Talking about childhood, just try to remember what were the basic questions asked to you, when you were in school? It might be when Adolf Hitler died? When he was born? And other related stuff. Also we used to face questions like who defeated whom in world wars or who ruled kingdom and from which to which year. Does it make any sense? Whether you remember any of those? Remembering facts and forgetting about it after the exam should not be the main emphasize of the education system. If this would have been so, we wouldn’t have scientists like Einstein and Newton. Every year India produces engineers in bulk, but only few out of this bulk are skilled. So all are well educated and they all know decently about their subject but they are not as skilled as per the demands of the company, suffering unemployment. The reason is hidden in our education system itself. If somehow the government focuses on concept learning as well as applying rather than rote learning, definitely no one can stop us from being a most powerful nation. So where shall we start this revolution? What is the solution to make a kid a good problem solver rather than training him to remember dates and signs? Many experts and scientist after analyzing and studying lot provided a solution. The solution is STEM Education.


What is STEM Education?

STEM is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. STEM education focuses and works on making him a good problem solver. In USA STEM education is of utmost importance because it teaches all the disciplines which a student faces as he grows up, at tremendous stages of his life. The country’s economic growth runs on mathematics, accounting, functions and calculus. The architecture industry is also based on mathematics and planning. The mechanical industry relies on Laws of Physics to conserve energy and increase the efficiency of a system. Thus STEM education is important and should be adopted in school curriculum. Some essential ethics and disciplines of STEM EDUCATION include:
• Students are the future of the country. Careers related to STEM Education are fastest growing and best paid of the 21st century. Also have a good potential in growth of an individual.
• Building a strong STEM foundation in kids will help them to reach the depth of the subject and apply it wherever and whenever required.
• Kids are very curious and fast learners, so instilling a interest in these subjects could lead them to have a burning desire to grow in this field.7
• STEM education can improve the skills and assets of a person by solidifying and making his core concepts crystal clear.
• The growth of an individual is based on how good he is in problem solving. Problem solving is a skill which entrepreneurs and engineers use to keep up and rise in their profession.
• STEM education builds confidence to think limitless and also help in unlocking infinite potential of a child to chase his dream.

Being so important many countries have included STEM education in their schools curriculum, making it a compulsory aspect of education system. And many countries have taken initiatives to adopt STEM education realizing its importance. STEM education is the change and the driving force the country needs to reshape its education system and produce the best of scientists, engineers and professionals.

We at STEM Champ help kid in learning STEM education along with their school curriculum by providing them the best of guidance and required study materials to help them build an edge over their subjects. This helps a kid to strike out his interests and urges him to rise and shine in his field.