You might all be aware of summer camps. A supervised program where kids stay away home and perform adventure activities. What if students get to learn science in their summer camps; where they can actually practice science concepts and have fun along the way? This is where the idea of STEM Summer camps comes in. STEM Summer Camps teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun and engrossing way. Kids and teens can learn basic STEM skills while making new friends and improving social skills. Are you confused with which summer camps are best for your kids? Here are some benefits your child can gain from STEM Summer Camps:

#1 Avoid Summer Boredom

Summer is the time where kids get bored in their homes watching cartoons and sleeping all day. This period is also referred as summer brain drain where kids forget most of the basic mathematics and science they learn at school. STEM summer camps help kids combat this period by engaging them in a variety of topics like Superhero Engineering, Survival skills and many more. STEM teaches kids skills like problem-solving, creativity and if-then thinking which helps kids in solving complex problems and come with logical solutions.

#2 Learn New Skills

In STEM Summer camps kids get to learn about basic STEM concepts which help in forming the foundation of their career and would end up giving them an edge over their competitors. Skills like problem-solving, observation power and focus are taught to kids through which they learn new things and gain new experiences.

#3 Prepare for Future

The future seems as uncertain as you can observe around how technology has replaced people and filled job openings. STEM is the future of education and career, and by 2020 it is expected to have 1 million job openings. STEM Summer camps involve students in STEM activities where they learn STEM basics. STEM camps help kids in building confidence, convey their thoughts, learn team work and uplift socially; which thereby reduces fear and aid child kids in channelizing their potential.

#4 Inspiration

After the Summer camps, you will find your kids telling you stories, what they learned in summer camps and how excited they are to science and mathematics. The idea behind STEM Education is to keep the curiosity alive behind every question, thought and to make kids realize how applying science and maths can ease human lifestyle. Science is always fun if taught in the right way, one gets afraid of science because he/she had a bad experience with it. Grades don’t amplify humans now but their talent and skills do. Kids get inspired for the future and remain excited to learn new things and grow with their experiences.

We at STEMChamp are organizing a summer camp this season where kids can get all the above-stated benefits and make the most of their summer.

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