Summer camps can be one of the most rewarding and life learning experience for students. Nothing can be more beneficial for a student than learning with the surroundings. Camps provide children a lot of activities to foster, nurture and learn new skills. All the activities thought in summer camps prepare a kid to overcome challenges, facing real problems and working on their solutions and living life with greater confidence and success. Being a parent attended a camp; you know the benefits of a camp and want it too for your kids. Today lot of parents being attended or not attended a camp are committed to sending their kids to summer camps where they can grow and learn things which are not taught in school. Here are 5 reasons why one should attend STEM SUMMER CAMPS:
#1 Adventure:
Trying new things and applying them wherever required is the basic aspect of a learner. Camp bears on pushing kids out of his comfort zone and exposes them to try new things which they might not be familiar with. This develops their potential interest which allows them to grow in their field. By exploring new activities kids learn and know better what makes them happy and in what field they can excel at.
#2 Social Skills:
There are many things like moral ethics, humor, and teamwork which you can’t learn in schools and colleges. Still, these skills have an everlasting impact on your personality, either applying for a job or starting your entrepreneurial journey. In summer camps kids work in teams, they discuss, debate and reach their objective. By doing so, they develop important social skills and unknowingly builds their strong character. Sharing resources promotes teamwork and encourages participation.
#3 Facing Challenges:
People are often confused with picnics and summer camps. In picnic, we generally eat together, play and come back home while in summer camps we do eat and play but the main aim is to prepare kids to solve problems and develop critical thinking in them. In summer camps kids learn the importance of working hard to achieve and never give up on their dreams. The level of activities is set from grades to grades so that students don’t have to over-stress themselves and the balance between adventure and learning is maintained.
#4 Building Character:
Kids learn various social skills like responsibility, maintaining friendships, honesty, caring and moral ethics. The younger the one tries the higher he goes, means these social skills are superimposing in kids overall character when he grows, making him generous and trustworthy. Kids learn the art of sharing and talking about what is right or what is wrong i.e. the sense of responsibility and individuality is developed.
#5 Independence:
In summer camps kids are taught to take decisions on their own. The environment of summer camp is peer based i.e. students get what they need from their friends thereby reducing parent’s dependency.

We at STEM CHAMP are organizing a STEM SUMMER CAMP in the April month to make sure kids have the time of their lives.

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