Many scientific types of research say that apart from school studies, summer camps should be compulsory as summer camps prepare child socially and mentally for the future. Apart from learning science fiction and non-fiction stories, practical knowledge is a must need for the 21st century. The concept of summer camps has been derived from the past idea where parents used to send their kids to ashrams located in forests where kids used to learn and develop prior skills and improve practical knowledge. Later on, schools replaced Ashrams and kids were not developing the way they used to in Ashrams. In schools, there was a wide gap between mental and physical skills of students. To weaken that gap schools started organizing summer camps where the kids used to learn a lot from their camp guides.

Why is summer camp considered as a good experience?
The camp is a great invention for Indian students as it helps them to get out of their daily routine life and learn something new. Kids stay away from their parents, learn new rituals and concepts, enjoy fun activities and foster leadership. By doing activities like singing, dancing or enjoying together children unlocks their fear and builds confidence. Kids take the possession of their experience and make the most of their summer vacation time. The activities organized in summer camp shapes kids character and skills.
Why is summer camp a great learning time?
Remember the days when you were without your parents and did things with your friends which you can’t even dare to do in front of your parents. The idea is parents always wish to keep their kids safe and in a blissful comfort zone. Caring is good but too much caring make kids fragile and they start lacking good skills in their life. So to meet the hardships offered by life one should learn to take small risks in life. Cause trying something new which you haven’t done before makes you happy and confident.

Summer camps teach a lot in two or one months which your kid can’t learn all by himself. Preparing for today gives you an edge over others, depending on existing technology won’t help in reforming it. One needs proper orientation of thoughts and ideas to deal with the hardships related to technology and how to praise it. Some common industrial skills are teamwork, presentation skills, communication skills, working on ideas and much more. Without these skills, one can’t survive in this competitive world. Summer camp helps kids in learning some industrial skills and makes them realize their potential. The way a person thinks affects his lifestyle and stresses a lot, if one is proactive and have faced tough situation before time, then it’s sure that his success rate will be greater than the former ones, who are facing those situations. That’s why exposure to a new environment is very necessary for today’s generation as they learn about life and difficulties and prepares them for a better future.
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