If you are looking for ways to bring in kids to learn new and fun experiences, you have got to check out our STEM Summer Camps. Whether your kid is interested in learning about robots or dedicated to exploring survival skills, you can get it all in our summer camps; our summer camp is designed to make learning more fun, interactive and easier. STEM Curriculum is designed such that students develop interests in technology and become curious to know about hidden secrets of nature and technology.

stem summer camp

All our camps have group activities such that kids work together and develop social skills. This is because when kids are with friends the learning environment becomes more affiancing. Get your kids to explore new experiences and learn STEM skills which will help him/her in shaping the future. As STEM Education prepares kids for the better future, it is a must have the skill to pursue any field in life.

Our STEM Summer Camp program includes:

1. Classic STEM Camp ( For Preschool and Age: 3-5 years)

Kids get to learn to about technology and are taught the most basic level of engineering.

2. Superhero Engineering ( For Grade 1-3 and Age: 6-8 years)

This is where kids get to know more about their favorite superhero; know about his superpowers, cognize his origin and drive inspiration to excel in challenges. Kids are taught to develop their own superhero with the help of STEM Concepts.

3.NASA Space Explorers ( For Grade 4-6 and Age: 9-12 years)

This program is exclusively for that super curious want to be astronaut kids. Kids discover about the universe, comets, milky way, how satellites are launched into the unknown world and everything related to space!! This is the time where kids enjoy and learn by engaging themselves in mind- boggling fun activities.

4. STEM in Motion ( For preschool kids Age: 3-5 years)

Get a chance to become an STEMist for a day and investigate on cells, play with chemicals to make the most of your knowledge and creativity. Kids take a trip to cell city and learn about cells; basics and formation. What could be better than spending summer vacations with nature?
5.STEM Fun Camp ( For grade 1-3 and Age: 6-8 years)

This program is meant for kids to bring out problem-solving skills by defining a problem and sorting out its solution. Also, kids learn how to improve their model so that the problem can be solved more easily. Kids develop problem-solving and critical thinking in this camp.

6.STEM Survival Ninja ( For grade 4-7 and Age: 9-12 years)

Survival is the basis of life and kids must know secrets of survival so that they can knock out their life problems and enemies just like Spiderman and Batman. Kids learn about Ninjas; their origin and how they keep themselves meditated all day long to make the most of their skills and knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Nothing can get better than this vacation for your kids. To know the details related to STEM Summer camps you can visit http://www.stemchamp.com/summercamp2017.html.

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