Summer has just arrived; kids are free from school stress and examinations. Parents must be engaged in thinking where they should send their kids this summer so that they can learn something new. There are many options which parents chose for kids like sleep away camps or going for a trip. But staying away from home is not a good option and you can’t go for a trip for 2 months. The solution to this job can be STEM SUMMER CAMPS. Yes, the place where kids can enjoy their summer vacation and learn about technology. Here are some 7 cool benefits of attending a summer camp:

#1 Leadership Skills
Day camps and summer camps fling exercises and activities for kids daily, where they learn to work with others, discuss their problems and reach their goals accordingly. The activities build kid’s character and assert leadership goals, there by promoting positive thinking and self-confidence
#2 Social Interaction
During summer camps kids come from different cities and states and meet new kids. Here they make new friends and learn to converse with people who they are not familiar with. This provides them valuable social skills and broadens their view of life.
#3 Never give up!! Thought
Summer camps provide kids with new daily challenges and activities. The activities are based on STEM curriculum where the kids are asked to solve the problems which require hard work and dedication. Kids learn how critical thinking and problem-solving can figure out a problem easily and motivate them to keep on finding a solution until the problem is solved.
#4 New hobbies
One can’t know where he can excel unless he explores one. Right? Kids explore a lot of activities and know about their interests and field in which they can excel and grow. Suppose a kid is unaware of a particular sport but has a potential to grow in that, then summer camp acts as an intermediate between the kid and that sport.
#5 Playing with Science
In STEM summer camps kids learn about science and technology. They are taught technology is not just playing games on smartphones and computer, but to understand how one can apply science and mathematics concepts to improve the human content and ease comfort level of a lifestyle.
#6 Interacting with Nature
Understanding nature is a great practice as one learns how everything from the minuscule to the prominent form is connected with nature. Kids in summer camps learn and play with nature. Living near nature reduces stress and promotes socialism.
#7 New experiences
Kids after enrolling in summer camps face daily life challenges through activities. Kids are taught success and failure are interrelated tasks and one can switch to any with the help of dedication, persistence, and resilience. Summer camps become an interesting life event in kid’s life where they learned something new and did creative things.
Fostering the benefits of summer camps, we at STEM CHAMP are organizing a summer camp in this April month. You can get all the details from the website and if you have any queries or doubts regarding summer camps or STEM Education you can freely ask at