Remember the days when people used to ask you what you want to be when you will be an adult. The most common answers were to become an engineer, lawyer or most probably a doctor. Then the cycle began us start studying and working hard to reach our goals. That’s how an idea works you think of something, generate into a belief, and work in right direction and in the end get what you want. It is as simple as that. Career is one of the basic aspects of human life as it decides you how your lifestyle will be spent in the coming years. People who don’t know what they want to do with life fail miserably. The plan is most important while choosing a career. One of the basic keys to choose a career in the 21st century is to figure out a field in which you are interested in and can grow in it. Also, you need to analyze how competent your field is so that you can analyze the dedication and determination level you need to pour in.


One of the rising careers is in STEM Education. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics known as STEM is a great career option to pursue upon. Looking at the statistics around 75% of the fastest growing occupation require STEM skills while only 16% of the students pursue STEM education. Entrepreneurs warn that the shortage of STEM skills in students will worsen the business and industry growth in near future. As the technology is evolving day to day, book worms are just not required to run the industry. We need students and professionals who know practically how an idea of their subject works and on what algorithm it is programmed. Industrialists are working hard to find the right skilled person for the job. Industrials proposed the following points to get perfect professionals:

  • Driving changes through STEM education system
  • Promoting careers in STEM subjects and hiring STEM graduates
  • Working with policy and curriculum makers to teach Indian students about STEM Education

Thus for the 21st century, STEM professionals are needed at most as they represent the most trained and skilled part of the nation. Without STEM education one can’t just survive in this cut-throat competition. Some of the benefits and plus points in careers in STEM education includes

  • STEM projects are expected to grow by 17% from 2008 to 2018 while the non-STEM project expected growth rate is only 9%.
  • STEM workers generate more revenue than non-STEM workers. A STEM professional earns 26% more than a non-STEM one.
  • Over the past years, growth in STEM jobs is 3 times more than that in non- STEM jobs
  • The global economy is concerned about the availability of STEM educators and professionals

The bottom line of all the stats is that the upcoming workforce needs to be trained and analyzed by STEM education.

Future jobs under STEM education are:

  1. Robotics Engineer
  2. Drone Development and Exploration
  3. Space Pilot
  4. Organ Designer
  5. Water Harvester

The cool part is through STEM Education one can expect more new professions there by more jobs. We at STEM CHAMP guide and train students to be future ready. Our team trains and guides students in all the STEM adventures thus making them prepared to be STEM proficient individuals.

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