Which is your favourite ice-cream flavour? Which pizza you love the most? Which coffee you generally prefer? Most apparently you will give all the answers. But have you ever thought why these things are among your favourites? The answer is varieties. There are many varieties of ice creams, coffee and pizzas around and you simply chose one which fulfills your taste. So in materialistic world variety plays an important part. What about profession? How we judge a person profession wise? The answer is barely simple “Skills”. Skills play as a major factor in your kid’s life as well as his prominent coming future. Now the question that arises is how one can improve and work on his skills. So that he/she can be every firm’s favorites and will rise and shine.


Scientist have worked so far and they enlisted some must have skills which kids need for a better future. They are:

Love of Learning– Kids are natural learners. They learn through experiences and setbacks. They love doing things and they never think of failure or success in their work that’s the basic reason behind their happiness. Curiosity is another factor which boosts up kids learning power and makes him more approaching and directive.

Skill at learning– How kids are taught in schools is more important. The school curriculum should focus on how to make kids quick learner. Make sure that the kid rethink and reflect on what he is taught.

Self-Knowledge– Care should be taken that the awareness of a kid remains constant as he grows up. Awareness is the basic aspect which differentiates person from person and unlocks all his possibilities for a bright future.

Sensible– How to handle situations and rising above setbacks makes a person wise and preferable. Skill of being sensible should be taught, so that they can manage situations in their coming future and incarnate out the best in them.

Communication– Openness is quite important. If a person is open he can share his/her ideas and his/her creativity with the world. That’s how you can enrich your talent and glow it further with your beliefs and knowledge.

Goal Setting– Without goals even the top players are merely players. Goals lift you out of your comfort zone and make you strong enough to face upcoming challenges. Goal setting should be a major perspective in school curriculum.

Open Minds– Let not the limits hinders your passion and ideas. Kids should be open minded and free enough to ask whatever they can and do what they want to do despite what others want them to do.

Enduring Complex Situations– Our world is not simple as it seems. There are always complexities behind every task one goes for. So understanding them and making them simple is the habit which makes you successful in the longer run. Kids should be taught how to handle and endure tough situations.

Focus– Teachers should teach kids how to do one thing at a time with perfection. These activity increases focus and builds inner self confidence. Without focus goals remain unachieved and failures remain failures. Focus is one of the main skill which one develops through practise and discipline.

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