Has anyone thought of how the latest technology impact school children mainly from our home land? Well there are benefits and as well as drawbacks. The latest tech gig is  a great  advantage for Indian kids love robotics.  It Is known as STEMCHAMP.


STEM is a company which designs chips and other programming gadgets, which are child safe and are easy to program. STEM means SCIENCE,TECHNOLOGY,ENGINEERING and MATH.these subjects play a crucial role in life or in daily situations.it is a relative and innovative way to approach kids.It does also consists of a curriculum that aims to bring awareness about these core subjects.the teaching aids in schools are insufficient for these subjects. Thus, STEMCHAMP aims to change it. In India most of the subjects are taught from the early years and educators put much emphasis on learning, then why not skill based and engineering based subjects such as robotics. That way we could reach to the students with lesser opportunities.

If we want a digital India and encourage innovation and manufacturing, then we must increase the awareness about STEM-FIELDS. The STEMCHAMPS are out to do their job, are we ready, if yes go on out to explore the world of STEM .Let the dream come true.

– Pranav Ikkurthy