There is a belief in our society that girls don’t belong in STEM fields (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). Learning becomes sophisticated when we link concepts with gender identity. People keep on saying that girls don’t have much aptitude to solve complex problems, they are just meant to do creative things and relate everything with adorable appearances. But that’s thinking is terribly wrong as STEM Education has nothing to do with gender identity. STEM teaches the basic engineering and technical skills and prepares children for high profile jobs. We have fallen behind many nations because there are only a few girls who are involved in STEM Education because parents think that technology and girl’s approach are poles apart.

This needs to change as it affects nation’s performance and reduces global rankings. There are many successful female CEO who are doing excellent because of STEM Education. This is where they realized their STEM Career and understand what they want to do with their life. Many statistics expert states that all the high paid profile jobs belong to STEM-skilled people. This reason is as technology is reinventing itself briskly one can’t stand alone on existing algorithms to outsource employment. If we want to attract the brightest of minds in STEM field, we need to look forward the female population. More women can contribute in this field and we can help make this happen. Here are some strategies we can adopt to foster female education.

#1 All age-group participation


Exposing girls to STEM Education at a tender age can help in eradicating old beliefs and can encourage girls to pursue STEM career. Administers and educators are responsible for creating a suitable healthy environment where girls can come and learn new skills. Age is shouldn’t act as an obstacle to learning and grasping scientific concepts. Science is fun if thought in the right manner generally it’s a hoax that science is so tough as it contains many algorithms and equations.

#2 Engaging them in workshops


Nothing can be thought in a right manner if it’s explained in theories only. Ironically that’s the problem with Indian education system. Many workshops and STEM summer camps should be organized so more and more kids will get to know what is STEM and how it can change their life. When kids are excited into something they start unlocking their potential and optimize their talent accordingly.

#3 Summer camps


Many international organizations have started focusing on STEM girls education and increase participation in male-dominated fields. Summer camps are organized by STEM Institutes which provide a chance for girls to learn about STEM and different possibilities for them to acquire it as a profession. The basic reason is to help girls succeed in all the organization and demolish thoughts like gender-identity. This will prove as an important shift in thinking and start a women revolution. Many communities across the globes like Society of Women Engineers; Women in Technology and Association of Women foster Women STEM Education and promote women welfare.


We at STEM CHAMP believe that each kid is special and has the potential to excel in life. Education shouldn’t be biased through faults like gender identity and should be encouraged from young age itself. This is how our STEM world works. To know more about our education curriculum, programs, workshops and summer camps go to our website: