STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics is an important part of our lives. The way the universe functions, playing all its vital roles and manifesting improvement around, can be well-explained with the help of STEM Education. Have you ever felt that everything around us is result or aspect of STEM EDUCATION? Yes, plants, animals, landscapes, climate and the utilization of resources help us in understanding how Science is our very own world. Smartphones, televisions and continuous rise in networking system of India, depicts the importance of Technology, which is enhancing gradually day by day. Engineering Design assist architect in designing bridges, roads, and residential places, besides this engineering models help in solving social issues like global warming and kinds of pollution. Moving on, when we go to the bank or a grocery shop, we find Mathematics there, cause without it the economy measures would have been disturbed. Without mathematics, the daily routine wouldn’t be the same, as we wouldn’t have an idea of planning a budget and maintaining a balance between expenditures and savings. STEM is important as it riddles with every single aspect of our life.

STEM is the future of education and thereby becomes the future of our children. The way STEM education curriculum is designed is to make sure, a child grabs all the fundamental concepts in the class itself and uses them wherever, in whichever problem required. By 2025, jobs of utmost importance are those of biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers, computer engineers, civil engineers, economic and finance officials. It is crystal clear, that most of the jobs need STEM Education for a clear base and acknowledge great application of concepts. For a proper career, one needs a proper orientation to get desired results, as one can’t win a marathon by running at maximum speed but in opposite direction. A firm re-thinking and stability of mind are required while tackling a complex problem. These important skills are taught in STEM Education at a very early age. Stipulating STEM as the direction of your education can prove to be a blessing for your character. One learns the practical application of concepts, theories, and ideas through STEM Education. With the advancement of technology, one has to be well equipped with relevant skills to get the desired job, as one can’t simply put their life on the edge of formulas and rote learning. That time was a bit different, have a look at the resources around you. Are the resources same as they were explained in your textbooks? The answer is no, with the advancement of science and technology, everything changed its basic form and operation.

STEM careers truly help other professions and communities in sorting out global issues and finding solutions to the complex problems. Scientists and researchers across the world are working hard in order to utilize resources in a sustainable manner. Several problems like global warming, sudden climate change, cancer and social issues can be solved via STEM Education. When we fight alone with a big problem, there are chances we’ll lose, but if we recognize and try to solve a problem collectively, most likely the probability of winning will be in favor of us. That’s the power of STEM Education, which if integrated into our curriculum properly, can change the Indian Education system forever.