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February 2017

5 Ways in Which STEMCHAMP SUMMERCAMPS prepare for adulthood!!

Being an adult one has to face a lot of problems and go through many obstacles. As this is the time where you realize what you want to do with your life. You longer can depend on your parents for your survival. You have to be on your own and make the most of your time. Today our kids are growing, one day we will get old and they have to look at what we created for them. To do this one has to be mentally prepared to handle stress and work without centering on generation gap and inner conflicts. One such opportunity is given to all of us during summer camps where we are taught how to live a self-reliant and intuition discovering life. Here are some reasons why summer camps prepare your kids for adulthood:

#1 Kids learn teamwork and coordination
Working together for a common benefit also known as teamwork is a must skill. Many times people are required to work on several projects with you have never met. So one must know to balance the coordination between the team so that people get what you mean. In summer camps you make wooden houses together, play several cool games, analyze the situation that helps in learning teamwork without even knowing you are doing so!! Summer camps are the best places to learn teamwork
#2 Kids learn resiliency and persistence
There are many activities like the rope course, find your partner or what you want? Where kids fail again and again and learn what is persistence. Without persistence and resiliency, one can’t expect success in his life. You have to get up every time after you fail and keep on analyzing where you were wrong. Persistence teaches not to repeat the same mistake again and again. Nextly you think of multiple solutions to a single problem. That’s why summer camps are necessary for kids.
#3 Kids learn decision making
When you grew up, you are required to make decisions with your life. This includes what you want to be? What are the things over which you can excel at? and much more. Understanding effective decision making can be highly beneficial for your future. Because now you will be taking decisions over your ideas, themes, and experiences. Kids develop confidence and teamwork in summer camps which they need the most during bad times of their life.
#4 Kids learn something new
Exploring the world around you is the best thing one can ever do. Just look at any invention being done around you, everything comes through awareness and experience. Kids learn new things in summer camps, like cooking, using tools like ropes and sticks to make something better. This builds kids character and helps them to succeed in life.
#5 Kids learn to grow
Summer camps allow you to overcome challenges in your life, and learn to face problems rather than procrastinating or avoiding them. Summer camps push you out of your comfort zone and build your confidence.
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5 Reasons Kids should attend STEM SUMMER CAMPS!!

Summer camps can be one of the most rewarding and life learning experience for students. Nothing can be more beneficial for a student than learning with the surroundings. Camps provide children a lot of activities to foster, nurture and learn new skills. All the activities thought in summer camps prepare a kid to overcome challenges, facing real problems and working on their solutions and living life with greater confidence and success. Being a parent attended a camp; you know the benefits of a camp and want it too for your kids. Today lot of parents being attended or not attended a camp are committed to sending their kids to summer camps where they can grow and learn things which are not taught in school. Here are 5 reasons why one should attend STEM SUMMER CAMPS:
#1 Adventure:
Trying new things and applying them wherever required is the basic aspect of a learner. Camp bears on pushing kids out of his comfort zone and exposes them to try new things which they might not be familiar with. This develops their potential interest which allows them to grow in their field. By exploring new activities kids learn and know better what makes them happy and in what field they can excel at.
#2 Social Skills:
There are many things like moral ethics, humor, and teamwork which you can’t learn in schools and colleges. Still, these skills have an everlasting impact on your personality, either applying for a job or starting your entrepreneurial journey. In summer camps kids work in teams, they discuss, debate and reach their objective. By doing so, they develop important social skills and unknowingly builds their strong character. Sharing resources promotes teamwork and encourages participation.
#3 Facing Challenges:
People are often confused with picnics and summer camps. In picnic, we generally eat together, play and come back home while in summer camps we do eat and play but the main aim is to prepare kids to solve problems and develop critical thinking in them. In summer camps kids learn the importance of working hard to achieve and never give up on their dreams. The level of activities is set from grades to grades so that students don’t have to over-stress themselves and the balance between adventure and learning is maintained.
#4 Building Character:
Kids learn various social skills like responsibility, maintaining friendships, honesty, caring and moral ethics. The younger the one tries the higher he goes, means these social skills are superimposing in kids overall character when he grows, making him generous and trustworthy. Kids learn the art of sharing and talking about what is right or what is wrong i.e. the sense of responsibility and individuality is developed.
#5 Independence:
In summer camps kids are taught to take decisions on their own. The environment of summer camp is peer based i.e. students get what they need from their friends thereby reducing parent’s dependency.

We at STEM CHAMP are organizing a STEM SUMMER CAMP in the April month to make sure kids have the time of their lives.

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STEM Education and Future Careers

Remember the days when people used to ask you what you want to be when you will be an adult. The most common answers were to become an engineer, lawyer or most probably a doctor. Then the cycle began us start studying and working hard to reach our goals. That’s how an idea works you think of something, generate into a belief, and work in right direction and in the end get what you want. It is as simple as that. Career is one of the basic aspects of human life as it decides you how your lifestyle will be spent in the coming years. People who don’t know what they want to do with life fail miserably. The plan is most important while choosing a career. One of the basic keys to choose a career in the 21st century is to figure out a field in which you are interested in and can grow in it. Also, you need to analyze how competent your field is so that you can analyze the dedication and determination level you need to pour in.


One of the rising careers is in STEM Education. Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics known as STEM is a great career option to pursue upon. Looking at the statistics around 75% of the fastest growing occupation require STEM skills while only 16% of the students pursue STEM education. Entrepreneurs warn that the shortage of STEM skills in students will worsen the business and industry growth in near future. As the technology is evolving day to day, book worms are just not required to run the industry. We need students and professionals who know practically how an idea of their subject works and on what algorithm it is programmed. Industrialists are working hard to find the right skilled person for the job. Industrials proposed the following points to get perfect professionals:

  • Driving changes through STEM education system
  • Promoting careers in STEM subjects and hiring STEM graduates
  • Working with policy and curriculum makers to teach Indian students about STEM Education

Thus for the 21st century, STEM professionals are needed at most as they represent the most trained and skilled part of the nation. Without STEM education one can’t just survive in this cut-throat competition. Some of the benefits and plus points in careers in STEM education includes

  • STEM projects are expected to grow by 17% from 2008 to 2018 while the non-STEM project expected growth rate is only 9%.
  • STEM workers generate more revenue than non-STEM workers. A STEM professional earns 26% more than a non-STEM one.
  • Over the past years, growth in STEM jobs is 3 times more than that in non- STEM jobs
  • The global economy is concerned about the availability of STEM educators and professionals

The bottom line of all the stats is that the upcoming workforce needs to be trained and analyzed by STEM education.

Future jobs under STEM education are:

  1. Robotics Engineer
  2. Drone Development and Exploration
  3. Space Pilot
  4. Organ Designer
  5. Water Harvester

The cool part is through STEM Education one can expect more new professions there by more jobs. We at STEM CHAMP guide and train students to be future ready. Our team trains and guides students in all the STEM adventures thus making them prepared to be STEM proficient individuals.

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STEM Summercamps from STMCHAMP helps students to create immense interest and passion for STEM fields.

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STEM and Future Work Force

13227090_840965116008168_4062615431534291190_nThere is a wide gap between the development of technology and education system in India. There is a growing consensus that students will lack the needed skills for future jobs, if the education system is not revamped. One can’t rely on comprehensive education system to make a student skilled and future ready. The technology and lifestyle of people have changed a lot, and the manifestation rate is quite high. Computer science and STEM education are the needed parts of education system. Computer science forms the base of digital entrepreneurship for people across the world. STEM education prepares kids to improve their skills like critical thinking and problem solving. STEM not only works for science disciplines but also for other disciplines like commerce and art.
The workforce of tomorrow is in schools today. Several global issues like global warming and sudden climate changes can be sorted out with the help of STEM education. STEM education is often said to be “more than sum of its parts” meaning STEM disciplines teach important critical thinking skills as well as content knowledge. The education system will prepare kids to choose their careers and rise in their respective fields. Talking about today’s workforce, it is the result of the former education system and the skills resided by them. Still there are some common problems in country like we produce thousands of engineers every year from India, but only few of them are skilled. Another thing with India’s workforce is lack of communication skills. India students do have great ideas and flabbergasting plans, but they just don’t know how to represent or convince someone on your plan. This is because students are just not taught this skills properly.

The working areas include communication skills, problem solving skills and making student less rely on content knowledge. Making a student memory sufficient or just teaching him to put values in a given formulae won’t head as beneficial for the future. One needs proper understanding of algorithms, core concepts and how they are applicable in real life. STEM Education can improve future workforce in the following ways:
1. Communication: STEM Adventures help kids to work in groups, communicate and open up completely. The activities are designed such that students are motivated to learn new skills. The educator keeps track of student’s knowledge by proper STEM Assessment. Students learn important skills like team work and confident.
2. Problem-solving: Students don’t have to rely on content knowledge and homework to remember things. STEM education focuses on classroom learning, so students learn the core concepts of a subject in the classroom itself and nurture critical thinking and problem solving skills.
3. Situation analysis: One of the most needed skills of future workforce is situation analysis. This means how you can vary your plans and ideas to win over a situation.
4. Decision-making: Effective and quick decision making is the requirement of a skilled worker. Students should be taught decision making from childhood itself so that they can take strong decisions on their own.
5. Learning: Learning should be the main aim when working in a community. Skills differentiates people better than education. The main goal behind proper education is to make a discipline skilled and an aspiring learner.

We at STEM CHAMP, guide students to be future ready and prepare them to join the workforce of the future. The future belongs to those who are prepared for it in the present.
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Great Curriculum that integrates STEM into class learning

Gone are the days when students were asked to make formulae of the chemical compounds, stand up and recite what happened in French revolution and learn everything that they were taught to. To evaluate one self and rise in his field, an individual needs to learn and do something new and creative. Innovation and Ideas are the basic demands over which economy of a country relies upon. The skill that is not taught in Indian education system is practical problem solving. Many kids don’t have interest in studies as they don’t get their answers to the mark. A common question which students face what is the use of science and mathematics in real life. This is because students are not taught how to apply them in real life.

Many global challenges like Global warming, climate change, resource management, agriculture production, health and education can be solved with a proper solution oriented mindset. Problem solving is the key skill in 21st century. There is a growing concern of STEM education all over the world as STEM curriculum teaches kids how to solve problems with the use of mathematics and science. Researchers and scientists all over the world states that integration of STEM curriculum with current education curriculum can help in unlocking various solution to global concerns all over the world. STEM curriculum emphasizes on:

  • Team work: Kids work collectively to solve STEM challenges (also known as STEM adventures). The STEM challenges are the prototypical or miniature model activity related to global problems like climate change and global warming. For example if kids are asked to perform a activity on rain water harvesting, by performing the activity they will learn what rainwater harvesting is and main focus will be on,. how to apply rain water harvesting practically or in areas where there is shortage of rain.
  • Builds Confidence: When all the students perform STEM adventures the class room environment changes. Kids ask their guides what they did wrong and how they can improve it further. Teachers interact with each group in a STEM lesson, which felicitates complete evaluation of a kid and his skills. Through interaction kids develop confidence and believe in their potential.
  • Class learning: Kids learn all the basic concepts of the subject in the class itself. The idea is to make kids use the school time as much they can.
  • Decision Making: Effective decision making skills differentiates a learning individual to an experienced one. Kids learn basic aspects of decision making from childhood itself such that when they grow up they can easily analyze a situation, know its setbacks, and work its pros and cons. Observation power is strengthen through effective decision making.
  • Engineering Design Process: This is the foundation of STEM curriculum. Engineering Design Process is a problem solving approach to kids so that they can solve problems within resources and time. Engineering Design Process features:
  1. Students are addressed to a real world problem.
  2. Fosters student to apply and integrate multiple solutions.
  3. Students work in team to incarnate out and shape their creativity.
  4. Students explore and work on their own ideas rather than being spoon fed.

STEM curriculum is the change our educational system needs today. We at STEM CHAMP foster STEM curriculum and help students to learn and apply the concepts. The idea is to make each kid proficient and independent so that he is ready to be a part of future ready workforce.

5 characteristics of a great STEM lesson!!!

Scientists and researchers across the world have been trying for years and years to decide what education pattern the curriculum needs to develop for the betterment of curriculum. One can’t simply rely on existing impractical and rote learning system to produce world class professionals in India. Education system is a major setback and turbulence in nation’s growth, to make it laminar one needs plan and dedication towards its cons and turn it to pros. The stronger the foundation the farther you go in your career. The mindset of parent is to educate him to earn money and live a secure life without any adventure and risk. That’s why we lag from other countries in terms of skills and development. The good part is people are being aware of the entire scenario and realizing the importance of STEM Education. So we provide you reasons why a STEM lesson is better than common school lesson and how it can help students to spur out and work on their skills:



STEM lessons focus on real world issues and problems, which generates interests in students to come out and speak. Kids learn important skills like Openness, Desire of learning and know where to apply the things they are taught.


STEM lessons are channelized by Engineering Design Process, that is to develop an engineer’s approach towards a problem and how to solve within the limit of time and resources provided. This teaches kids to prepare mentally about engineering field and they can rise in this field.


STEM lessons foster open enquiries and help students to connect their thoughts with their teacher. As scientist states one who asks a lot gets a lot, so do kids explore their zone, their knowledge related to the things they see, observe and think on. The doubts are cleared on the spot and the observation power increases as one proceeds ahead.


Through STEM activities and approach kids learn what teamwork is and how a team can rise over obstacles and problems which a student can’t do. Also the industries demand more for a team player than an individual, who works for himself. Kids incarnate out their creativities and collect it together to discover an invention. This is one of the major characteristics of STEM lesson.


STEM lessons fosters rigorous math and science concepts from the beginning itself. The idea is kids shouldn’t be afraid of maths and science and learn what the subject is all about. STEM lessons promote failure as a part of learning. While performing a STEM activity a kid might fail many times, but they keep on doing it until they succeed in. This makes a kid patience, curious and concept proficient.

STEMCHAMP through its STEM lessons helps kids to work on their skill and make them future ready. The principle involved is dedication matters more than interests. Kids can do wonders if they know what their intuition is and what they want to do with their life.

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Time to promote STEM education in India

Have you ever thought how our educational system was found? Initially it was just an idea proposed by great Indian scientists, professors and researchers. Then eventually it was executed at a small level i.e. only few schools were asked to practice this system in their curriculum and were convinced that they will get better results. Then after all the pros and cons, they started simplifying it and promoting to a larger level. Gradually this system became the education system of India. Standard textbooks and examination contents also improved during this period. Then after some time it got practiced all over India. And today we have great scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and teachers who passed after succeeding in accordance with the education system. So basically this is how an idea grows from initiation to execution, and eradicates out drawbacks. That’s how our educational system took birth around 90’s.


Do you think an idea can be executed once initiated every year and all time valid? The answer is simply no. For example the technologies used in the past are no longer beneficial today. Science and technology are rising up at a greater pace, one has to keep him updated to survive in this drastic world full of opportunities. One can’t use old tools to build new and creative things today. This is where the Indian educational system lags in. We are teaching the same things for years and years. One has to work more on rote learning to succeed in their schools. Practical knowledge given is not appropriate to handle maker-space machinery and 21st century tools. Taking readings and verifying the same experiment done decades ago shouldn’t be the main emphasize of practical education. Solving questions using the same algorithm and applying formulae by inserting values in a function is also not a good thing to foster technical skills. To overcome and improve the education system of India, one has to make significant changes and implement it at a global level.

One such change is STEM education and realizing its importance. Here are some ways to promote and foster STEM education as it’s a must aspect of a good school education system:

  • Awareness: Parents should read and analyze what their kids are studying and try to match what they did when they were kids. By observing the education system, we can easily know its setbacks and propose new ways to improve and furnish it.
  • Asking Questions: Questioning is a habit which differentiates people on the basis of their skill. Society and parents should question education authorities related to their educational system and why kids are so used to it.
  • Importance of STEM education: STEM is the change which an educational system needs. To produce excellent professionals we need our kids to be in technical lead and enrich critical thinking. This is possible through STEM education only as it’s based on technical skills and out of the box thinking.
  • Seminars and organisations: Many associations and organisations should join hands together to promote STEM education in

    schools and colleges. Because this is how an idea grows and initiates from one person to another.

Thinking is the mother of action. When a group of people think of an idea and analyze it completely, they somehow know how to execute this idea. Nothing is impossible if we are skilled and educated enough to implement what we think and observe. The day is not far when each kid will be well-equipped with skills, preloaded with out of the box thinking and makes the nation proud.

We at STEM CHAMP initiate and execute the idea of STEM Education in schools and colleges. We provide kids best guidance and ultimate support they need to rise and shine in their respective fields.

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