Isaac Newton once said: “I do not know what i may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the seashore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.”
Apart from the immense modesty that these lines project, they also bring to light the kind of wonder and awe a person experiences having delved into the beauty of nature by using STEM. Sciences are not merely facts guiding the universe, but they are universal truths; some discovered, and others waiting to be found. Only science provides a truth that is absolute and devoid of any discrepancies; as the cornerstone of STEM is the scientific method that is a rigorous layout that always improves and tests any idea.
Early learning and practicing of the STEM disciplines can instill in students a passion for inquiry and discovery, and fosters skills such as persistence, teamwork and a progressive outlook towards new situations. A thorough understanding of these fields helps a student develop valuable skills of problem solving and critical thinking which helps them in all future endeavors.

Moreover, the tremendous expansion of technology in today’s age of information has put forward opportunities in which our upcoming generations could revel. With new industries and products, and forever increasing demands of consumers; innovation has reached its zenith. In such a developing scenario it will play in favor of the upcoming generation to develop a firm base in STEM fields.
An advanced STEM Curriculum and STEM education envisions a high quality and personalized STEM course for every student, where they can learn through interactive methods. This will help them develop a sense of belonging in the sciences, which will engage them for future interest in the subject. The ever challenging enterprise of science will facilitate “bootstrapping” or the ability to get oneself out of or make sense of the problematic situation by the resources at hand.
A compelling argument reflects that STEM careers are truly “assisting” professions that build communities and transform nations. These professionals have the responsibility of solving today’s problems and lookout for the problems that might strike us in future. They are working to find solutions for global warming, cancer, third world hunger, disappearing habitats, and an interdependent world economy. Yesterday’s stereotype of the ‘geek’ in a lab coat is not representative of today’s STEM teams, where economists work with researchers on technical transfer and engineers build the state-of-the-art equipment for businesses working with cutting-edge technologies. Today STEM professionals are progressive creators that are changing the way humans live, and people are coming to know these creators and their lives too. Creators such as Steve jobs and bill gates are universal names that everyone is familiar with, because they not only engineered great products but also brought a revolution in the wake. STEM careers are both challenging and fun— people in them enjoy going to work every day. Many prosperous STEM innovators have involved themselves in humanitarian activities, as STEM grants a thorough understanding of what ails our race too. Thus, STEM professionals work to make our lives better by finding solutions such as vaccines to eradicate diseases.
A good, efficient, and early STEM education for a student develops a framework that narrates the rest of their professional lives. By use of hands-on, personalized learning students could learn to look at STEM like many great scientists did, which will motivate them to engage and innovate; transforming the face of the human race. Further, an early STEM education teaches to use logical and analytical thinking in any situation. It gives a student a method to apply in any sphere of their lives and come up with solutions by accounting for the various variables involved. Even for seeking a future in non- STEM fields, the skills learned through STEM come a long way in improving meta-cognition and problem solving; which will help them succeed in any professional endeavor.
Only an early STEM education could grant kids with a vision that will allow them to appreciate, and see nature the way newton did. It will inspire them to take a dive into the sea of truths and perhaps discover some for their own truths and transform human lives. STEMCHAMP‘s exclusive curriculum and programs are aimed achieving the same.

(Science Pioneers 2016)