Have you ever thought how our educational system was found? Initially it was just an idea proposed by great Indian scientists, professors and researchers. Then eventually it was executed at a small level i.e. only few schools were asked to practise this system in their curriculum and were convinced that they will get better results. Then after all the pros and cons, they started simplifying it and promoting to a larger level. Gradually this system became the education system of India. Standard textbooks and examination contents also improved during this period. Then after some time it got practised all over India. And today we have great scientists, entrepreneurs, engineers and teachers who passed after succeeding in accordance with the education system. So basically this is how an idea grows from initiation to execution, and eradicates out drawbacks. That’s how our educational system took birth around 90’s.


Do you think an idea can be executed once initiated every year and all time valid? The answer is simply no. For example the technologies used in the past are no longer beneficial today. Science and technology are rising up at a greater pace, one has to keep him updated to survive in this drastic world full of opportunities. One can’t use old tools to build new and creative things today. This is where the Indian educational system lags in. We are teaching the same things for years and years. One has to work more on rote learning to succeed in their schools. Practical knowledge given is not appropriate to handle makerspace machinery and 21st century tools. Taking readings and verifying the same experiment done decades ago shouldn’t be the main emphasize of practical education. Solving questions using the same algorithm and applying formulae by inserting values in a function is also not a good thing to foster technical skills. To overcome and improve the education system of India, one has to make significant changes and implement it at a global level.

One such change is STEM education and realizing its importance. Here are some ways to promote and foster STEM education as it’s a must aspect of a good school education system:

  • Awareness: Parents should read and analyze what their kids are studying and try to match what they did when they were kids. By observing the education system, we can easily know its setbacks and propose new ways to improve and furnish it.
  • Asking Questions: Questioning is a habit which differentiates people on the basis of their skill. Society and parents should question education authorities related to their educational system and why kids are so used to it.
  • Importance of STEM education: STEM is the change which an educational system needs. To produce excellent professionals we need our kids to be in technical lead and enrich critical thinking. This is possible through STEM education only as it’s based on technical skills and out of the box thinking.
  • Seminars and organisations: Many associations and organisations should join hands together to promote STEM education in

schools and colleges. Because this is how an idea grows and initiates from one person to another.

Thinking is the mother of action. When a group of people think of an idea and analyze it completely, they somehow know how to execute this idea. Nothing is impossible if we are skilled and educated enough to implement what we think and observe. The day is not far when each kid will be well-equipped with skills, preloaded with out of the box thinking and makes the nation proud.

We at STEM CHAMP initiate and execute the idea of STEM Education in schools and colleges. We provide kids best guidance and ultimate support they need to rise and shine in their respective fields.

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