The learning capacity of a kid is thousand times more than an adult. The way a kid acquire strategies and apply them situation wise is just phenomenal. What if kids are taught the basics of science and technology from the very beginning? The results would be amazing as the thinking pattern of a kid is quite broad. Mind of a kid is not bothered by beliefs and negative thoughts. Summer camps play a major role in forming the skills and analyzing the potential on one can do well in his life. One important skill kids must acquire is Proactivity. Proactivity is trying to do best according to the situation rather than crying over consequences which you can’t control or take over. It is one of the effective skills of highly successful people. Here are reasons why summer camps make kids proactive!
#1 Relationships
Kids understand the benefit of social relationships in society. Kids make new peers and follow trusted summer guides. Kids communicate with their teachers and explore their hidden potential assets.
#2 Identity
Kids get a powerful identity that makes them confident in front of others. Kids generally don’t know what they are good for, i.e you don’t know whether you kid is a good runner or an excellent swimmer, but summer camps help in incarnating out the best them and in which field they can do exceptionally well!!
#3 Self- reliant
Summer camps help kids feel control of their lives. This control comes through the activities and assessment they are asked to complete and present. Children understand the meaning of competition and become better problem solvers in different situations. Kids work together and explore what is teamwork, how to present their creativity with the resources provided.
#4 Physiological Balance
Balance is the trade point between doing and thinking. If this balance is maintained in life, nothing is impossible to follow through. Kids play and learn in the fresh air. Kids learn about healthy lifestyle, why there is a need to understand health and issues related. Understanding the basic necessity of situation drives the mind to think of required solutions. This prepares kids to outlook global scenarios and their solutions.
#5 Culture
Interpreting culture is a must need to understand the solution to a problem and analyze why there are so many problems related to culture and caste discrimination in our society. In summer camps kids interact with others who are from a different culture. This makes them proficient and confident enough to overcome social challenges. Acknowledgment of culture is extremely important to manipulate peaceful intention and make the world a better place to live in.
That’s why summer camps become crucial in a kids life as it helps them to acquire academic and non-academic life skills. We understand the needs of STEM education in India and how it can be beneficial for the future workforce to excel best in their careers and enter the hall of fame.
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