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March 2017

8 Good Reasons to join STEM SUMMER CAMPS

You have heard a lot of STEM Summer Camps benefits from us and knew how they can help your kid to do better in academics and sports. But being a parent there might be a lot of questions revolving around your head related to summer camps and should you send your kid to summer camps or not. Here we give you 9 reasons why STEM Summer Camps can be a great experience for your kid.

#1 Kids are active

Kids spent most of their school life in classrooms and online world. There has to be some point where kids can play free in the environment, roam around and spend happy vacations in an interactive manner.

#2 Small achievements

Kids learn a lot of things in summer camps where they are asked to answer questions perform activities and inquire great skills. Kids feel a sense of achievement when they answer a logical question and develop curiosity in their subjects.

#3 Persistence

Many scientific activities take the time to execute and require concentration. STEM SUMMER CAMPS organize science activities in an interactive manner and helps kids in learning important concepts through proper discussion and teamwork. This is where kids inherit social life skills like persistence, focus, and awareness.

#4 Independent

Kids realize what independence in summer camps is and how they can benefit from it. Kids are asked to take decisions based on activities and think about how they can improve their model or design. STEM Summer camps learning activities are meant to teach kids the basics of STEM so that kids get to know about STEM Education and how they can pursue it.

#5 Social Skills

Instead of spending time on televisions and sleeping all day kids inherit social skills like:

  • Confidence
  • Convincing Power
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Logical Problem solving
  • Effective decision making

#6 Enjoy Nature

Kids spent most of their time at home instead of enjoying with nature. This results in negative impacts like low confidence, obesity and technology addiction. In STEM Summer camps kids play and learn in nature and realize the importance of conserving it for the future. Kids are asked to solve global environment concerning issues like global warming and types of pollution and how one can eradicate them for the future.

#7 Friendships

Kids take a break from their social networking life and make new friends. Kids are taught important survival skills and they can save their friend in case of natural calamity or an accident. Tasks are allotted group wise so that kids learn to work with others and try to improve themselves.

#8 Play

The world is a playground and one can’t win a game by thinking all day. One needs practice and dedication to pursue one’s passion in his/her field be it education or life missions. Kids learn about science through interactive games and activities. Kids start realizing how enjoyable science can be and how they can use to solve complex life-related problems.

We at STEMCHAMP are organizing a STEM SUMMER CAMP this weekend where kids will be taught about STEM basics and how science can help them do well in life. The idea is to make kids proficient enough in their field so that they end up discovering the undiscovered and can rise and shine in their career.

You can check the summer camp details at

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4 Benefits for Kids and Teens from STEM Summer Camps

You might all be aware of summer camps. A supervised program where kids stay away home and perform adventure activities. What if students get to learn science in their summer camps; where they can actually practice science concepts and have fun along the way? This is where the idea of STEM Summer camps comes in. STEM Summer Camps teach science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a fun and engrossing way. Kids and teens can learn basic STEM skills while making new friends and improving social skills. Are you confused with which summer camps are best for your kids? Here are some benefits your child can gain from STEM Summer Camps:

#1 Avoid Summer Boredom

Summer is the time where kids get bored in their homes watching cartoons and sleeping all day. This period is also referred as summer brain drain where kids forget most of the basic mathematics and science they learn at school. STEM summer camps help kids combat this period by engaging them in a variety of topics like Superhero Engineering, Survival skills and many more. STEM teaches kids skills like problem-solving, creativity and if-then thinking which helps kids in solving complex problems and come with logical solutions.

#2 Learn New Skills

In STEM Summer camps kids get to learn about basic STEM concepts which help in forming the foundation of their career and would end up giving them an edge over their competitors. Skills like problem-solving, observation power and focus are taught to kids through which they learn new things and gain new experiences.

#3 Prepare for Future

The future seems as uncertain as you can observe around how technology has replaced people and filled job openings. STEM is the future of education and career, and by 2020 it is expected to have 1 million job openings. STEM Summer camps involve students in STEM activities where they learn STEM basics. STEM camps help kids in building confidence, convey their thoughts, learn team work and uplift socially; which thereby reduces fear and aid child kids in channelizing their potential.

#4 Inspiration

After the Summer camps, you will find your kids telling you stories, what they learned in summer camps and how excited they are to science and mathematics. The idea behind STEM Education is to keep the curiosity alive behind every question, thought and to make kids realize how applying science and maths can ease human lifestyle. Science is always fun if taught in the right way, one gets afraid of science because he/she had a bad experience with it. Grades don’t amplify humans now but their talent and skills do. Kids get inspired for the future and remain excited to learn new things and grow with their experiences.

We at STEMChamp are organizing a summer camp this season where kids can get all the above-stated benefits and make the most of their summer.

To know about our STEM Summer camps duration, dates or venue related details please visit:

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STEM SUMMER CAMPS: All you need to know!!

If you are looking for ways to bring in kids to learn new and fun experiences, you have got to check out our STEM Summer Camps. Whether your kid is interested in learning about robots or dedicated to exploring survival skills, you can get it all in our summer camps; our summer camp is designed to make learning more fun, interactive and easier. STEM Curriculum is designed such that students develop interests in technology and become curious to know about hidden secrets of nature and technology.

stem summer camp

All our camps have group activities such that kids work together and develop social skills. This is because when kids are with friends the learning environment becomes more affiancing. Get your kids to explore new experiences and learn STEM skills which will help him/her in shaping the future. As STEM Education prepares kids for the better future, it is a must have the skill to pursue any field in life.

Our STEM Summer Camp program includes:

1. Classic STEM Camp ( For Preschool and Age: 3-5 years)

Kids get to learn to about technology and are taught the most basic level of engineering.

2. Superhero Engineering ( For Grade 1-3 and Age: 6-8 years)

This is where kids get to know more about their favorite superhero; know about his superpowers, cognize his origin and drive inspiration to excel in challenges. Kids are taught to develop their own superhero with the help of STEM Concepts.

3.NASA Space Explorers ( For Grade 4-6 and Age: 9-12 years)

This program is exclusively for that super curious want to be astronaut kids. Kids discover about the universe, comets, milky way, how satellites are launched into the unknown world and everything related to space!! This is the time where kids enjoy and learn by engaging themselves in mind- boggling fun activities.

4. STEM in Motion ( For preschool kids Age: 3-5 years)

Get a chance to become an STEMist for a day and investigate on cells, play with chemicals to make the most of your knowledge and creativity. Kids take a trip to cell city and learn about cells; basics and formation. What could be better than spending summer vacations with nature?
5.STEM Fun Camp ( For grade 1-3 and Age: 6-8 years)

This program is meant for kids to bring out problem-solving skills by defining a problem and sorting out its solution. Also, kids learn how to improve their model so that the problem can be solved more easily. Kids develop problem-solving and critical thinking in this camp.

6.STEM Survival Ninja ( For grade 4-7 and Age: 9-12 years)

Survival is the basis of life and kids must know secrets of survival so that they can knock out their life problems and enemies just like Spiderman and Batman. Kids learn about Ninjas; their origin and how they keep themselves meditated all day long to make the most of their skills and knowledge.

So what are you waiting for? Nothing can get better than this vacation for your kids. To know the details related to STEM Summer camps you can visit

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5 Reasons why summer camps make kids proactive!!

The learning capacity of a kid is thousand times more than an adult. The way a kid acquire strategies and apply them situation wise is just phenomenal. What if kids are taught the basics of science and technology from the very beginning? The results would be amazing as the thinking pattern of a kid is quite broad. Mind of a kid is not bothered by beliefs and negative thoughts. Summer camps play a major role in forming the skills and analyzing the potential on one can do well in his life. One important skill kids must acquire is Proactivity. Proactivity is trying to do best according to the situation rather than crying over consequences which you can’t control or take over. It is one of the effective skills of highly successful people. Here are reasons why summer camps make kids proactive!
#1 Relationships
Kids understand the benefit of social relationships in society. Kids make new peers and follow trusted summer guides. Kids communicate with their teachers and explore their hidden potential assets.
#2 Identity
Kids get a powerful identity that makes them confident in front of others. Kids generally don’t know what they are good for, i.e you don’t know whether you kid is a good runner or an excellent swimmer, but summer camps help in incarnating out the best them and in which field they can do exceptionally well!!
#3 Self- reliant
Summer camps help kids feel control of their lives. This control comes through the activities and assessment they are asked to complete and present. Children understand the meaning of competition and become better problem solvers in different situations. Kids work together and explore what is teamwork, how to present their creativity with the resources provided.
#4 Physiological Balance
Balance is the trade point between doing and thinking. If this balance is maintained in life, nothing is impossible to follow through. Kids play and learn in the fresh air. Kids learn about healthy lifestyle, why there is a need to understand health and issues related. Understanding the basic necessity of situation drives the mind to think of required solutions. This prepares kids to outlook global scenarios and their solutions.
#5 Culture
Interpreting culture is a must need to understand the solution to a problem and analyze why there are so many problems related to culture and caste discrimination in our society. In summer camps kids interact with others who are from a different culture. This makes them proficient and confident enough to overcome social challenges. Acknowledgment of culture is extremely important to manipulate peaceful intention and make the world a better place to live in.
That’s why summer camps become crucial in a kids life as it helps them to acquire academic and non-academic life skills. We understand the needs of STEM education in India and how it can be beneficial for the future workforce to excel best in their careers and enter the hall of fame.
We are organizing a summer camp in April and May, to know the schedule and details you can visit
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Importance of summer camps for kids and teens!

Many scientific types of research say that apart from school studies, summer camps should be compulsory as summer camps prepare child socially and mentally for the future. Apart from learning science fiction and non-fiction stories, practical knowledge is a must need for the 21st century. The concept of summer camps has been derived from the past idea where parents used to send their kids to ashrams located in forests where kids used to learn and develop prior skills and improve practical knowledge. Later on, schools replaced Ashrams and kids were not developing the way they used to in Ashrams. In schools, there was a wide gap between mental and physical skills of students. To weaken that gap schools started organizing summer camps where the kids used to learn a lot from their camp guides.

Why is summer camp considered as a good experience?
The camp is a great invention for Indian students as it helps them to get out of their daily routine life and learn something new. Kids stay away from their parents, learn new rituals and concepts, enjoy fun activities and foster leadership. By doing activities like singing, dancing or enjoying together children unlocks their fear and builds confidence. Kids take the possession of their experience and make the most of their summer vacation time. The activities organized in summer camp shapes kids character and skills.
Why is summer camp a great learning time?
Remember the days when you were without your parents and did things with your friends which you can’t even dare to do in front of your parents. The idea is parents always wish to keep their kids safe and in a blissful comfort zone. Caring is good but too much caring make kids fragile and they start lacking good skills in their life. So to meet the hardships offered by life one should learn to take small risks in life. Cause trying something new which you haven’t done before makes you happy and confident.

Summer camps teach a lot in two or one months which your kid can’t learn all by himself. Preparing for today gives you an edge over others, depending on existing technology won’t help in reforming it. One needs proper orientation of thoughts and ideas to deal with the hardships related to technology and how to praise it. Some common industrial skills are teamwork, presentation skills, communication skills, working on ideas and much more. Without these skills, one can’t survive in this competitive world. Summer camp helps kids in learning some industrial skills and makes them realize their potential. The way a person thinks affects his lifestyle and stresses a lot, if one is proactive and have faced tough situation before time, then it’s sure that his success rate will be greater than the former ones, who are facing those situations. That’s why exposure to a new environment is very necessary for today’s generation as they learn about life and difficulties and prepares them for a better future.
We at STEMCHAMP are organizing  summer camps in April and May. Make the summer vacation of your kid life learning and enjoyable experience. For summer camps timetable and details please visit and get answers to your queries at

7 Benefits of Attending a summer camp!!

Summer has just arrived; kids are free from school stress and examinations. Parents must be engaged in thinking where they should send their kids this summer so that they can learn something new. There are many options which parents chose for kids like sleep away camps or going for a trip. But staying away from home is not a good option and you can’t go for a trip for 2 months. The solution to this job can be STEM SUMMER CAMPS. Yes, the place where kids can enjoy their summer vacation and learn about technology. Here are some 7 cool benefits of attending a summer camp:

#1 Leadership Skills
Day camps and summer camps fling exercises and activities for kids daily, where they learn to work with others, discuss their problems and reach their goals accordingly. The activities build kid’s character and assert leadership goals, there by promoting positive thinking and self-confidence
#2 Social Interaction
During summer camps kids come from different cities and states and meet new kids. Here they make new friends and learn to converse with people who they are not familiar with. This provides them valuable social skills and broadens their view of life.
#3 Never give up!! Thought
Summer camps provide kids with new daily challenges and activities. The activities are based on STEM curriculum where the kids are asked to solve the problems which require hard work and dedication. Kids learn how critical thinking and problem-solving can figure out a problem easily and motivate them to keep on finding a solution until the problem is solved.
#4 New hobbies
One can’t know where he can excel unless he explores one. Right? Kids explore a lot of activities and know about their interests and field in which they can excel and grow. Suppose a kid is unaware of a particular sport but has a potential to grow in that, then summer camp acts as an intermediate between the kid and that sport.
#5 Playing with Science
In STEM summer camps kids learn about science and technology. They are taught technology is not just playing games on smartphones and computer, but to understand how one can apply science and mathematics concepts to improve the human content and ease comfort level of a lifestyle.
#6 Interacting with Nature
Understanding nature is a great practice as one learns how everything from the minuscule to the prominent form is connected with nature. Kids in summer camps learn and play with nature. Living near nature reduces stress and promotes socialism.
#7 New experiences
Kids after enrolling in summer camps face daily life challenges through activities. Kids are taught success and failure are interrelated tasks and one can switch to any with the help of dedication, persistence, and resilience. Summer camps become an interesting life event in kid’s life where they learned something new and did creative things.
Fostering the benefits of summer camps, we at STEM CHAMP are organizing a summer camp in this April month. You can get all the details from the website and if you have any queries or doubts regarding summer camps or STEM Education you can freely ask at

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