Women and Girls, from time to time are underrepresented in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) fields. Statistics wise the number of girls in STEM fields is quite less and is very disappointed being a part of a developing country. The reasons why girls are not interested in STEM is still not clear and need to be acknowledged clearly. As the concern for STEM Education is gradually increasing across the globe, it becomes more imperative for us to think and find solutions to fill the gap between girls and STEM Education.

The less female participation in STEM fields is not because girls don’t score pretty well in science or they don’t understand much. In fact, girls do score more in STEM fields and pass exams like GRE or SAT, but the problem is they’re prone with non-stem fields because they are easy to understand and don’t need much effort to replicate. This highlights the position of educators and instructors to focus on how girls will get interested in STEM, rather than focusing on their understanding and STEM skills, as they are already well-acquainted with it. Engaging girls in STEM Education will help in channelizing their potential and will help them in achieving their daily goals.

Be it schools or an engineering high class, we often find the number of girls is quite less than the number of boys. This is not because girls don’t have required assets or ability to do well in life or boys do well in STEM fields. The reason is girls are of creative and fiction nature, they like fields where they learn something in form of a story or a presentation. However, people in the past used to teach STEM fields in a very basic and strict curriculum based manner, which made girls disinterested in STEM fields. This created a form of an image in their minds like “Science is boring, as it has a lot of theories” which is again just a mere false belief. Science is great fun if thought in the right manner in form of thoughts and presentations. Story-telling or presentation learning can help in igniting the hidden potential of STEM career in a female child. If we don’t grow, evolve or change through time, we end up suffering. This is why the world has a great diversity today. People are diversified in terms of economy, knowledge, experience and belief. In a similar manner, if we fail to understand the need and concern for STEM Education, we may hinder our child to get the best in his/her life

Research suggests that storytelling activates brain more than word recognition or simple basic theory. Storytelling in science helps in redefining our acts, goals and pushes us to the need of the situation. This is unquestionably the best way to make girls future ready with STEM Education and spread contributions and success everywhere. If we change the way the science theory is presented; the old and uninteresting way into a more colorful, interactive and profound manner, girls will start discovering how important STEM is for their future.

We at STEMCHAMP understand the need and concern for STEM Education. The idea is to realize that education has the power to reshape and modify the way the globe functions.