A life begins as an embryo transforms into a clump of cells, then these cells develop into a fetus and eventually this fetus is bought into the world. The cells that develop into a full grown baby are known as stem cells. Now, these cells are quite special in themselves as they can transform into any kind of cell, tissue or an organ. Stem cells could turn into heart cells, muscle cells, liver cells, and even into the cells in the irises of our eyes. Such tremendous potential of stem cells grants them the status of being special and unique from all else.
If we move along similar lines of perception, we can observe that quite similar to the stem cells, a child is also a source of immense potential. This potential provides them with the ability to follow any profession, and live a dignified life. But this potential in kids is like a seed lying dormant through winter waiting for a drop of rain to sprout and develop into a fruitful tree.

Though kids have such remarkable abilities and such curious brains, they need their share of sunlight to emerge out of dormancy. And STEM education provides that push that helps kids realize the true potential of their intellect. Through STEM a student learns to critically analyze, study, and determine what constitutes a fact and a fallacy. Science gives one the tools to observe, experiment, and theorize. It grants one the ability to look at something and ask questions that are required to be asked.
STEM not only develops a well-educated mind but also nurtures a well formed mind. Such a well formed mind; more than augmenting the intellectual growth, makes one a responsible citizen, one who is aware of all the perils ailing our world, one who realizes that the world could be a better place only if we try to make it so; And one who knows that an ocean of truth lays undiscovered ahead of him, and humbles himself in the face of this vast ocean.
Kids developed in such intricate ways will be the future bearers of the torch of humanity. The world we give to our kids will be a different from the one that we received. The inheritance and the education we grant them will determine the way they transform our country. The future lies in their hands, and it is them who will mold it brick by brick and help it reach its zenith. It is our responsibility to help children witness the wonder that our world is, and this will develop them into successful individuals who can perhaps become an engineer, a scientist, an analyst or may be a musician. But given proper education, and molding their minds in a way that induces free thinking will transform them into innovators and creators of the next generation.
Einstein once said “Everyone is talented but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, then it’ll spend its whole life thinking itself a fool”. And he’s aptly correct in his words, as it’s our responsibility to induce young minds to find the passion that inspires them. This way we’ll have a generation of youngsters fuelled with ambition to accomplish great things and bring glory to our country. A glory in which our nation could revel, glory in which our country will be proud. And just as stem cells develop, and eventually find their place in a developing body; our kids will develop to find their respective passions and build a bright future for our country.

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