13227090_840965116008168_4062615431534291190_nThere is a wide gap between the development of technology and education system in India. There is a growing consensus that students will lack the needed skills for future jobs, if the education system is not revamped. One can’t rely on comprehensive education system to make a student skilled and future ready. The technology and lifestyle of people have changed a lot, and the manifestation rate is quite high. Computer science and STEM education are the needed parts of education system. Computer science forms the base of digital entrepreneurship for people across the world. STEM education prepares kids to improve their skills like critical thinking and problem solving. STEM not only works for science disciplines but also for other disciplines like commerce and art.
The workforce of tomorrow is in schools today. Several global issues like global warming and sudden climate changes can be sorted out with the help of STEM education. STEM education is often said to be “more than sum of its parts” meaning STEM disciplines teach important critical thinking skills as well as content knowledge. The education system will prepare kids to choose their careers and rise in their respective fields. Talking about today’s workforce, it is the result of the former education system and the skills resided by them. Still there are some common problems in country like we produce thousands of engineers every year from India, but only few of them are skilled. Another thing with India’s workforce is lack of communication skills. India students do have great ideas and flabbergasting plans, but they just don’t know how to represent or convince someone on your plan. This is because students are just not taught this skills properly.

The working areas include communication skills, problem solving skills and making student less rely on content knowledge. Making a student memory sufficient or just teaching him to put values in a given formulae won’t head as beneficial for the future. One needs proper understanding of algorithms, core concepts and how they are applicable in real life. STEM Education can improve future workforce in the following ways:
1. Communication: STEM Adventures help kids to work in groups, communicate and open up completely. The activities are designed such that students are motivated to learn new skills. The educator keeps track of student’s knowledge by proper STEM Assessment. Students learn important skills like team work and confident.
2. Problem-solving: Students don’t have to rely on content knowledge and homework to remember things. STEM education focuses on classroom learning, so students learn the core concepts of a subject in the classroom itself and nurture critical thinking and problem solving skills.
3. Situation analysis: One of the most needed skills of future workforce is situation analysis. This means how you can vary your plans and ideas to win over a situation.
4. Decision-making: Effective and quick decision making is the requirement of a skilled worker. Students should be taught decision making from childhood itself so that they can take strong decisions on their own.
5. Learning: Learning should be the main aim when working in a community. Skills differentiates people better than education. The main goal behind proper education is to make a discipline skilled and an aspiring learner.

We at STEM CHAMP, guide students to be future ready and prepare them to join the workforce of the future. The future belongs to those who are prepared for it in the present.
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