Scientists and researchers across the world have been trying for years and years to decide what education pattern the curriculum needs to develop for the betterment of curriculum. One can’t simply rely on existing impractical and rote learning system to produce world class professionals in India. Education system is a major setback and turbulence in nation’s growth, to make it laminar one needs plan and dedication towards its cons and turn it to pros. The stronger the foundation the farther you go in your career. The mindset of parent is to educate him to earn money and live a secure life without any adventure and risk. That’s why we lag from other countries in terms of skills and development. The good part is people are being aware of the entire scenario and realizing the importance of STEM Education. So we provide you reasons why a STEM lesson is better than common school lesson and how it can help students to spur out and work on their skills:



STEM lessons focus on real world issues and problems, which generates interests in students to come out and speak. Kids learn important skills like Openness, Desire of learning and know where to apply the things they are taught.


STEM lessons are channelized by Engineering Design Process, that is to develop an engineer’s approach towards a problem and how to solve within the limit of time and resources provided. This teaches kids to prepare mentally about engineering field and they can rise in this field.


STEM lessons foster open enquiries and help students to connect their thoughts with their teacher. As scientist states one who asks a lot gets a lot, so do kids explore their zone, their knowledge related to the things they see, observe and think on. The doubts are cleared on the spot and the observation power increases as one proceeds ahead.


Through STEM activities and approach kids learn what teamwork is and how a team can rise over obstacles and problems which a student can’t do. Also the industries demand more for a team player than an individual, who works for himself. Kids incarnate out their creativities and collect it together to discover an invention. This is one of the major characteristics of STEM lesson.


STEM lessons fosters rigorous math and science concepts from the beginning itself. The idea is kids shouldn’t be afraid of maths and science and learn what the subject is all about. STEM lessons promote failure as a part of learning. While performing a STEM activity a kid might fail many times, but they keep on doing it until they succeed in. This makes a kid patience, curious and concept proficient.

STEMCHAMP through its STEM lessons helps kids to work on their skill and make them future ready. The principle involved is dedication matters more than interests. Kids can do wonders if they know what their intuition is and what they want to do with their life.

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