You have heard a lot of STEM Summer Camps benefits from us and knew how they can help your kid to do better in academics and sports. But being a parent there might be a lot of questions revolving around your head related to summer camps and should you send your kid to summer camps or not. Here we give you 9 reasons why STEM Summer Camps can be a great experience for your kid.

#1 Kids are active

Kids spent most of their school life in classrooms and online world. There has to be some point where kids can play free in the environment, roam around and spend happy vacations in an interactive manner.

#2 Small achievements

Kids learn a lot of things in summer camps where they are asked to answer questions perform activities and inquire great skills. Kids feel a sense of achievement when they answer a logical question and develop curiosity in their subjects.

#3 Persistence

Many scientific activities take the time to execute and require concentration. STEM SUMMER CAMPS organize science activities in an interactive manner and helps kids in learning important concepts through proper discussion and teamwork. This is where kids inherit social life skills like persistence, focus, and awareness.

#4 Independent

Kids realize what independence in summer camps is and how they can benefit from it. Kids are asked to take decisions based on activities and think about how they can improve their model or design. STEM Summer camps learning activities are meant to teach kids the basics of STEM so that kids get to know about STEM Education and how they can pursue it.

#5 Social Skills

Instead of spending time on televisions and sleeping all day kids inherit social skills like:

  • Confidence
  • Convincing Power
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Logical Problem solving
  • Effective decision making

#6 Enjoy Nature

Kids spent most of their time at home instead of enjoying with nature. This results in negative impacts like low confidence, obesity and technology addiction. In STEM Summer camps kids play and learn in nature and realize the importance of conserving it for the future. Kids are asked to solve global environment concerning issues like global warming and types of pollution and how one can eradicate them for the future.

#7 Friendships

Kids take a break from their social networking life and make new friends. Kids are taught important survival skills and they can save their friend in case of natural calamity or an accident. Tasks are allotted group wise so that kids learn to work with others and try to improve themselves.

#8 Play

The world is a playground and one can’t win a game by thinking all day. One needs practice and dedication to pursue one’s passion in his/her field be it education or life missions. Kids learn about science through interactive games and activities. Kids start realizing how enjoyable science can be and how they can use to solve complex life-related problems.

We at STEMCHAMP are organizing a STEM SUMMER CAMP this weekend where kids will be taught about STEM basics and how science can help them do well in life. The idea is to make kids proficient enough in their field so that they end up discovering the undiscovered and can rise and shine in their career.

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