We all have been going to schools and colleges, where we learnt some dates, formulas and how to apply mathematical concepts on the way. Apart from studies we also learnt some skills and developed some too in our school and college life. Knowledge and experiences form the foundation of an artist. Right? But still we find some people are rising in their field like anything where some are still stuck in their life. Where is the difference? People are taught the same things, somewhere somehow they know about their skills. Then what is the reason that some people are lagging behind and some are on the rise? Let’s take an example suppose in Olympics there are two candidates, both are of the same age, trained in a same way and both are equally experienced in their profession. But at the end of the day, one is crowned as the gold medalist and the other as the silver one. The reason behind the success of one and failure of the other is quite simple-Awareness.

Awareness is the real key skill which differentiates people. The more your awareness level is, the more are your chances to unlock infinite possibilities, nothing is impossible for you and the power of learning is much higher. Observe successful and active people around you, you will definitely find that their awareness level is much higher than the people around them. Now question arises what awareness is and how to increase it? Awareness is simply to stay in the present moment and focus on the work you are doing. Awareness increases the accuracy of your skill and makes you a PRO in your field. With awareness students can get under the depth of the subject and may produce something undiscovered out of it. Focus is simply an assistant of Awareness. If you are aware of the moment, you will focus in your activity automatically. Also awareness is an inbuilt habit it grows with your activeness and age, and makes you more precise in your field. For students awareness is a must learn skill and here are some ways to improve awareness in student’s life:
Meditation– Meditation is a great practice and it helps to keep up awareness level and reduces anxiety and stress. Knowing its importance many schools have started a 2 minute meditation session at the beginning of their classes. Scientists also prefer this practice which helps indirectly a student to improve his memory and skill.
Asking questions Kids are born with a habit of asking questions. What is water? Why we wear clothes? Etc but when they grew this habit starts to shatter and make them stubborn. So one should keep asking the Why? What? And How? This maintains the curiosity of the kids and the awareness level maximizes with the practice.
Observing– Observing people and environment helps us to analyze things and figure out the solutions to our problems. Observation can create a big difference in our life. Kids are greatest observers, observation leads to unlocking of new ideas, better beliefs and of course better You!
Listen– Listening is a great attribute of humans. We should always listen to people around us and know the reason behind every thought and every idea. Listening helps a human to incarnate out and recognize the best in him, which there by brings a better bright future.
Love of Doing– One should always do one thing at a time. By doing so one increases focus and reinstate multitasking skill. This could be done by loving what you are doing. As the Apple founder Sir Steve Jobs says” Do what you love and love what you do”.

We at STEMCHAMP provide an activity based school curriculum which reinstate the practical skills of a kid and helps him to realize his dreams and inventions and to turn out his illusions into reality.