they feel relaxed from academic pressure and organize themselves accordingly. The program is divided into several themes and kids can really get to know a lot so that they can discover or know their field of interest and excel further. Kids also learn social and life skills like communication, teamwork and developing patience in order to get to the results in science activities.

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5 Ways in which STEM class is different from regular classroom

The class is a very fundamental aspect of a student’s life as it shapes, redirects and fosters the interest of a student. We all have been reading and knowing about STEM Education and its subtle benefits. STEM an acronym for Science Technology Education and Mathematics is the new way of teaching students the way of life with the conceptual application of several concepts. Now the question that arises is what makes STEM classroom different from a regular classroom? If we’re switching to a technical mode of education, then it is going to affect the future generation?  Here are 5 ways in which how STEM class is different from a regular classroom!

#1 Reflection

STEM educators reflect on the surroundings of the classroom. They teach new concepts and conduct various lessons by asking questions to students consecutively. This makes a student more aware and attentive in his/her class. STEM teachers reflect on what is present in the classroom and ask questions relatively so that students improve their observation skills. The idea behind STEM class is to make people realize how small things and ideas can create a major big difference.

#2 Modification

STEM learning is all about exploring and investigating things. In regular classrooms, knowledge is simply bypassed from the books to the students without any advancements or changes in curriculum. This is the reason why students lack some proficiency in their skill. In STEM classroom modification is asked or proposed in every design, model or lessons students are working on. This thereby makes them creative, aware and interested.

#3 Engagement

STEM Lessons are designed in such way that they engage students in doing something innovative. The whole lesson is inquiry driven and helps kids in designing new working models and innovating with their ideas. Engaging students is the only option to bring out their aspirations and curiosity related to science. We don’t get interested in any activity, until and unless we’re engaged in it, the same thing holds for STEM lesson as well.

#4 Teamwork

The motive of STEM classroom is to teach kids teamwork in the best way possible. Teamwork is a very necessary skill as it helps in handling things perfectly and coordinating ideas as well. Be it a start-up geek or a corporate world aspire, everyone needs to be a team player in order to maintain one’s charm and diligence. STEM lessons are designed in such way that it indulges kids to work in teams, discuss, debate and learn all together. This also helps in co-relating practices and mistakes which students made in the lessons and learn from them.

#5 Networking

The good thing about STEM classroom is that everything is connected socially and technically. After every lesson students are asked about the application of concepts they learned and how they can use it to solve global issues and technical crisis. The network between students and teachers is quite important as it helps students in nourishing their knowledge and brushing up their newly learned concepts. Adding further kids get to know the importance of communication skills and how it affects us in our daily lives.

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Making STEM fields more prominent in early education – STEM Champ

Gone are the days when being skilled used to be a tough choice for many of students in India. In the recent years, everything in our nation has changed and the need for skilled people is at its max. With the technical market firing people gradually based on performance grounds, it is for sure thing that the demand for STEM-skilled people will be more in near future. To make that count STEM Education can create a big difference in the current education system and make parents realize how important STEM Education is for their kids in future.


STEM Education acronym of Science, Technology, Education and Mathematics help kids in improving problem-solving skills and apply concepts of Physics and Mathematics in real life world. This aids kids in seeing the world in a different manner as it always about how we take things in response. If we are not confident in something then there are chances that we will fail miserably. Most people believe that confident and knowledge is sufficient to excel in life. Well, that’s not the case with the professional and corporate world today, as they need confidence with field related examples. For example, you entered a swimming competition with superb confidence, but you are simply a novice in swimming. What will happen? Will you be able to win that competition? The losing probability is quite low as you’re a novice and lack many tricky skills to take over with other contestants. This is where confidence stops helping you as there are other competitors although being less confident but they’re well-trained with their skills.

That’s the basis of STEM Education, instead of making kids confident in education; we have to actually train them to be a skilled professional. We at STEMCHAMP through our STEM curriculum work on providing STEM lessons so that kids can attain expertise in their subjects and learn as well. Along with we organize STEM workshops, summer camps, and sessions to help kids in dealing with studies and making them well acquainted with STEM Education. The idea behind STEM Education is to make kids independent, proficient in communication skills and well-skilled with applications of several concepts. The employment rate of STEM professions is 11% more than non-STEM professions and the same thing holds for growth rate as well.

When things are in demand they have a value and good response rate. Consider engineering as an example, if an engineer knows his concepts, ideas and vision perfectly he can fluctuate the technical market quite easily but if he is just a novice being just capable of reciting certain equations and formulas but unable to apply them in his work, he would end up struggling with his life irrespective of the education he received.

As the world is relying more on technology these days, it is also becoming a challenge for the technicians and developers to meet the demands of their customers in order to that build their business foundation. So accordingly if one wants to become a technician or developer in future he ought to be technically sound with several terms, concepts, and applications from an early age so that he can contribute as an asset to the society. If you have any queries regarding what is STEM Education or doubts related, feel free to mail us at To know more about us please check our website:

What are the jobs in STEM fields?

You must have asked your kids about what they want to be in future. The answers must be an engineer, doctor or an artist. Why did kids say only these three professions? This is because somewhere somehow they have seen people practicing engineering, or medical or conducting painting lessons in their family, neighborhood or surroundings. That’s how a kid thinks, he sincerely observes the options provided to him and dream of achieving the same. What if the exposure of career options is increased to the kid? There are most probable chances that he will end up pursuing a great career ahead. We as parents are mostly concerned about our kid’s future in the field he or she will graduate. There are many mind daunting fears and thoughts like nature of jobs in which a kid will graduate and work in.

Careers in STEM Education are rising gradually and the growth rate is much higher than non-STEM jobs. What exactly is categorized into STEM jobs? These occupations fall under 4 categories, they are:

  • Computer and Math
  • Engineering and Research
  • Life and Physical Science
  • STEM Managerial Positions where one can manage and assign various kinds of information systems projects

Not only these careers will impact future jobs, but will also help in eradicating unemployment in the country. The unemployment rate of STEM jobs is only 5% whereas in non-STEM jobs it’s 13%. People pursuing STEM education have more chance to excel in a career as the future belongs to STEM jobs. The growth rate of STEM jobs is quite high and people can expect early promotions if they are good with their skills. In any job or industry, the boards of directors focus on hiring workforce who is proficient in communication skills, problem-solving and meeting the deadlines. Pressure handling is again a skill which is a must thing to survive in the corporate world. Interestingly all the skills are included in STEM Education curriculum. The assignments and text are based on practical learning to evolve kids rather than lifting their grades. This helps kids in improving their communication and problem-solving skills.

There is a wrong belief that STEM is for science and mathematics students only and they can only get desired STEM jobs. To be clear and precise STEM is not an education system, it’s a curriculum based on skill sets. The set of skills which STEM offers are in demand in almost every industry, which makes STEM Education an emergency call for the coming generation. Be it an entrepreneur or artist everyone needs time-management, critical thinking and rational problem solving to be the best in the field. STEM has the potential to remove all the global issues and is being adopted as the universal educational tool to repair the loopholes in the education system and make future of the coming generation bright so that they can rise and shine in their respective fields. This makes STEM Education a fundamental part of the development of a kid and prepares him to be a part of the future STEM workforce.

4 STEM Jobs, you can expect in future!

The world has improved a lot from the past centuries and the development level is so high that it will cross all limits of the future and will end up providing the best for the human kind. Let’s take a look at digital technology, today’s computers are so specialized and amazing that one can’t even imagine. Earlier RAM of laptops was 520 MB only, but now there are 32 GB RAM available in the market. The same thing holds for UI and operating systems which has revolutionized the technical market. The bottom line of technology is its uncertainty; one can’t expect what it will be come up in near future. And as expected, the results will be terrible. STEM Jobs are in great demands and will replace current high profile jobs in future. Another interesting part about STEM Jobs is that it won’t be replicated which means only STEM-skilled people will only be available to do the profile job. Here are 5 interesting jobs one can expect in future.


#1 Robotics Engineer

The scope of robots in the real world industry is quite high. You might have seen robots replacing people in grocery stores, cafeterias, and laundries. By 2020 it is expected that robots will replace Indian labor and mini-workers. The reason being robots are flawless, punctual and are not abide by human psychological problems, as humans are extremely good at making excuses. This is going to be just like what happened to the old-aged workforce in banks when they were replaced by people who are good with computers. Now answer a simple question. Who will be responsible for maintenance of these robots? Robot Engineers!

#2 Drone Development and Exploration

Drones are super useful in creating flabbergasting videos and pictures. The scope of drone development and exploration is very vast. People with creative and photographic skills can look out for this job. Imagination and creativity are pre-requisite STEM skills if one wants to explore and rise in this field.

#3 Space pilots

There was a time when conversing with someone demanded his or her nearby presence, but today we can talk to whoever we want and discuss to in an easy way with the help of certain cool applications and programs. Just like conversing, flying in the sky was something thought as impossible, but today we have hundreds of airplanes crossing our heads daily. One can expect space pilots in future too and such a luxurious job profile will demand people to be STEM proficient.

#4 Resource Harvester

With the increasing population of the world, there’s a fear in all of us about the depletion of resources in near future. The worst part is resources take the time to reinvent and replicate it. Despite all the arrangements and statistics made, we are still unaware to manage resources. The need of sustainable development is at its max, now and we may need people who can harvest, manage and maintain resources of the country to ensure proper functioning of the world. According to scientists, STEM has the potential to eradicate global issues like global warming and train people to deal with natural disasters and unnatural calamities.

Fostering improvement in STEM Learning- STEM Champ

Science and Mathematics have always been a scary nightmare for most of the students in India. There are many reasons as students were never explained or taught science the way it should be taught. The difficult part is that one has to go through a lot of competitive exams in order to achieve a successful career in a country like India. One thing to observe about competitive exams in India is that you don’t need many practical skills in order to crack exams in India, as the problems are simply formula and equation based where one needs only rote learning. This sad phase of our education system had a severe impact in the IT sector of the country. This is because the age where students were supposed to learn computer programming languages and software solutions, they were toiling hard in order to crack competitive exams.

Although competitive exams give a student a better and secure life, but somewhere somehow there may come a saturation point in his life where he doesn’t have skills which fit into the exact corporate world. And that’s what came with a recent report where 90% of programmers were classified as insufficient in programming skills as per the demands of the software era. This is also the primary reason why we are not on the top of the world despite having a good potential and assets. Why U.S.A, Japan, and other countries so proficient in technology and marketing? What is the difference between them and us? The reason is quite simple and annoying as well i.e. our Indian education system which needs revolution and change in syllabus of school curriculum.

It’s not possible to go back and turn out mistakes as miracles, but still, there are many improvements seen in the education system which will help us in attaining a stable future and job opportunities. With the era of technical developments in India, we can also see improvement in the education system as well. Science mini-labs and the introduction of STEM curriculum in India can reshape future of kids and will help them in attaining a better life and high profile job or business. The good thing about STEM curriculum is that it fills the loopholes in the current education system and is the globally accepted best solution to be proposed in an education system to change ideas and vision of tomorrow’s youth.


We at STEMCHAMP have been putting our best to provide kids a concept based education and channelizing their talents in the proper direction. Also, we organize STEM Summer camps in order to make kids use most time of their summer and have fun to learn science and mathematics. STEM Education in India is our vision and there has been the huge response of Indian parents and kids in STEM Education from us which means a lot. Robotics, K-12 Labs, Activity-based curriculum and teaching programming at an early age are some of our existing ever-learning facilities so that kids understand the necessity of education in their early and end up achieving the impossible in life and become unstoppable in their fields.

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