As the time is passing by, there are many factors involved in disturbing the economy of the country. One of the major factors is the unemployment rate in India, which generally hindering growth rate of India. Unemployment is not because we don’t have jobs, nor we have people to work, the problem is students lack key skills or abundant requirement for the job. As the start-up era, Make in India is on the rise, it will continue providing jobs for the students and professionals in future too. This unemployment problem is called the “job-skills gap”. One of the solutions to eradicate the “job-skills” gap is STEM Education.

When we look at STEM (Science Education Engineering and Mathematics) to solve this unhealthy economic rate of the country, we can definitely get the solution. STEM Education can be the most awaited change we need in our education curriculum. STEM Education involves rigorous practice with clear identification of concepts, which help in the practical application of technical concepts. Generally, there are no existing algorithms involved while teaching STEM lessons, as kids are asked to come up with their own. STEM makes a person far more than sufficient for a job and well acquainted with related job skills. STEM Education is the key to innovation and economic development of the country by transforming ideas and imaginations and providing them in form of services and products. Some changes in our education system to eradicate unemployment in future can be:

  • Introducing rigorous math and science lessons with new standards and brain-storming assessments
  • Recruiting skilled teachers and instructors
  • Providing a platform for STEM students, where they can break and make new things, this would give them a space to explore their creativity and imagination
  • By making people aware about STEM Education and how it can change the future of education
  • Establishing more STEM institutes to foster growth and development

The growth rate of STEM jobs alone is 17 percent, whereas in other areas it is just 10 percent. Pursuing STEM Education can be the choice of a lifetime as it is a booming education sector and the next revolution idea. It is generally preferred to work in a growing or booming industry, rather than going for the already existing sectors, as the growing or blooming industries have less competition as compared to the existing sectors, which can lead to faster promotion and chances of success is very high. If we have a skill which fits in the growing sector (STEM Education), we don’t have to focus on barriers and liabilities. The only things we need to do is revise and update ourselves. STEM Education somewhere somehow helps in implanting the required expectations of the technical job positions. Be it scholastic skills or non-scholastic skills, STEM helps us in becoming a better version of ourselves. In STEM Education, kids are supposed to be technical developers instead of being consumers of technology. The idea is to make kids job and business proficient, so that they can rise and shine in their field. This is only possible when kids are well-acquainted with technology and have a proactive attitude to answer questions and tackle obstacles.