Kids are awesome innovators and creators. They create mini guns from pencil and erasers in class, incarnate out their creativity from sand and clay in the ground and provide the best in them when they perform. The audacity and curiosity level of a kid is very high. Scientists say that if an adult maximizes his efforts as a kid, the probability of getting success increases by 67%. Kids never give up, they keep learning as they perform and act. The flabbergasting part is if kids can do wonders from sand and clay, how about we provide real engineering equipment specially designed for them. Also if all kids work together in a space or room with all the required materials and are also taught how to use their tools, then definitely India will produce one of the finest innovators.


What is Makerspace?
A place where all professionals come together to achieve common goals is called a Makerspace. Makerspace allows a group of individuals to prototype their creativity by providing all the required apparatus, which an individual can’t afford on his own. Maker communities and ethical hacking groups are emerging at a good pace in India. Makerspace aid a group of makers to explore their creative skills by providing tools like CNC, 3-D printers and prototyping tools. Many missions like STARTUP INDIA and MAKE IN INDIA have emerged successful because of this concept.

Making and Creating helps students a lot. Makerspace benefits students in:
• Inspire them to become prominent learners.
• Teach students to solve real life problems.
• Promote and support STEM (Science Technology Education and Mathematics) Education.
• Also aid arts students to design and foster entrepreneurship at young age.
• Nurture skills like curiosity, critical thinking and builds self confidence.
• Help in building a maker mindset and retards rote learning.
• Enrich the professionalism of an individual.
• Student learn many management skills like teamwork and assignment handling.
• Prepare kids to work with today’s technology.
• Help students to incarnate out the best in them to rise and shine.

Makerspace is a boon to all innovators and creators across the planet. Indian education system and parents should foster problem solving skills in their school curriculum. Many industries work with advance prototyping tools. In maker-space an individual is given a opportunity to play with advance tools under proper guidance and support. This in a longer run promotes personal growth.
Understanding the importance of prototyping in India, we at STEM CHAMP are launching our own first Maker Space Very soon. This will make kids highly reliable on skills rather than mass learning. Our mission is to provide a kid the best for his profession. If a kids learn from the very starting inhibits some quality skills and improves them on the run, he would become unstoppable in his field. For further details please visit: and you can ask your queries at